June 29, 2011

What's Going On?

So, does anyone mind telling me what's going on with the recent events in the Hong Kong entertainment?

The Bad:

-The Nicholas Tse/Cecilia Cheung Divorce Scandal:

So, she says he's the bad father. Photographs circulated proving Cecilia was busy playing with her cellphone while Nic was taking care of the kids last year. They are both not responding to reporters' questions. Headlines read "Ceci To Be Flying to Canada". That never happened. Then "Ceci Flew to Milan For Photoshoot". A few days later, "Cecilia Back in Hong Kong". Then, on Nic's side, there's "Nic Lost in Thought While Filming" and "Nic Spends Father's Day Alone Playing Games" or "Nic Plays Games For 5 Days Without Flying Back". And, finally, now it is "Nic Has Signed Papers, Waiting for Ceci to Sign and Finalize".

Uh... first they dated. Then broke up. Got back together after a few years. Then married. Had Lucas. Edison Chan scandal. No signs of Cecilia. Had Lucas. Nic wins Best Actor. Then Divorce. Their storyline can turn into a TVB series!

-Shirley Yeung/Gregory Ho Breakup After 9 Years:

To be honest, I was quite shocked when I read the news yesterday, as two weeks ago, they were spotted celebrating Greg's birthday with his family. It was rumored that marriage bells were about to ring. Then, came the annoucement that Shirley made yesterday at a function. She claims they had made the decision to split a few months ago. So, what was that two weeks ago? A show or something?

Today, they say they broke up because of a third party, a college classmate of Shirley, by the name of Andy. And, even more surprising: Shirley is pregnant, but it isn't Greg's baby?!?!? WHAT?

-Bernice Leaves TVB After 10 Years

So, Bernice Liu has decided not to renew her contract with TVB anymore. She also blurted that she had indeed broken up with Moses in 2008. So, I suspect that they did end their 4 year relationship back in the summer of 2008. They just continued to make money as a couple by attending functions and filming advertisements since then. And, is Aimee Chan the third party? I also believe that Bernice is leaving because TVB did not give her any awards in the 10 years they collaborated together. Even actresses that came into the industry after her got the Improved Actress Award. Then, TVB pushed her overseas to film movies. She was TVB's highest earning actress for a year or two. Now, this is why people are leaving TVB. They don't get what they want.

-Artistes Being Photographed Without Consent in Their Homes:

First Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chan. Their intimated photos at Vincent's home. Then my beloved Boscolie got photographed. Bosco was naked, and Myolie was at his home. Although it did confirm their love relationship to a certain point, it is still wrong for reporters to take pictures like that.

The Exciting:

-Roger Kwok/Cindy Au's Second Baby:

Congrats to them for having another baby! Now, their son can be an older brother to the baby girl!

The Unexpected:

-Shermon Tang Married And 4 Months Pregnant:

I've always enjoyed Shermon's acting in "Welcome to the House". She was the most cheerful one of the family. Then, to my surprise, she registered for marriage last March with Australian boyfriend of 12 years and held a wedding ceremony in Thailand this year in March. She is also four months pregnant with expected delivery in December. Holy!

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Wax and Wane -- Kate Tsui's Acting

I'm sorry, or it is just me that watching Kate Tsui's acting in "Wax and Wane" is terrible? Her acting is just so fake compared to the other actors and actress, even the new ones.

Is it just that have acting hasn't improved? I think it has gotten worse.

Which is why I still think she didn't deserve the Most Improved Actress in the TVB Awards Ceremony in 2007.


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June 22, 2011

黃宗澤 胡杏兒 王浩信 陳自瑤私隱署投訴 (Bosco, Myolie, Vincent, and Yoyo to Complain to The Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Privacy Data, Hong Kong)

黃宗澤 胡杏兒 王浩信 陳自瑤私隱署投訴 (Bosco, Myolie, Vincent, and Yoyo to Complain to The Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Privacy Data, Hong Kong)


Regarding TVB's managed artistes, Vincent Wong, Yoyo Chan, Bosco Wong, and Myolie being photographed without consent, TVB has already place orders to ban the two magazines. This is to avoid any artistes from being photographed. TVB decided to upgrade actions. TVB has decided to bring the four artistes to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Privacy Data, Hong Kong on June 27th and have them set out complaints. TVB hopes to have these incidents settled by law.


