August 29, 2012

School has started and my immune systerm has decided to turn against me already. I had a sore throat two days before school started, which eventually developed into a really bad cough, and last night, I started to have a stuffy nose. And all top of that, I have a slight headache.

I don't know why I am not able to focus, due to the fact that I'm getting sick, or the fact that I'm still in vacation mode. I mean the first half of vacation went by ok. But then, the second half went by without me even knowing. I did have quite a productive summer, but that's came to an end already. School's back.

I also don't know why I'm so stressed out. Maybe it's because I can't focus.

I stopped counting down last semester because time went by ok and I actually enjoyed it, but this feels like I'm back to Semester 1 again, a feeling I haven't had since then. It's not a good feeling. How can I explain it? It's like depressive and stressed out all the time. But I think it's time to start again, although time passes much faster when I'm not counting.

I hope I can get out of that soon. Like really soon.

And I hope by taking medicine, my cold will get better, cause I have a whole semester ahead of me.

3 days down. 15 weeks and 2 days to go till Winter break.

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August 19, 2012

I'm Only Me When I'm With You (One-Shot)

I've realized Taylor Swift's songs are really meant to think about. So, here's to One-Shot Fanfic #1, I'm Only Me When I'm With You.

I’m Only Me When I’m With You (One-Shot)

Since he was a professional actor, Bosco always had to act cool when he was in public. But, he wasn’t always like that, at least not when he was with her.

Since she was a professional actress, Myolie always had to act strong when she was in public. But, she wasn’t always like that, at least not when she was with him.

Bosco and Myolie were dating, in an underground relationship. It was like an open secret to the public, yet they never felt the urge to admit it in public. They felt it was no one’s business. All they needed to know was they were there for each other. They understood each other truly.

Sometimes, both of them felt tired to be professional actors and actresses, since they must act in their dramas and whenever they were in public. Therefore, both of them cherished the time they spent together. It was quality time, time in which they were finally able to be themselves, time in which they felt comfortable to be themselves without having to worry.

Bosco was actually a very warm and friendly person. He liked to cook and do chores around the house. He was an ordinary family man.

Myolie was actually a very emotional person. She liked to cry as she watched sad dramas. She was similar to a stay home mom.

Since they were both career oriented, they barely had time with each other.

Today was a special day. It’s been ages since they were both off on the same day.

What are you cooking for me today?

One of my specialty dishes, seafood pasta, he responded.

Then, do you need my help or anything, she asked.

Yeah, help me finish it all up later.

That’s not a problem. That’s my favorite dish, she responded.

They shared a giggle. It was like they knew what each other were thinking about. They often knew each other’s responses before they received a response.

Baby, I’m only me when I’m with you.

I know, you’re only you when you’re with me. Because I feel exactly the same, he said.

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It's quite awkward to watch Witness Insecurity and then Ghetto Justice II right away.

This is how I see it:

Linda and Bosco in Witness Insecurity = probably how Boscolie is
Kevin and Myolie in Ghetto Justice II = how Boscolie were

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August 17, 2012

More Thoughts

Haven't been blogging much lately, probably affected by Boscolie one way or the other, if you know what I mean. I was reading past blog entries, especially those about Bermo. I remember when I first started following Bermo and Boscolie. They were both rumored couples, but somehow I seemed to fall for Bermo more, probably because they were on the news more back then. I first started this blog in January 2007, sophomore year of high school taking finals. I wrote fanfics about them, "Behind the Doors of Bermo and Boscolie". Then I started translating their news whenever I had the chance. I remember coming home each day after school, and the first thing I did was to check on the Bermo and Boscolie forums at Asianfanatics. Every new article got me excited. It's like they were playing a game with us and the reporters. "If you catch us holding hands, then we're a couple." Looking back, I was really an addicted fangirl.

They just never failed to entertain us. I would just be like, "Guys, just admit that you're together. We all know it already." It's just a matter of time, I would tell myself. But of course that wasn't the case. It seemed that every summer, when I was on vacation, when I did not have access to the Internet, and when I would not have news about them for the time being, I would always come back with shocking news. In summer 2008, they said Bermo broke up. WHAT? I cried. It annoyed me to see the news. But I kept my faith for them. There were occassional news about the two, so I thought they were still together. I even had a dream about them. I was talking to Bernice and I asked her, "Did you guys really break up?" And she answered me in the dream, "Yeah, it was that one time." So I seriously thought they were still together, and the incident in 2008 was just something small. In Fall 2010, Bermo even filmed a Shiseido advertisment together. Nothing could be wrong, I thought. Nope, things didn't turn out to be like that all the time. December 2010. Just when I was studying for college finals. Bernice tweeted something like she'll headlines tomorrow. Oh, more breakup rumors, I thought. The next day was the shocker. I had no clue how big those headlines were. Bernice dumped Moses for Alastair Lam, it read. Oh. I tried to ignore it, but it was hard, especially when I had History finals the next day and I had so much more memorizing to do. I didn't even have the time to sort out reactions. I told myself to put their breakup news aside for the time being and focus on finals first. After finals, I caught up with their news again. Moses said in an interview not long after, "the past is the past". Ok, what does that mean? Does that mean he was really dumped? Or is it according to Bernice, they had broke up in 2008? In January 2011, I still believed the breakup news were fake.

