November 30, 2008

TVB Calendar 2009 Part I

Ok, so I will post the pic of the calendar, which I got from and then post what I think they were probably saying at the time, and then some of my observations.


Linda: Eww, these pants look so tight on me. And, they're so flowery.
Bosco: I'm smiling for the camera. Let me just picture Myolie is there.
Raymond: Wooh, I'm the highest. Does that mean TVB will be promoting me the most?
Kate: I'm flying... I'm high...

My observations:
-Linda and Raymond seem to be wearing the exact same Converses.
-Bosco has a stud in his right ear.


Susanna Kwan: Perhaps, the 2009 Best Actress Award will go to me?
Kiki Sheung: Wooh, I'm the only second line actress here. The others are all "Ah Jee."
Louise Lee: I'm in the middle! TVB loves me for giving up the Best Actress Award.
Nancy Sit: Man... I should have gotten the award for my outstanding performance in The Silver Chamber of Sorrows.
Michelle Yim: Make an evil smile. That's the way how Hong Yee looks like.


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November 29, 2008

I know, I promised, I present...

11 - 27 - 08
Moses is stuffing the turkey.
Myolie: Put some more. I love those.
Bosco: Yeah, me too.
Moses follows what he hears.
Bosco: Yeah, that too.
Moses: What?
Bosco: Those…
Moses: You two better shut up and watch quietly, or you’re going to have to cook.
Myolie: Shhh.
Moses: That’s the way it should be.
Bosco: You see… Men tend to be angrier at times when their love is away.
Myolie: Really?
Bosco: Yeah… I think so.
Moses: Where’d you get that from?
Bosco: Oh, I have my sources. My eyes.
Moses continues to stuff the turkey.
Moses: Oh, what did you see?
Bosco: You know… Bernice is currently in Canada, and someone is always angry.
Moses: Well, men without their love don’t cook well.
Bosco: But, you’re an exception.
Myolie: Bos, just let him cook.
Bosco: Fine…
A few hours later, Moses is done with dinner.
Bosco: Yeah, I am starving.
Myolie: I’m hungry!
Moses, Myolie and Bosco set up the table for Bernice.
Moses: Cheers…
Bosco: No, wait, we promised to chat with Bernice, remember?
Myolie: Oh, yeah.
They connect to the internet and see that Bernice is on.
Bernice: Hi guys!
Moses: Darling!!! I miss you terribly!
Bernice: I’ll be back… soon…
Bosco: Hurry and come back… please.
Bernice: Why?
Myolie: Your boyfriend, Ah Mo is always angry at us. He easily gets angry nowadays.
Bernice: MoMo, do you get enough sleep?
Moses: Yeah. I kind of.
Bernice: Hah, I’m so lucky here. I get at least 8 hours of sleep, double the amount in which I get in Hong Kong.
Myolie: So, Bernice, how are you spending Thanksgiving?
Bernice: Turkey dinner!
Bosco: Us too, Moses made it.
Bernice: Moses?
Myolie: Yeah.
Bernice: That’s nice to hear. He barely cooks now.
Myolie: Too back you’re in Canada.
Bernice: I’ll be back in no time. No worries. Send me your new CD.
Myolie: Ok, best friend.
Bernice: You too Bosco.
Bosco: December…
Bernice: I can wait.
Bosco and Myolie: Oh, Moses needs to talk, and we need to eat.
Bosco and Myolie sneak away for their Thanksgiving dinner.
Moses: Nizzy, I want to hug you NOW!
Bernice pretends to hug him.
Moses: Oh, much better.
Bernice: I need to go now. Love you!
Moses: Awhh. Bye sweetie.
Bernice: Bye honey pies.
Moses: Talk to you next time.
Moses goes back to the living room for dinner.
Bosco and Myolie: Hi honey pies!

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Myolie's First Album

胡杏兒新碟不贈黃宗澤 (Myolie is not going to give a CD to Bosco)

Source: Mingpao News. Translated by love_of_tvb


Yesterday, Myolie Wu appeared in Kowloon at her new album function. At the same location were Miss Lok, Sharon Chan, Nancy Wu, Matthew Ko, and Percy Wu was the host. Miss Lok appeared on stage and complimented Myolie as a good singer among the artistes. She even said Myolie would get a gold album, making Myolie cry. Matthew Ko gave Myolie a kiss on the cheeks. Although rumored boyfriend Bosco Wong didn't appear, he recorded a video to congratulate Myolie. Myolie said she would not give Bosco a free CD; he would have to buy it himself.


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November 26, 2008


Another spotting (of Boscolie)...