In a short two weeks, artistes including Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chan were photographed by "FACE" and Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu were photographed by "Sudden Weekly". The four artistes were photographed without consent in their homes. Their intimate actions were seen by the public. The magazines did not give them privacy. Because they were serious matters, TVB immediately issued a legal statement to ban the two magazines for two months to step into TVB City after pictures of Bosco were exposed. But, because the artistes felt this would be better off if settled by law, TVB decided to upgrade their actions yesterday. The four artistes are to report to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Privacy Data, Hong Kong on June 27th personally and set out complaints.

高層陪同前往 (Executives to Go Along)

Reporters wanted to confirm from Deputy Director of Department of Foreign Affairs. He admitted that TVB has decided to take further action: "TVB has taken the victims' feelings to account. First, we will arrange for the four artistes to complain. We will fully support them!" Asked if the executives are to go with the artistes, he said that is to be dcided later.


Regarding TVB deciding to upgrade actions, the victims showed their support, with Bosco saying "We hope this incident will be handled by professionals. Hopefully, the revelant governmental departments will take actions against them (the magazines)." And, when Bosco appeared at a function yesterday, he denied that he was 'frozen' because he rejected to sign another eight years with TVB saying "We did talk about renewing the contract, but there are still a few more years. We haven't even talked about the price yet."

全力配合公司 (Will Fully Support TVB)

Rumored girlfriend Myolie Wu stated that she will fully support the actions of TVB: "I work everyday, but I will still support the actions set by TVB, whatever TVB wishes me to do, I will try my best." She indicated that after the incident happened, she and her family have been extra careful: "I am scared. I will definitely drape the curtains when I am at home. I live with my sister, so I did remind her to do so as well. Females definitely need to be more careful."

受害藝人吐苦水 (Words of Victims:)

Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Yoyo Chan, and Vincent Wong were photographed without consent earlier. They explain their feelings and how hurt they are.


Bosco Wong: Being an artist, I expected to have no privacy. But, that was my bedroom and has gone over my limit. I am a regular human being too!


Myolie Wu: I feel very embarassed. I don't know how to say it. Everyone has seen everything. Hopefully, they will not take anymore pictures in the future. Bosco is like sitting in jail at home. He has to hide to avoid them. Fans have sent their regards."


Vincent Wong: Very unhappy. Very helpless. Across from my house are mountains, which is why I opened the curtains. I will be careful in the future.


Yoyo Chan: Very unhappy because I was photographed in a private place. This is depictable. It feels like being raped. This has gone beyond my limit."

Translated by: love_of_tvb
Source: The Sun


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June 20, 2011

一秒杏兒 明「露」任影嘩嘩聲 (A One Second Shot Brings Noise to Myolie Wu)


In Chow Yun Fat's new film, Myolie Wu plays his seventh mistress and has a one second shot. Last night, she attended the film premiere dressed in a low cut dress. This brought noise from the reporters. Rarely appearing sexy, she said "Besides the yearly TVB Awards Ceremony, I barely dress like this. It's an extravagant setting, so I must dress nicely."


"Boyfriend" Bosco Wong was photographed nude recently. Since Myolie was dressed so sexy, reporters asked if she wanted to show off. She said "I don't mind, as long as it is pretty." (Did you go downstairs to Bosco before leaving the building?) "No, I just finished working. There are so many well known celebrities here. I wouldn't dare to be late." (Does your boyfriend have to approve on your level of sexiness?) "No!" She also blurted that her one second shot might have been cut. Luckily, it passed safely. Reporters laughed at her and said she was better than Tang Wei, to which she responded "No, don't say that." Myolie stated that she is honored to play in the film, even when she is only a supporting character.

Translated by: love_of_tvb
Source: The Sun (HK)


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June 18, 2011

嘉穎出「股」惑谷「Law」 (Kevin Cheng Shows Bottom To Boost Ratings For 'Ghetto Justice')

鄭嘉穎、陳敏之及胡杏兒主演的劇集《怒火街頭》收視理想,昨日開記者會宣布開拍續集,於劇中有「Law霸」之稱的嘉穎更出「股」惑,穿上「Pat Pat孖煙囱」,問到角色可會被黃宗澤取代?他說:「雙手拱讓呀!杏兒同『籮霸』好有緣!」不過黃宗澤的女友杏兒則反對:「嘉穎先係『Law霸』始祖!」

The ratings for 'Ghetto Justice' featuring Kevin Cheng, Sharon Chan, and Myolie Wu are quite high. Yesterday, they held a press conference annoucing a sequel will be filmed. Kevin Cheng wore boxers with 'buttocks' showing. Asked if his character would be replaced by Bosco Wong, he said "I don't mind! Myolie has good fate with Law Bas." But, Bosco's girlfriend rejected the idea saying "Kevin is the original Law Ba."


