February 20, 2008

i received news on monday night at one in the morning, that everyone's favorite 'happy nut', entertainer lydia shum had passed away. she was 60, and died at queen mary hospital in hong kong on feb. 18th, at 8:38 A.M. she leaves behind joyce cheng, her daughter. i was devastated. Rest in peace Lydia. Your spirits will stay alive, and all will support Joyce.

02 - 19 - 08
Bernice: Moses, look at the news.
Moses: Yeah, I know. Everyone was talking about it at work today.
Myolie: I feel bad for Joyce Cheng.
Bosco: Yes, we should comfort her if we see her.
Moses: Ha Yu couldn’t attend filming today because of grief over Lydia Shum.
Bosco: ‘Happy Nut’ was her name.
Myolie: I remembered watching her when I was little.
Bosco: Me too.
Bernice: Hey, let’s not be so sad. I just got my check for an ad. Dinner is my treat tonight.
Moses: Berni, donate to those in need instead.
Bernice: To?
Moses: The show that I was in the other day.
Bosco: Oh, those who now don’t have a home because of the bad snow blizzard.
Moses: Yes, that one.
Bernice: Ok, then next time. Let’s eat at home. Guys, what do you want for dinner?
Moses: Sushi!
Myolie: Let’s set out to buy the ingredients.
Moses: Hah, Bosco and I will just sit and be kings.
Myolie: Ok.
Bernice: Myolie?
Myolie: I didn’t finish what I was saying. I was going to say if they be kings, then we will be queens and sit here.
Bosco: Moses, you see? We are forced to do stuff on the days that we’re off.
Moses: Don’t be lazy. Or, do you want me to tell who you kissed?
Myolie: Excuse me?
Bosco: Hey, it was for The Seventh Day. It was required of me to kiss Natalie Tong. Bernice had to kiss a guy named Honey from Wasabi Mon Amour.
Moses: How come you didn’t tell me, Ah Nize?
Myolie: What is this? A fight?
Bosco: Who started it?
Moses: Hmm, me…
Bernice gives a light slap on Moses’ head. But, then she pats it gently afterwards.
-After buying all the ingredients, the four start to make sushi.-
Bernice: Lovely California rolls for darling Moses.
Moses: Thank you honey.
Bernice: You’re welcome.
Bosco: Me?
Myolie: Here you go.
Bosco: Thanks.
Moses was standing with one of his legs out in a slanted position. Bernice wasn’t looking as she tripped on Moses. They shared a kiss that lasted a few seconds.
Myolie and Bosco: We caught you again. We caught you again.
Moses: Yeah, you want to see it again.
Myolie: Was that a question? Duh, we want to see it again.
Moses: Berni, let’s show them.
Bernice: After this, you owe me big time.
Moses: Whatever.
Moses leans forward and then Bernice leans a little forward. Within a few seconds, Bernice and Moses kiss again.
Myolie: Maybe you guys should kiss every time we are next to you.
Bosco: Oh my god, I got the best idea, why don’t you two kiss in the public next time you two have a function together, and then admit that you two are together as well?
Bernice and Moses: No!
Bosco: We made some improvements.
Myolie: Hey, I posted pics of Bosco on my TVB Artist Blog.
Bosco: I don’t see pictures of Moses on Bernice’s blog, and Moses hadn’t updated for about two months.
Moses: I was busy.
Bernice: And, we didn’t have much of functions together. We’re not like you wan Wars of In Laws II. You two have so much quality time together.
Moses: Exactly. End of discussion. Let’s finish our dinner if it is edible…
Myolie and Bernice: Excuse us…

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February 14, 2008

yeah! tomorrow is Friday!! I have been sick since Tuesday, stayed at home on Wednesday, catched up with schoolwork today. ahwh. so tiring. Happy Valentine's Day to BERMO and BOSCOLIE!

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February 10, 2008

well, happy chinese new year. may all my and your wishes come true, and of course BERMO and BOSCOLIE admitting their relationship like ... soon. so, couting down, 5 more days, or in other words, 120 more hours till VACATION begins...

02/11: Global Test and Common Time
02/12: AMC for math after school, and maybe a Chem. Test about Solubility
02/13: I dont know...
02/14: Valentine's Day and the day before Friday
02/15: the day that i waited all week.

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February 4, 2008


2/6: Family Gathering for Chinese New Year's Eve, Chem. HW # 36 is due
2/7: Happy Chinese New Year!
2/8: Spanish II Test :( HW# 37 is due for Chem.
2/9 & 2/10: Study for Global Test and possibly Chem. Test
2/11: Global Test and Common Time
2/12: Math AMC (American Mathematic Competition) stay at school till 4:30 P.M.
2/13: Counting down the days till vacation
2/15: 9 days vacation officially starts

from Mingpao:


So, reporters asked Raymond about his MV and there were two versions, one of Bernice and the other of Linda. then they asked him how they were in his heart. He said that Bernice is already taken by Moses. Then asked about Myolie, he said that he was going to be hit by Bosco if he took Myolie. He will just take Linda because they are cooperating in Heart of Greed II.

So basically this indicates that all along, the rumours of BERMO and BOSCOLIE are true, just that they don't admit it. We have many people as evidence;
Michelle Yim : BERMO
Lai Lok Yi: BERMO
Raymond Lam: BERMO
Raymond Lam: BOSCOLIE
and last but not least the photographers and news reporters.

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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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