July 31, 2008


STEVINDA (Steven Ma & Linda Chung):

Well, to start off, this couple started cooperating in the popular sitcom, Virtues of Harmony II, where they protrayed a couple. Then, years later, they filmed again as a couple in A Journey Called Life. They are a great looking couple, from top to bottom. They match greatly, but chances are they will never get to the part of boyfriend/girlfriend. They could only be best friends in real life.

Reason: [NO] Age Difference: Linda is 24, Steven is 36.
Chances: 10% - 20%

RAYDA (Raymond Lam & Linda Chung):

After Heart of Greed, the story where Raymond died tragically towards the end left kind of a "pity" for this couple. Everyone loves them as much BERMO and BOSCOLIE. They go to functions to earn big money just like the other two couples as mentioned before. One recent news report even said that Raymond was changing his pants in front of Linda that didn't even care. Plus, they were both spotted wearing yellow at a recent Moonlight Resonance promotion. And the key was that at the birthday party of Linda, Susanna Kwan, and Moses Chan, Raymond was ordered to kiss Linda. And, he did as told.

Reason: [YES] Too many coincidences just make a perfect.
Chances: 70% - 80%

KATENETH (Kate Tsui & Kenneth Ma)

This couple is amazing. They were the lucky ones, getting to cooperate as either a couple or brother/sister in about five TVB series. At the last Speech of Silence promotion, both were wearing matching Converses. Reporters even found that they had matching cars and matching keychains.

Reason: [YES] Too many coincidences are not always coincidences.
Chances: 80% - 90%

CHARRAY (Charmaine Sheh & Raymond Lam)

They were the bickering couple that grabbeed everyone's attention in Drive of Life. They were in the ancient series of Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion. People loved them for a time, but when Linda came Charray was gone and became Rayda. Then, reports had it that they had matching things. Which is true and which is false?

Reason: [NO]: Charmaine is 33 and Raymond is 26.
Chances: 20% - 30%

CHARVEN (Charmaine Sheh & Kevin Cheng)

They first played a couple in Yummy Yummy Food for Life, and then the recent Forensic Heroes II. After Forensic Heroes II, "Belle" and "Ivan" gained a larger popularity as a couple.

REASON: [NO] They both have other rumour love partners.
Chances: 20% - 30

BOSCOLIE (Bosco Wong & Myolie Wu):

I can go on weeks and weeks about them. First, the highly rated series of 2005, Wars of In Laws, starring with Liza Wang, and then 2008's first TVB HD series, War of In Laws II. They have been rumoured since 2005. But, Wars of In Laws was actually not their first series together. Truimph in the Skies was, but they did not play a couple back then. Now, advertisers love them. At most functions, you can always see the two. But, when asked about their "underground" relationship, they usually deny or change to another topic. A year ago, rumours had it that they split, but they are just as perfect in public. Eric Tsang and his fellow friends and coworkers love them as shown in The Super Trio Supreme Episode 1 and TVB 40th Anniversary's skit about famous series.

Reason: [YES] Rumoured couples of more than two years are usually for real. And the other rumour partners that they have had have all faded out over the years. Only the two have remained.
Chances: 95% - 100%

BERMO (Bernice Liu & Moses Chan)

I can go on for weeks about them. They had two series together in 2005, first Love Bond, then Healing Hands III, both playing a couple. Since then, advertisers pay a higher price in order to have them promote their products. Since the beginning of the filming of Heart of Greed's sequel Moonlight Resonance, Lai Lok Yi, Kate Tsui, and even Tavia Yeung has contributed something about Bernice and Moses. Lai Lok Yi said that Moses was getting married after the filming. Tavia and Kate said that Moses' birthday wish should be that his phone ringing more often, while Moses answered he did not know what they were talking about. He even made up a lie that he had businesses and was constantly going to Hollywood movies' castings. Reporters say that they already broke up at the beginning of 2008, but when asked on a radio interview, Moses just ignored the question by saying he couldn't hear the question. Bernice said that she was out promotiong stuff and therefore not in Hong Kong. Then, Ella Koon was playing a game in a radio interview. She had to pick cards and answer questions. For 'husband,' she picked Moses Chan. When asked, she simply replied that Moses was a great man. He didn't flirt with girls nor look at girls when Ella saw him in TVB studios when she used to film. Then, at the end she said she would fight with Bernice for this wonderful man, as [she could be appointed as the third party]. At the really end, she even added that Bernice could definitely trust Moses. Eric Tsang and his friends love to play on this couple, as seen in the Super Trio Continues episode 24 and the wax museum skit of 2006 TVB's 39th Anniversary. Yeah, so what's real now?