Regarding Bosco's incident, Liza Wang, who has always seen Bosco as her godson, stated that she cooked soup for him. Asked if she will ask husband Law Ka Ying to be more careful, she said "He has always been afraid of the cold, he always wear more clothing that other people." And, Bernice Liu stated that she has a suite. After showering, she walks out nude. She said that her father has been mistaken as her boyfriend before. Reporters asked if she will bring rumored boyfriend Alastair Lam to the public, she said they are only friend.

Translated by: love_of_tvb
Source: The Sun (HK)

Myolie Comments on Incident:



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June 17, 2011

We Support You Bosco!

杏兒擔心黃宗澤:「喺屋企好慘好似坐監」 (Myolie Is Worried About Bosco: "Being At Home Is Terrible, It's Like Being In Jail")


Recently, Bosco Wong was photographed nude at home. He did not appear in the blessing ceremony for the new movie produced by Shaw Brothers. Bosco's girlfriend, Myolie appeared at work yesterday and said she felt embarassed. She could not resist calming Bosco. But, the worried Bosco stated his current situation on Weibo. He hoped for everyone to stay calm, and not be angry. He thanked everyone for their support and attention.


Appearing in an ancient costume at TVB City, Myolie showed her support to boyfriend. "Very helpless! I don't know what to say, everyone has seen everything already!" (TVB placed ban on them?) "It's not for life. I am quite worried that Bosco is unhappy. But, I've seen that he is OK. Hopefully, they won't take pictures anymore. Bosco seems to be in jail at his home. He has to hide!"


Although the blessing ceremony did not have Bosco, Eric Tsang, the three Gods (Louis Yuen, Wong Cho Lam, and Johnson Lee), Maggie Cheung, Samantha Ko, Macy Chan, and Pauline Wong appeared at the ceremony. Regarding Bosco photographed naked, Eric Tsang stressed that artistes should expect the unexpected (?). But, changing clothes at home is a normal thing and taking photographs without the artistes' consent is immoral.

Translated by: love_of_tvb
Source: The Sun (HK)


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June 16, 2011


In the video, he stated that since they live in the same building, they often visit one another and stay for dinner. I truly hope BOSCOLIE stays strong to fight against reporters.

Although, this defined their love relationship to the public, I did not expect them their relationship to be admitted like this. I expected more of an exposed wedding certificate or a secret honeymoon trip overseas.

I really hope Boscolie stays together and be tough against this incident. I also hope they will be more careful here on after.

Yes, we smile from the heart when there are bits of news about them, even if someone mentions the two names together. But, this piece of news represents a disgrace from Hong Kong reporters. They have indeed invaded their privacy.


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無綫罕有發聲明譴責偷拍 黃宗澤全裸被讚優質股 (TVB Issues Legal Statement Against Person Who Took Pictures of Bosco Naked Without His Consent/ Bosco Praised For Having A Good Body)

  陳自瑤與王浩信被周刊偷拍在家中親熱照,這次輪到無綫當家小生花旦黃宗澤(Bosco)、胡杏兒這對情侶,兩人被拍得在Bosco家中激吻照片,最激的是Bosco全裸在家中「晒雀」,健碩身形一覽無遺,前後均失守,更被讚是「優質股」。昨日無綫罕有地發出聲明,譴責偷拍行為侵犯他人私隱;昨日要開工的Bosco雖則表面上有說有笑,但對事件卻大感無奈:「我都有阿媽生,我習慣咗入房除衫,沖完涼就咁行番出嚟, 以後我會拉窗簾!」

Yoyo Chan and Vincent Wong were photographed being intimate at Vincent's home earlier. This time, it is first line artistes, the couple Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu. The two were photographed kissed intimately in Bosco's home. But, unfortunately, Bosco was completely naked, showing his muscular body. Yesterday, TVB issued a legal statement for the person who took the pictures, stating he/she has invaded his privacy. Yesterday, Bosco had to film, but only forcefully smiled. Regarding the incident, he felt helpless. "I have a mother too. I am used to taking off my clothes in my room. After taking a shower, I just walk out. Here on after, I am definitely closing the curtains!"


