May 26, 2008

AHH< it's almost JUNE!!!! this week, will be a pleasure because i'm off today, whereas next week will be a torture, because i'm taking the SAT II for chem on sat, June 6th. BERMO attended a Megabox function, but because amigo chui is not eric tsang, they were not teased at for much.

(This is in the reporter’s perspective.)

Basically, to the Hong Kong artists, there are three different types of rumors. One, they admit it (the amount is rarely). Two, they don’t really admit it, and three, they do not admit it, put the rumors as the news, so that people would really want to know the story. In the past few years, many pairs do not admit their relationship, which is why TVB’s rumored couples stand out the most.   


Representing [the rumored couples] are Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong, Moses Chan and Bernice Liu. I have reported these two rumors for several times, however, when asked if they are going out together, they will have an awkward face and a dim smile. Moses Chan will sometimes respond: “What do you think?” Bernice Liu likes to give out the “regular “ answer: “We are good friends.” Myolie Wu will say: “ Why are you guys asking this again?” The answer is always 暧昧, (no clue how to translate that, but I know it means that when two people have a relationship.) just like the relationship between them, but sometimes, magazines will have pictures of the male “visiting at night” to the female’s home.

不暧昧的是利益,背后的“黑手”是TVB。这几年来,TVB锐意改革,其中最重要的一部分是加强经纪人制度,TVB除了坐稳“最大华语电视剧集内容提供商”的龙头交椅,还把艺人牢牢掌控在手中,签下经纪人合约的艺人,就是“亲生仔”,有剧拍、有奖拿,TVB还会替他(她)洽谈各种广告合约 ———当然,TVB少不了从中抽取巨额佣金。于是,情侣档的价值凸显出来了,一对绯闻情侣联合登场做SHOW或拍广告,由于有话题能引起关注,价钱水涨船高,比“落单”要划算得多,于是,TVB开始默认、甚至有意推动情侣档的产生。

But, having some relationship is a good thing, the one “behind all of this” is TVB. In the past few years, TVB said they wanted to change, with the most important as a strong management. Besides sitting as “the biggest Chinese speaking dramas provider,” TVB practically controls their contracted artists. The contracted artists, are all like “sons.” They have dramas to film for, awards to take, and TVB will always give him (or her) an advertisement contract for a particular product.  

胡杏儿和黄宗泽,一连拍两部《野蛮奶奶》,将绯闻进行到底,收视率节节上升。元旦,胡杏儿和黄宗泽在一个商场主持倒数晚会,陈豪和廖碧儿则在另一家商场现身统统都有TVB的经纪人领队……其实这两对情侣可以说是“奉旨拍拖”,真假已不重要,钞票到手才是王道。未来几年里,如果没有石破天惊的变化(比如出现“艳照”之类),这样的暧昧关系还会延续下去。当然,恋情究竟是真是假是普通读者最关心的问题,我只能说,都很像真的,不过,2007 年拿视帝(陈豪)那位更真一点。

Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong, both filmed two seasons of , but besides their rumors, the series still received high ratings. And, Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong appeared together at a shopping mall hosting the countdown, meanwhile Moses Chan and Bernice Liu appeared at another shopping mall---
Under TVB’s management…these two couples can only say that they were “told” to date. Real of fake doesn’t matter, because what matters, is that the money gets to the hand. In the future, if there are no accidents (as naked pics of them together) then their secret relationship will continue to go on.   

“奉旨拍拖”也是有前提的。首先是两人条件般配,受到外界一致称道,能发挥最大商业价值如果不是这样而拍拖,对不起,你将受到“冷藏”的待遇。比如郭羡妮与温兆伦(听歌 blog),温兆伦年纪大,常年在内地忙,也不是无线“亲生仔”,这样的情侣当然不受TVB欢迎;之后郭羡妮又和陶大宇传出恋情,这段感情牵涉抛妻弃子,更是让TVB大怒,于是“棒打鸳鸯”。比较让人同情的是杨思琦,她给人的印象非常不错,乖巧、谦虚、节俭(在这个圈里真是个异数),她和李泳豪(也是TVB艺员)的恋情却一直遭到打压,推测原因,很可能是因为男方是无名之辈,打造成“情侣档”也没什么商业价值,于是被 TVB放弃。

“Ordered to date” was mentioned before. First, the two must match, can take the reporters, and have a value in the advertisements sponsors.   If you cannot take all of that, sorry, you will be “put in the fridge.” An example is like Sonija Kwok and her ex. Her ex, was older than her for several years, always busy in Mainland, but still was one of TVB’s “sons.” This couple didn’t receive the audience’s favor. After that, Sonija Kwok and Michael Tao surfaced the press. For this relationship Michael Tao left his wife, and angered TVB “breaking this couple apart.” Facing the same fate, Shirley Yeung. Her image is excellent; smart, and not a bragger. (谦虚、节俭 ß very hard to explain.) She and 李泳豪’s (another TVB artist) relationship … (sorry, the words are EXTREMELY hard)

Real couples? Fake couples? Maybe, facing the entertainment magazine, and behind them, are the profits for the advertisement sponsors. (WHAT?)

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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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