In Gem of Life, episode 27, in the time interval of 4:01 to 4:03, the Cartier bangle shows up once again. It seems that Bosco wears "their sign of love" wherever he is, filming a modern series (as in Moonlight Resonance and now The Gem of Life) or during functions. In the 2 seconds of The Gem of Life, Bosco takes off his jewelry as he is talking with his brother, Wong Hei. I'm actually quite surprised that TVB shot 2 secs. of this "love bangle" although they know it has attracted many rumors about BOSCOLIE's love relationship in the past.

The bangle is from Cartier, it has a circle, and then a solid line through the middle.


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November 21, 2008

Let's catch up on recent NEWS!

-well, I slept at 6:15 in the morning today and took half an hour nap. Extremely sleepy... Now my eyes are hurting me. But anyways...

(translated by love_of_tvb)

廖碧兒否認與陳豪分手溫哥華拍西片 感情生變? (Bernice Liu doesn't admit breaking up with Moses Chan. She is currently in Vancouver filming a Western movie.)

廖碧兒身在溫哥華,為接拍首部荷李活電影The King of Fighters作好準備,合演者有Maggie Q。廖碧兒在當地逗留3個月,與緋聞男友陳豪分隔兩地,遂傳出分手傳聞,她對此沒好氣說:「大家當娛樂新聞看便算!」

Bernice Liu is currently in Vancouver preparing to film The King of Fighters, a Hollywood movie. She will be working with Maggie Q. Bernice will stay there for 3 months, and be separated with Moses in two different destinations. Asked about the breakup rumors, she replied without anger "Everyone, treat it as entertainment news only!"

廖碧兒昨日接受查小欣長途電話訪問,她表示正跟工作人員進行排練及整裝,每日朝十晚十,而Maggie Q稍後會合大隊。有傳她為拍此戲而推掉逾百萬元酬勞的工作,廖碧兒說:「一切由公司安排,今次機會難得,好開心公司替我爭取,藝人應向不同方向挑戰。」她在溫哥華住在婆婆家,每早7時便吃早餐。

Bernice received a long distance phone call interview from Cha Siu Yan. She said that everyday she is trying on new costumes and practicing. Everyday, she works from 10 AM to 10 PM, and Maggie Q will be joining them soon. Rumors have it that because of this Hollywood film, she has lost millions of dollars from advertisers and series. She said "Everything was arranged by TVB. This is a great opportunity. I'm happy that TVB got me this job. Artistes should go for different challenges." She currently lives at her maternal grandmother's house and wakes up at 7 each morning to eat breakfast.

當娛樂新聞看待 (Treat them as Entertainment news)

Asked if she misses Moses Chan, Bernice replied "This time, I went to Vancouver in a hurry. I did not tell a lot of my friends. Moses didn't really give me advice, but he knows that I am a hardworking person. " And to the breakup rumors, she said "Just treat them as entertainment news. Breaking up or dating are said by others. It has nothing to do with me." She said that her idol target is Chow Yun Fat. She said "He still keeps his 真性情 as of today."

-Credits: Mingpao Daily News

獨家直擊台慶真人騷貼身呵護 耳邊調情 黃宗澤胡杏兒公然親熱 (BOSCOLIE)

為搞噱頭,今年《萬千星輝賀台慶》御准佘詩曼拖鄭嘉穎上台唱情歌,又安排胡杏兒與黃宗澤(Bosco)大跳貼身勁舞,實行擺緋聞上,製造話題,可惜兩Pair情侶表現如交功課般,驚喜欠奉,反觀在開騷前席的總綵排上,以為沒有記者在場的胡杏兒竟公然依偎在男友Bosco胸膛上,旁若無人地調情,只見扁嘴詐嬌的女方,不斷拉扯頭髮,一臉苦惱,Bosco見狀,即貼面呵錫,又不停在女友耳邊呵氣,難得的是,台上其他藝人對此等肉麻行徑見慣不怪,只可惜這段真人騷得《頭條日報》獨家放映。 採訪:袁東亮、韓成、陳辰、張詠森

For gimmicks this year, the TVB 41st Anniversary Gala featured Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng to sing love songs on stage. Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong were also arranged to dance together. But, both pairs failed to show any work to please the audience. However, when they were practicing, reporters found Myolie on Bosco's chest. Bosco saw Myolie frowning and constantly pulling on her hair. Seeing the nervous Myolie, Bosco kept saying things into Myolie's ears and the best part: the other dancers on stage saw this as a regular thing. This caught the attention of HEADLINE NEWS.