TVB issued legal statement: [TVB to regards to 'Sudden Weekly Magazine' and 'FACE Magazine' taking pictures of artistes without their consent in their homes, or in their personal rooms is an immoral conduct and completely invades their privacy. This station calls upon the media to comply with journalistic ethics and integrity. TVB reserves the rights to seek legal responsibility.] This statement was read aloud by the host of "Scoop". Bosco was filming "Omission" yesterday and had an outdoor shooting in the adternoon. At night, around 8:45, Bosco appeared at TVB City. He stated that Virginia Lok has contacted him in the afternoon telling him TVB has plans to issue a legal statement. Asked him he was depressed about the naked pictures, Bosco said "I am not angry, but of course I am unhappy. I feel very helpless!" He did admit that Myolie Wu called him to send her regards. Other friends have also called him. Everyone was quite surprised that he was calm. Asked that everyone praised his good body, he said "Thanks to everyone!"

堅持在家全裸成習慣 (Will Continue Habits of Being Naked At Home)


Reports stated that right after filming, Myolie rushed to meet with her boyfriend at his house, without even undoing her ancient hairstyle. The two kissed immediately upon seeing each other. Bosco closed down the curtains and 45 minutes later, Bosco walked out of the shower. Myolie carefully helped her boyfriend to dry his hair and feed him. Bosco walked out and once again, the two became intimate. Asked if they were living together, Bosco responded "She lived upstairs and I live downstairs. If she has time, she comes to visit me and eat." (It seems that her hair wasn't even undone?) "She has work. They (the magazine) did not snapped the pictures in one day. It was over a few days of time." (Do you feels that you have completely no privacy?) "It's expected since I'm an artist. But, I did not expect them to take pictures while I was in my bedroom and bathroom." (Will you change your habits of walking around naked?) "Being an artist doesn't mean you have to be in jail. I know reporters have to do their jobs. I will cooperate when necessary. But, we are humans after all." (Will you move?) "Not necessary, this will not affect daily life." (Do you feel lucky that Myolie wasn't photographed?) "I did remind her to be careful at home. I like to have sunlight entering the house. I have a habit of taking my clothes off in my room and walk out just like that." (Admitting your relationship with Myolie?) "I'll speak about that later. I'm in in the mood right now."


He stated that while they were outdoors shooting in the afternoon, his manager sent his the pics that the magazine took. He showed it to Michael Tse. He stated that in the future, he will close the curtains before taking off his clothes. Yesterday, he had to film a scene to be massaged. He did not have to take off his clothes. And, the female of the incident, Myolie Wu stayed at home and has not responded to the incident yet.

Translated by: love_of_tvb
Source: Singpao (成報)

-I feel really bad for him. Hopefully their images won't be ruined. But, this is to the point where I can be assured they are together.


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June 14, 2011

Wow1TV's News Report About Myolie Moving In

Wow1TV's News Report About Myolie Moving In:


Credits: Wow1TV, Youtube


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Myolie Moves From 6 Minutes Away to 6 Floors Away From Bosco

胡杏兒女上男下搬近黃宗澤 (Myolie Moves To Six Floors Away From Bosco)


Myolie Wu has recently been reported that she moved to an apartment on top of Bosco's apartment. This was so she could monitor Bosco's actions! Myolie attended a blessing ceremony for her series yesterday and admitted directly she moved closer to her boyfriend. "It's because my old residence is under construction, making it noisy and dirty. I've been to his apartment before and felt that there was a lot of sunlight, so I moved here." (So that you two can meet easily?) "No, we always see each other." (Not living together?) "No way! We're not at that stage yet!" (Are you scared that he'll see you without makeup on?) "It's easy to see me without makeup in the makeup area." Reporters laughed and said that she and Bosco always live in the same estate. She immediately stated "Last time, he moved to where I lived."

Translated by: love_of_tvb
Credits: The Sun


When Myolie was answering reporter's questions, both her hands were twisting the ponytail of her wig, appearing nervously. Reporters laughed and said she always takes the initiative to move near her boyfriend. She immediately said "Of course not! Last time, he moved to where I lived." This made the environment quite funny.

Source: Oriental Daily

Source: On.cc


So, there we go! She just stated she moved near Bosco, and they are now 6 floors apart. Before, they were 6 minutes of a car ride apart. This calculates to ... they are so much closer together! That's funny how she was like they are not in the stage to live together yet. Many HK celebrities often live together even before they are married, so I'm glad Myolie and Bosco are waiting until marriage.