It took me a good seven months to finally realize they had ended, especially with Bernice leaving TVB and Moses having moved on with Aimee Chan. The past is the past, just as Moses had said. I decided it was time to let go. It was the end of "Behind the Doors of Bermo and Boscolie". I truly let go. I did not care much about them anymore. I laughed when Bernice broke it off with Alastair Lam. I did not see what went wrong in their relationship. But only they would know.

I started to shift my focus on Boscolie. 2011 was really a big year for them. It was also a big year for us, their fans. When will they ADMIT it? It's so obvious! They finally went official when Myolie gave her acceptance speech for her Best Actress award. "I know we each have flaws. But, I hope we can continue to bear with one another", she said. Their 'unofficial', but 'official' annoucement received approvement, applause, and happiness from all over. They beamed.

But July 25, 2012 came. It was the day no one saw coming. It was a day no one wanted to come. They annouced breakup. Shocking! Really shocking. I still do not know what happened to them. At first I chose to believe it was a publicity stunt. I could not process the news until many days later. Probably due to the fact of how shocked I was. I'm still clueless to what had gone wrong. I still don't know if I should choose to take it as real, fake, or completely a publicity stunt. Only time will tell.

I'm not really willing to let go. They've more true. I don't want to let go as I had did for Bermo. What is love? I would like to answer LOVE IS BOSCOLIE, and not LOVE WAS BOSCOLIE. Let's keep it strong. For them, for me, for you. For Boscolie. Let's keep this love strong!


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August 2, 2012

Thoughts Again

我真的感覺他們分手太意想不到。明明今恩愛同相愛大家, 為什麼會分手???是不是TVB的策略?真不開心。。。希望同期望BOSCO會拿最佳男主角,立即向MYOLIE求婚!!!

I really felt their breakup was so unexpected. They were so cute and lovely, why did they breakup??? Is this one of TVB's tactics? So sad... I really hope Bosco will get Best Actor and immediately propose to Myolie on stage!!


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August 1, 2012


The Boscolie breakup.

It really hit me hard. Like really hard.

I remember I was in China when all this happened. When I found out about their breakup through my dad. He said "A TVB couple broke up today." "It better not be Boscolie," I said. Then he said "Yep. It's them." At first, I didn't believe the news. Was the source reliant? How could this possibly be true?

I just couldn't believe it, and I still can't, although it's been almost a week and counting.

I still think it's a publicity stunt. If not, Myolie was the one who initiated the breakup. I would like to know the reason behind their decision, but I know they will not tell us. At least not anytime soon. I just can't accept the fact.

After all, it's been eight years. That's nearly a decade.

I remember when the BERMO breakup news broke out in December 2010. I was equally as shocked. But, turns out they had already broken up in 2008. At first I chose not to believe their breakup. They had a good 4 or 6 years. I kept making up excuses for myself to believe they were still together. Still that lovely couple I followed. It took a good seven months for me to finally let go. It was probably the Aimee Chan and Moses Chan news that told me it was time to let go. They changed. Both of them. I just couldn't force myself to believe they were still that golden couple. I barely reminiscent about them. But, it was good from the time they lasted, although it was not a perfect happy ending.

But, BOSCOLIE is different. They've been through the ups and downs for eight years. And us, the fans stood by them as we saw them flirting in public, to breakup scandals, going to Okinawa together, and then the TVB Best Actress Award acceptance speech. That was just epic. I don't understand why they broke up. Bosco cheating on Myolie? Myolie dumping Bosco for the Taiwanese actor? Infidelity rumors? How many more of these insane rumors can there be? They say they're still friends, although I would hope for them to still be that beaming couple we all love. And I wish to we all love and not loved, because Boscolie represents love. Just look at their Mona Lisa wedding advertisement a few years back. Look at the times they appeared in functions. Oh, how happy they were.

Their breakup has really affected me, emotionally and mentally. I'm doing something and Boscolie comes up on my mind and I have to tell myself that they broke up already. This is sad, but I know it's reality, for now.

And, I just really hope they get back together. Or, this was all a publicity stunt that was unnecessary.


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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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