October 22, 2011

Bosco: Women Like to Tell Everything to Others

Earlier, Bosco had stated that he lost an earring to be worth HKD 100,000. But, later, his girlfriend Myolie admitted that she gave him the earring and on the spot laughed that he exaggerated. To this, Bosco laughed and said that his girlfriend couldn't keep secrets!

Stephy Tang, Bosco Wong, Yoyo Mung, Kate Tsui, Lee San San, Nikki Chow and others appeared at a Shanghai charity car racing event. Besides Chin Ka Lok, Carlo Ng, and Lee San San, it was all their first time on the field. Since it was Bosco's first time, he indicated that all he wanted to do was be able to participate and not place last.

Regarding girlfriend Myolie Wu telling reporters that the earring she gave him was not worth HKD 100,000, he said "I actually don't know how much it is worth. She only told me an estimate. Ay, women just like to tell everything to others!" Asked if he wanted to take the chance to make their relationship surface, he smiled and said "It's only giving presents."

Translated by: love_of_tvb
Source: The Sun (Hong Kong)


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October 21, 2011

Bosco Claims to Have Lost 100,000 HKD Earring, Myolie Says He's Exaggerating

Earlier, Bosco revealed that he had lost a 1.5 carat diamond earring that was worth HKD 100,000. Yesterday, Myolie Wu, Sean Lau, and Richie Ren appeared at their film's premiere. Myolie even blurted that Bosco had exaggerated! She said "It's not 1.5 carat. And, it wasn't HKD 100,000! It was only a few ten thousand! But, it's value probably rose over the years!" Asked if she was the one who gave it to Bosco, she thought for a while before admitting: "Yes, it was a gift from me." (Anniversary gift?) "No, it's been a long time already! It was a birthday gift." (Are you mad at him for losing it?) "He didn't want it like this either." And regarding Bosco's urge to use to bathroom more, she smiled and said:" Not anymore! It was the medicine he was taking before!"

Translated by: love_of_tvb
Source: The Sun


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October 16, 2011

So, after next week, I'll be halfway done with the Fall Semester of Year 2. Life, in terms of workload isn't as much as last year's, but there is still a lot of reading to do and work to complete.

So tired, and definitely not anticipating for Week 8, which will be the worst week of my life...

-Tuesday: History midterm
-Wednesday: Statics midterm
-Thursday: Portfolio Review
-Friday: Rep work that I haven't started on

And now, back to studying for history...

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October 9, 2011

400th Post

Bosco Wong attended a HTC Cellphone function last night and explained the reason for wearing sunglasses, "It might be that I am getting old. My eye has not healed yet. My eye seems like it's about to swell. If I don't wear sunglasses, it will seem that I am very tired and about to fall asleep." (Watched too much 'dirty stuff?) "Dirty stuff and bacteria have nothing to do with one another!" (Are you afraid you'll pass it on to Myolie?) "She's out of town. Actually, I'm more scared that it won't heal. I need to film three clips for the sales presentation. Modern series are still ok, but it's no possible to wear sunglasses for ancient series! One of the scriptwriters told me I'll be part of "Triumph in the Skies II", but didn't tell me who I will have a relationship line with. (Don't want to be in a relationship line with Myolie onscreen?) "No, it's fine! Everything is up to the audience!"


Translated by: love_of_tvb
Source: The Sun

And for TITS II:

There was a report saying that Myolie will be in a wheelchair due to an injury and will be in a love triangle with Chilam and Raymond, but in the vid, Bosco made it seem like he and Myolie will have some things going on, or as long as the audience likes it. So?


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Boscolie Standing Together at TVB 45th Anniversary Lighting Ceremony

Source: Weibo, Ron Ng Online, The Sun


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Bosco and Myolie Grocery Shopping?

Credits: weibo/1768325654 (Onebird)

Supermarket shopping?


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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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