I also like how Myolie responded to the news report. She didn't deny. She admitted and even stated they are not yet in the stage to live together. Usually, Bosco is the one who admits to something, and Myolie is the one to deny or say she doesn't know how to respond, or tell reporters to ask Bosco instead. But, this time, she made my day!

Magazine Report on Myolie Moving:


Credits: Baidu


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June 13, 2011

In the recent episode 16 of "All Star Glam Exam":

(around 18:29)

During the segment where they taste different expensive foods, Bosco, like almost everyone else says he wants Mandy Lieu to feed him, but then he goes "I'm just kidding, you don't really have to do it..." Louis Yuen is like he only wants to satisfy himself by saying it, but he doesn't actually want Mandy Lieu to feed him.

-Doesn't want to stir new rumors huh?

(at 31:55)
When they are about to start the Painting segment, they view the gallery and specifically at Myolie's work.
Bosco: Wow! So beautiful.
Nat Chan: This is Myolie's.
Bosco: This could be sold for at least $10 million at an auction.
Nat: This is what we call abstract. And after meeting someone called Bo-Se-Go (Bosco)...
Bosco: Yes?
Nat (pointing to a cracked egg and egg yolk): ... she gets nothing (zero referrig to the egg yolk) and heartbroken (referring to the cracked egg).

(at 34:01)
Sir One One (to Bosco): I think that you and your girlfriend have one thing in common. When she painted, she used yellow (Wong). And now you're using almond color (Hung).

(at 36:59)
Bosco: As they said, if you plant a melon, you get a melon. If you plant beans, you get beans.
Edmond So: And if you plant a heart, you get a heart.
Bosco: If you plant a heart you get a heart, so if you plant a heart, you get a big heart. And as you can see, the heart is a shield to all the flies and cockroaches (other pursuers?).
All: Oh...
Sir One One: And also, deep down in this almond color's (referring to Myolie) heart is Bosco.
Bosco: Basically after I paint it, I don't have to explain it.

-So, overall not so directly, but to the point where we can get a good laugh and see them laughing and joking with Bosco about Myolie. Second part to the "All Star Glam Exam" finale next week. Hope for more to come!


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June 8, 2011

TVB POWER Function

Bosco and Myolie

Who's Bosco looking at?

Part of the cast of upcoming 'Triumph in the Skies II'

They attended the TVB Power function on 06/07/2011. The function showcased two new upcoming series, with the artistes in their uniforms. Bosco, Myolie, and other were dressed in their upcoming 'Triumph in the Skies II' outfits. But, they did not have much interactions... sadly.

  • News Report on Them

  • Another One


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    黃宗澤保私隱落簾親熱 (Bosco Protects Privacy By Closing Curtains When Intimate)


    Bosco Wong attending a function yesterday, and regarding artistes being photographed being intimate at home, Bosco laughed and replied that he walks around wearing only his underwear at home. If being intimate, he would close the curtains. Asked if he is careful when being intimate with Myolie Wu, he did not directly answer and instead said all people should be careful when intimate.


    Yoyo Chan and Vincent Wong were photographed being intimate at home, leading to many responses from people in the entertainment circle. Bosco stated that because he likes sunlight, he usually leaves the curtains open. Sometimes, he even walks with only his underwear on after he showers.

    投資紅酒賺大錢 (Earns Money From Investing In Red Wine)


    Asked if he gets intimate at home, Bosco said "Everyone gets intimate at home. You wouldn't do it in the streets right?" Reporters asked "Intimate with the Curtains Closed?" He answered "Usually." "So, when intimate with Myolie, you have to be careful?" Bosco replied "Just that everyone has to be careful when intimate."


    Bosco also stated that when a couple first start dating, kissing is a normal thing. But, he said he has not tried kissing with his girlfriend in public. Reporters laughed at him and said to him that he and Myolie have not started out yet, he decided not to answer the difficult question and instead answered "I don't know how to answer. Please let me go. Thanks."


    His investment in red wine has earned his 120% of what he invested with, now totaling to a seven figure sum.

    Source: Oriental Daily

    杏兒勸宗澤唔好咁開放 (Myolie Suggests Bosco Not To Be So Open)


    Myolie Wu, Kevin Cheng, Sam Lee, and others attended a 'Ghetto Justice' function yesterday at Sham Shui Po. Because Myolie's brother-in-law is District Council of Sham Shui Po, under Myolie's suggestion, the artists at the function brought articles of everyday use for the elderly with money from their wallet.


