December 31, 2008

Well, TVB's Starbiz Review 2008 had a topic on the year's couples breakup... and BERMO wasn't part of it... therefore I conclude the breakup rumors are ALL false!!! Like Nikki Chow and Kevin Cheng were part of it... and so were Carol (Dodo) Cheng and David Lui, as well as Vivian Chow and Joe Ngai (breakup and marriage in 2 weeks). But, there were no news of Bermo breaking up... so BERMO fans... they are still together.

And, at the beginning, there was a part where Wong Cho Lam and Bosco Wong said they should hold a concert. However, Bosco had no mention of inviting Myolie... so Cho Lam said "I'll invite Hun Yee." Then Bosco said "Choi." So, they are dating right?

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December 27, 2008

Well, Boscolie's WOIL II might not have made it first... but they have third.

Moonlight Resonance topped first in ratings this year. Next is D.I.E. But, Wars of In Laws II made third place. I call a celebration!

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BERMO breakup rumors are finally put to rest.

Myolie said on a recent interview:
"Who said they broke up? Only the newspapers said that."

Myolie, I wonder what you've been doing when filming with Moses. Perhaps, she overhears BERMO's conversations? Who knows? But, this is the best gift I've had for Christmas this year!

The interview can be heard at


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I highly recommend these vids on youtube...

Here are about all the videos that elevn46's has on the Youtube channel... they are GREAT!

The song Summer Nights from Grease featuring Boscolie:

Boscolie/Rayolie has always been argued, but of course... you know who I love.

(Dubbed) Sweet Home Alabama; my all time favorites:

(Dubbed) A Walk to Remember; another favorite:

(Dubbed) Alot Like Love:

(Dubbed) What Happens in Vegas; one of my favorite Cameron Diaz's movie:

(Dubbed) Alex & Emma:

Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love":

The catchy song "Upside Down":

As Boscolie always claim they are: "Best Friends":

Just as how most TVB series are like:

Very adventurous "Sailor Song":

Yes, they are a "Perfect Match":

(Dubbed) The Holiday: And finally, a BERMO and BOSCOLIE vid:


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December 26, 2008

TVB Calendar 2009 Part IV


Aimee: I was Miss Hong Kong 2006, not Mr. Hong Kong.
Kevin: Yeah, this pose makes me look younger.
Ron: Did I go back to Triumph in the Skies period?
Tavia: Hehe, a fake smile for them again.
Natalie: This makes me feel left out.


Nancy: Apparently, I am the shortest here.
Koni: Black is one sexy color.
Leanne: I get a two color swimsuit!
Fala: You like my new hairstyle?
Tracy: This might be the last shoot before I head to England. TVB is freezing me; I can't believe it!
Vivien: Haha, so funny.
Yoyo: I'm lady in red.
Suki: I always open my mouth wide, all the way.

- Only Yoyo and Nancy did not compete in a pageant.


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December 25, 2008


I know, a little too late...

Myolie: Darling… Happy birthday!
Bosco: Where’s my kiss?
Myolie: Your choice, a kiss or the present?
Bosco: I want both.
Myolie: You’re so greedy.
Bosco: But, I only have one heart for you…
Myolie: You’re lucky that you’re a sweet talker, and I’m in a good mood.
Bosco: Ok, two kisses and the present.
Myolie: What? Two?
Bosco: Yeah.
Myolie kisses Bosco on the lips. Then, they kiss again.
Bosco: Oh, I’m so happy today.
Myolie: Open your gift. See if you like it.
Bosco opens the gift.Bosco: Ooh, another bangle?
Myolie: Yeah, you like it?
Bosco: Well, I hope the reporters won’t catch us with matching bangles.
Myolie: These things… you never know.
Bosco: True enough.
Myolie: So, what’s for dinner.Bosco: I don’t know. I eat what you cook.
Myolie: Italian food it is.
Bosco: I remember I brought Italian food to your door back when we started.
Myolie: And then, I fell for you. I thought you were romantic.
Bosco: I am.
Myolie: Apparently, you are no where near romantic.
Bosco: Fine.
Bosco pretends to look sad.Myolie: Kidding.
Bosco: Another kiss.
Myolie gives Bosco the kiss he wants.

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December 18, 2008

FINALLY... BERMO news!!!

although it's short, it's enough to keep my imaginations going...

from The Sun (translated by love_of_tvb)

陳豪帶碧兒出海浪漫 (Moses and Bernice: romantic on a boat)


Yesterday, Moses attended a Puma function. Although THE GEM OF LIFE, which is currently airing is not receiving good achievements, Moses did say that he had contacts with boats.


Asked if he would invite rumored girlfriend Bernice to go out to sea, he said "No, we never went before. Let's see if we have a chance in the future! If there is a boat, we'll go. It should be pretty romantic on the boat, and we'll enjoy it. We can escape out of reality.

Moses, who are you kidding? Go rent a good looking boat and bring Bernice along. And then reporters go SNAP, SNAP, SNAP. And I'll go YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!


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December 7, 2008


At the celebration of their 200th episode, Eric Tsang made this happen:
It starts at 42:37.
Eric Tsang: Ok, English. It's an artist.
Michael Tse (pointing to Bosco): Your girlfriend.
Sherming Yiu: The name, your girlfriend.
Michael and Sherming are both pointing to Bosco.
Toby Leung: Myolie... Myolie...
Bosco (pointing to himself): Wu Hung Yee.
Chin Ka Lok: Oh finally, you guys admit it in the public.

Thank you very much Bosco. You have made my day! Now, when I am in school, I will think about this... I'm so happy. That's like an indirect announcement, don't you think?


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December 6, 2008

TVB Calendar 2009 Part III


Kenneth: I am so afraid of falling, so I will hold onto two bars.
Yoyo Mung: Of all the female artists here, why do they make me put a pose like this? Stripping?
Selena: I'm ready for a workout right after this shoot.
Shirley: Yeah, Uh huh, I'm cool like this.
Chris: TVB, I'm holding on.
My Observations:
-The females have colorful eyeshadows.


Steven: We are family... We are family... We are family...
Anna: I wished Mandy was in this month too. My good friend...
Sharon: Oh no, where did the other earing go? I hope no one notices.
Patrick: Hey, Selena, I see you behind that.
Kenny: I hate corduroy one pieces. They keep slipping off me.

My Observations:
-Sharon is missing an earing. Maybe, it's her fashion?


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December 5, 2008

TVB Calendar 2009 Part II


Roger: Do I look like Yue Sir from D.I.E.? Yeah, Part II is coming!
Sonija: This is how I look like when I'm about to cry... when I lose my love.
Charmaine: I feel glamourous, BUT the two things stuck on my eyes are going to give me a rash.
Michael: Like they say, I am "looking outside the box."

-Both Charmaine and Sonija has a tiny shing thing stuck to their eyes.


Sunny: Me and Myolie? Have we gone back to War and Destiny?
Myolie: Why can't I ever take a calendar pic with my darling?
Joe: I am the evil one, yep... from When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West.

-This pic is almost perfect, except Myolie has a pimple on her left cheek.


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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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