  一眾緋聞情侶前晚被TVB齊齊擺上,當事人可以寓工作於拍拖,自然歡迎公司安排,不過,雖然可以正牌談情,但鄭嘉穎及佘詩曼等皆顯得避忌,只有緋聞歷史最長的黃宗澤及胡杏兒表現最真實,兩人齊在開Show前為參與的《歌舞春宵Mega Show》作最後綵排,話晒已簽約唱片公司向樂壇進發,男方更鐵定12月推出處男專輯,兩位準樂壇新人自然不容有失,綵排亦較緊,為緩和緊張氣氛,Bosco不斷跟杏兒講笑,終令緊張的女方大發嬌嗔。

With the longest rumor history, Boscolie performed the most realistic. Bosco's first CD will come out in December 2008


It might have been that it was a live show performance that got Myolie so nervous, constantly frowning. To make his girlfriend happy, Bosco kept sticking to Myolie, but Myolie only saw him as transparent. Myolie continued to practice her dance moves, while Bosco spent 10 minutes sweet talking to Myolie. Finally, Myolie let out a laugh and the two flirted in open public. Then, Myolie leaned on Bosco's chest. The other stage dancers watched the two for half an hour.

Credits: Headline News

These cheered me up, as I haven't seen one of these posts for a LONG time... Do you know what this means? FANFIC TIME IS NEAR!!!!!! STAY TUNED!

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November 17, 2008

BOSCOLIE, in a movie?

Yeah, the movie is called "The Luckiest Man," with Bosco playing Natalis Chan's "son." Myolie didn't even come in a cameo. She appeared in a pic with young Nat, which is Bosco. It's surprising... I watched it a few times, so I'm sure that's Myolie. (It's a black and white photo that is shown in the movie.)

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November 15, 2008


The results are horrifying... I hate these results. Sadly, only Myolie got an award (which I like)

Best Actor: Ha Yu
Best Actress: Michelle Yim
Supporting Actress: Tavia Yeung
Supporting Actor: Wayne Lai
Improved Actress: Nancy Wu
Improved Actor: Wong Cho Lam
Best Variety Show: The Story of a Million People
Favorite Male Character: Raymond Lam
Favorite Female Character: Louise Lee
Blog Award: Raymond Lam (so expected!)
Best Series: Moonlight Resonance
Best Presenter: So Good
Most Fashionable Artist: Myolie Wu
Lifetime Achieve Award: Paul Chun

see how terrible the results turned out to be???


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November 10, 2008


I managed to write a short chapter. Enjoy!

11 - 06 - 08
(P.S. That’s Myolie’s birthday.)
Bosco: Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to My Only, Happy Birthday to you!
Moses and Bernice: Woooh! Kiss her, kiss her!
Bosco kisses Myolie on the cheeks.
Moses: Ah CoCo, not the cheeks, we want the lips, right Bernice?
Bernice: Yeah, kiss her, kiss her.
Myolie: Hey, guys, let’s start the eating first.
Bernice: My new slogan: no kiss, no eat.
Moses and Bernice (chanting): Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her, kiss her, kiss her…
Bosco: Alright, calm down!
Myolie: Do we really have to do this?
Bosco: I guess.
Bosco gives Myolie a long kiss.
Bernice: Wooh!
Moses: Woohoo!
Myolie: Happy guys?Moses and Bernice: Oh, of course.
Moses: So, Bos, what did you get for Myolie?
Bosco: Something nice and fluffy?
Bernice: A teddy bear?
Bosco: No, I got her a sweater.
Bernice: Ok…
Bosco: It says LOVE.
Moses: Nice.
Bosco: So, Moses, how’s your love life going? I was watching Scoop, when Myolie blurted “Although I am Ah Yee, but I am not that Ah Yee.”
Moses: So, I said that her birthday wish was to have a partner both onscreen and offscreen.
Bernice: Hah, I remember how Michael Miu said about you and Myolie when you were signing to become a singer.
Myolie: Let’s eat.
Bernice: Yeah, tomorrow, we all have to attend the sales presentation. See you there!

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November 5, 2008


Nov. 6th is Myolie's b-day. Let's hope her darling Bosco will spend the day with her...

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November 1, 2008

Is it just a coincidence?

For the past few years, I've noticed something about the TVB Best Actor/Actress Award. Usually after they win, the two will have a series together.

Starting from 2004:
Best Actor: Bowie Lam
Best Actress: Gigi Lai
Together they have: Dance of Passion, Healing Hands III, The Gem of Life

Best Actor: Roger Kwok
Best Actress: Liza Wang
Together: Glittering Days

Best Actor: Kevin Cheng
Best Actress: Charmaine Sheh
Together: Forensic Heroes II

Best Actor: Moses Chan
Best Actress: Louise Lee Si Kei
Together: Moonlight Resonance



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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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