    Regarding Yoyo Chan and Vincent Wong being photographed being intimate, Myolie straightforwardly replied that she feels bad for them. "They are just doing what a normal couple does, but, I'm afraid to have my curtains opened at home, no matter how high I live on." Reporters asked "Bosco Wong says he walks around the house with only his underwear!" Myolie replied "I wouldn't! I suggest he shouldn't be so open, since reporters can take his pictures without him noticing." Reporters then asked "So will you be careful when you are intimate?" Myolie replied "Just close the curtains!"

    Source: Oriental Daily


    Source: OnTV


    Both said they close curtains when intimate. And, in the video Bosco was begging reporters not to ask him about kissing in the streets. When they did asked again, he said "No" several times... Is he hinting something?


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    June 6, 2011


    Credits: Apple Daily (HK)

    When the MC asked Myolie if she was picky when choosing a boyfriend, Bosco immediately turned around. When reporters were asking him about this later on, he replied that he was looking at the backdrop!


    That's really funny. Myolie is standing right next to him, and instead he looks at the backdrop. Really?


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    June 5, 2011

    Bosco: What Rumors? (like 10 times)

    Another video about their recent function:


    Many times, rumored couples usually avoid appearing together at functions, to avoid reporters' questions. But, there are exceptions, as Bosco and Myolie appeared together at a Mainland brand function and shared their thoughts about exercising.

    Reporter: Is there a special name for you two appearing together?

    Bosco: What special name?

    Reporter: As in a couple working together.

    Bosco: No! No such thing. We are only exercising together today only. It has nothing to do with working together.

    Reporter: So, how do you feel working together.

    Myolie: Good. Good.

    Reporter: Only good?

    Myolie: Then...

    Bosco: Not bad, not bad.

    Myolie: Well, today's events are very amusing. Yeah. Yeah.

    Bosco: I love seeing Magaret do yoga.

    Reporter: So, do you guys usually meet up together to exercise?

    Bosco: Yeah, at times, such as biking. Yeah, once in a while.

    Today, Myolie's parents also appeared to see her. Perhaps it was to see her rumored boyfriend Bosco as well. Bosco has always been attracted to females. As such, he was recently rumored with Kate Tsui in their new series. But, Myolie didn't seem to care too much.

    Reporter: Bosco recently had rumors...

    Bosco: What rumors?

    Reporter: ... will you ask him?

    Bosco: What rumors:

    Myolie: You shouldn't ask me. You should ask him.

    Bosco: What rumors?

    Reporter: When you were filming .

    Bosco: What rumors?

    Myolie: Hey, you answer.

    Myolie changes position with Bosco so that Bosco stands next to the reporter.

    Bosco: Rumors?

    Reporter: Yeah.

    Bosco: Rumors? What? When?

    Reporter: In the magazines.

    Bosco: Oh, you believe what you see!

    Bosco changes positions.

    Reporter: I didn't say I believed them. That's why I'm asking you.

    Bosco: So naive!

    Reporter: That's why I'm asking you!

    Bosco: Nope!

    Reporter: No [rumors], right?

    Bosco: Yeah.

    Myolie: No, they must be rumors.

    Bosco: Yeah, there must be rumors. It serves to draw attention to the new series.

    Many couples in the industry have recently rumored to be getting married, such as Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui. Both have claimed that even after marriage, they wish to have take their financial matters independently. How does Myolie and Bosco see this?

    Bosco: I'll see.

    Reporter: You never thought about this?

    Bosco: I'll decide later. My financial situation is not that very good right now.

    Myolie: For me... Of course, I think it is better to have financial matters independently. It's best if his is mine and mine is mine. That's most important.

    Reporter: That would be perfect huh? A lot of stress and pressure right?

    Bosco: What does it have to do with me?

    Credits: TVB, 56.com


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    Boscolie Appeared at Same Function!


    Probably same as the above vid.

    Look at the two. Myolie let Bosco do ALL the talking. So cute. ♥ :iloveyou: ♥

    Video Translation:

    Myolie and Bosco appeared at the same function.

    Myolie took her parents with her to the function, but were discovered by by reporters.

