May 25, 2009

Hiatus once again

I know I haven't been updating lately... But, because I have to do ANOTHER model for Architecture, and then THE LAST English essay, I will be on hiatus for 2-3 weeks. When I am back (during finals and regents week), guys, you will be able to read new chapters of the "BEHIND THE DOORS OF BERMO AND BOSCOLIE" fanfic.

Also, "Healing Hands IV", yes, HH4 will make a comeback once I get everything settled and then think of what to write in the upcoming chapters. (I left it off like a year ago in July :( )

But, I will check the Chatbox once in a while. So, you can still leave messages in the chatbox.


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May 18, 2009

Well, the Architecture test ended around 10 and I got home by 11:30. I'm glad it's over... but I hope I did well on it...

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May 12, 2009


Last year, the terrible earthquake struck Siuchuan. But, they are rebuilding their future now.

I remember Moses standing next to Bernice during this TVB function to commemorate those who died innocently. From that day till now, there has been barely any news of the two...

Tomorrow: AP English Exam
Thursday: Spanish and Physics Test
Friday: OMG, the weekend is near.
Saturday: Better finish my English Essay
Sunday: Must study for Architecture PLTW-CEA exam.
Monday: Another OMG!!! Architecture exam, English essay due, In class assessment on All Quiet on the Western Front, meaning it has to be read by then...

Summer, summer, summer... I am still waiting.

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May 9, 2009

i seriously hate this "no news or anything".

And I blame TVB. They had to give the dumb award to Kate Tsui in 2007. They couldn't have given it to Bernice Liu, who had been in the industry for 6 years then compared to Kate's 3 years or experience.

They couldn't have put BERMO together to win an award at the same time. (Best Actor/Favorite Character/and Most Improved Actress.

Just sit back and think about this. Aren't you mad? TVB caused Bernice to decline signing another contract with TVB by giving that award to the inexperienced Kate Tsui. I doubt if she is even an artist under TVB now. They had to push her overseas to film "King of Fighters." Yes, it's a great opportunity, but do they ever care about the fans?

We, as BERMO fans have waited forever (almost 6 years) for them to admit their relationship. Yet, they disappoint us time after time. Why is TVB so conservative? Why can't they be like other managements? Does it matter if they admit it? It would be a happy thing for everyone...

God, I just hate TVB managment.

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May 1, 2009

My Life

Seriously, I'm not even tired... I am exhausted. I am tired of school. I am tired of exams. I am tired of everything. As of now, I only want summer vacation to come.

Remember that group project? Yeah, that chaotic thing. It got back to me.

My teacher made us grade each other today. I'm telling you... it was really harsh. There were five people including me and we had to decide on who gets what grade. There were (1) 100, (2) 85, (1) 75, and (1) 65 or lower.

The hundred was pretty obvious since that person spent a lot of time making the model.
One of the 85s went to the guy who made the hardest things.
Then I said I deserved the 85, but they all agreed on giving me the 65.

I actually expected this already. I really did. It was 4 against 1. They all said how I had a negative attitude towards the project. Excuse me... they told my mom on the last day of the spring break that they would finish it by the time it was due. But, I really didn't expect that my partner for the 15 story building will go against me saying the same thing. Therefore, there was a tie between me and her for the last 85.

Since we couldn't decide, we went onto the grade for the 65. I "nominated" the person that was late 3 out of 5 times when we met up during the spring break three weeks ago. I don't think she should even have the right to say her thoughts and comments on the project. So, all fingers pointed to me for the 65. Ok... forget it.

I used to walk from Physics to Architecture with happiness. That was before this extra credit project. I now walk from Physics to Architecture with a feeling that I no longer want to any work in Architecture. I am really tired.

Life still goes on. But this year, I don't understand... obstacles just kept coming at me... one by one or all at the same time. So, I seriously want to give up. I can't take this anymore. I'm so stressed that I can't even describe it. I know life goes on. I know God loves to play His tricks. I know all that. But I really don't understand why Junior year is THIS terrible.


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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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