    Myolie: I didn't even think about it. I can't believe you guys discovered them. Next time, I'm not going to bring them.
    Reporters: No, don't do that... We are happy to see them.
    Myolie: Why?
    Reporter: Mother-in-law seeing son-in-law.

    At this time, Myolie shakes her head and Bosco cracks up that he has to bend his head to laugh.

    Reporters: Yeah, seeing future son-in-law.

    Myolie continues shaking her head and Bosco swings his head up.

    Bosco: Don't know how to reply.
    Myolie: They came to see me only.
    Bosco: Yeah, to see her. It's almost Father's Day.
    Reporters: How are you going to celebrate?
    Bosco: Hey, Father's Day... Of course I'm going to celebrate it with my dad. (emphasizing) I acutally might not even have time to celebrate with him. We should respect our elders.
    Reporters: Will you meet up to eat? (probably as in together with Myolie's dad)
    Bosco: No, no time.
    Myolie: No need to.
    Bosco: Well, she buys a present for her dad and I buy a present for my dad.

    Myolie nods.

    I like how Myolie talks for the first half and then Bosco talks for the second half. So cute and lovey dovey!

    Article Translation:

    被指恰JJ呼冤 杏兒鬧Bosco:最衰係你 (Myolie: I'm Innocent, Didn't Bully JJ, and to Bosco: It's All Because of You!)

    胡杏兒、黃宗澤(Bosco)和鍾麗淇(Margaret)等昨日出席內地運動服品牌活動,情 侶檔上陣的杏 兒與Bosco頓成焦點,再加上杏兒父母專誠捧場,令Bosco風騷非常。擔任司儀的楊洛婷在 活動上不時把 二人戀情擺上枱,杏兒直認揀男友很挑剔,Bosco即擰歪面笑,杏兒即撒嬌:「你望嗰邊做乜啫 ?」場面惹笑 。談到杏兒雙親來見未來女婿,杏兒不斷笑住否認,Bosco則說:「我不便作答!其實一齊出嚟

    Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Magaret Chung and others appeared at a Mainland brand function yesterday. Appearing together as a couple, Myolie and Bosco attracted plenty of attention. Also, Myolie took her parents along, making Bosco appear very confident. Ra'beaa Yeung was the MC and often mocked the two about their love relationship. Myolie admitted that when picking a boyfriend, whe is very picky. Bosco quickly turned around and laughed. Myolie said "Why are you looking that way?" It appeared quite funny. Speaking of her parents coming to see their future son-in-law, Myolie kept laughing to deny, while Bosco replied "I don't know how to reply. Actually, we expected to be joked with."


    而杏兒與賈曉晨(JJ)合作新劇《樂府藏龍》時被指恰對方,杏兒即大呼冤枉,坦言雙方尚未開始 拍對手戲,不 明為何有此新聞。有指因Bosco曾與JJ傳緋聞所致,杏兒即向Bosco詐型:「最衰都係你 !」Bosc o聞言也自首:「係我唔好係我衰!其實我同佢都冇合作過。」

    And, regarding rumors of Myolie bullying JJ Jia in their new series, Myolie denied and said she was innocent. She replied that they have not filmed scenes of them together yet and does not understand how these rumors came to be. It was said that it was because Bosco had previous rumors with JJ. Myolie immediately said to Bosco: It's all because of you! Bosco then said "Yes, it's all because of me! But, actually, I haven't really cooperated with her."

    鍾麗淇老公乃杏兒的前度男友,不過兩女卻未存芥蒂,產後復出的Margaret主動與杏兒握手 兼寒暄,事後 透露二人私下感情也不錯,更指女兒Isabella已5個月大。

    Magaret's husband is Myolie's ex-boyfriend, but the two appeared quite friendly.

    Translated by: love_of_tvb

    Credits: Ontv, The Sun (Hong Kong)


    Posted by love_of_tvb (BERMO and BOSCOLIE) @ 6/05/2011 08:20:00 PM :: (0) comments

    June 1, 2011

    It's been two weeks and no news of Boscolie. Just plain NOPE! (slowly surfacing though)

    It's been a good few months and no news of Bermo. I think this 'pair' in the eyes of viewers have died. Good ol' Moses is with Aimee Chan, at least he's rumored to be with. And, Bernice is keeping her silence.

    I really miss Bermo. Like really.

    Posted by love_of_tvb (BERMO and BOSCOLIE) @ 6/01/2011 01:06:00 AM :: (0) comments
  • Who

    Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


    It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


    In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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