Reason: [YES] The examples above can just prove it. They have been rumoured for more than 3 years, yet when asked, denial and changing the topic comes in place.
Chances: 95% - 100%

EKYO (Ekin Cheng & Yoyo Mung)

After the filming of Forensic Heroes, Yoyo was rumoured to be with Lai Lok Yi. But the reality was that Lai Lok Yi helped the two get together. They are known as the 'badmiton lovers' as they play badmiton together. They admitted it soon after their "underground" relationship was discovered. Eric Tsang and others like to joke around with their love. Reporters spotted them buying furniture together for their new home, but they denied. For the future, we will have to see.

Reason: [YES] They have already admitted and they don't seem to care about what others think and say.
Chances: 90% - 100%

But, just to conclude, we all know who my two favorites are. BERMO and BOSCOLIE. They are just the cutest and lovable of them all. and just simply click on the pics to zoom in and get a better look at these lovable and charming couples.


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July 27, 2008

i should post up the LOVE EXCHANGE II fanfic written be me.

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July 26, 2008

First time uploading an image onto blogspot

well, lately, i want to do the whole template over, like a whole new look. so...

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July 22, 2008


recently, there are almost no signs of them... it's making me feel so sad. and i really need to start on my summer reading assignment. I have to read 3 books, and altogether, i read like 1/4 of a book. poor me. :(

07 - 21 - 08
(via webcam)
Bernice: Moses, I miss you.
Moses: Berni, I’ve always miss you.
Bernice: Well, things have slowed down for me. “When a Dog Loves a Cat” is currently airing, while I’m just promoting in Malaysia.
Moses: For me, “Moonlight Resonance” will air next week.
Bernice: I heard you will kiss some people.
Moses: So… you don’t trust me?
Bernice: Nah, it’s Kate. She’s my good friend. We have a lot in common, as in dancing?
Moses: You guys are not lesbians, are you?
Bernice: No… where did you get that idea from?
Moses: Umm… newspaper reports of you and this other rich lady.
Bernice: And you believe that? Oh my God!
Moses: Ah Nize, it’s normal for a boyfriend to ask his girlfriend something he sees on the newspaper.
Bernice: I don’t know. Should I be mad at you?
Moses: No… No… I was just curious. You have me, so why would you be a lesbian?
Bernice: Oh Moses.
Moses: I’m sorry if I mad you angry. I shouldn’t have asked. When we first got together a few years ago, we agreed to trust each other, no matter what.
Bernice: Can’t believe you remembered, sweetie.
Moses: Honey, it’s ok.
Bernice: MoMo, how long have we not seen each other?
Moses: Quite a while, after the breakup coverage that everyone is literally taking about now.
Bernice: Don’t worry. Eventually, they will… you know what I mean.
Moses: I hope so too.
Bernice: I miss your hugs.
Moses: Ah Nize, I miss your kisses.
Bernice: MoMo…

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July 11, 2008

I'm back and BERMO's breakup rumour.

recently, i saw the news of BERMO's breakup. how can i describe my feelings? terrified, horrified, depressed, sad, angry, frustrated? well, i am still not over them, and of course i have 100% faith in them, and 91% sure that the news are fake. for that reason of breaking up, i wrote a special "ep." on them explaining the breakup rumours scandal (probably written by some jealous reporter or reported to a newspaper company by someone who truly hates BERMO, or on the bright side, a good person trying to make BERMO realize that the time has came for them to admit their true relationship [married, boy/girlfriend and not just "good friends" as they always tell us] to the public announcing their wedding perhaps)

07 - 08 - 08
For Boscolie fans, I am sorry. But, this will all be on Bermo, because of the recent reports about their split since the beginning of 2008. I was terrified and depressed. But, reading over and over the news kind of made me feel that some reporter out there just decided to write about their breakup probably because they wanted more people to buy it. Because, Moses had said in the beginning of June 2008 that “when fate comes, you can’t block it.” Usually when someone doesn’t have a chance, you would just say no. But, when Bernice was asked recently if Moses had a chance, she rejected to reply. Thus, this shows that this is just another fake scandal. As for Boscolie, Myolie never really said that she wouldn’t want to date anyone younger than her, according to all the news that I have read. Therefore, any breakup about Bermo’s breakup should all be fake. I know it can’t be real because Bermo is just Bermo. No one can replace them. Besides, there was news that Moses wanted to buy an engagement ring in like April or May. And then something like he had a house all ready for Bernice and his marriage. So, in conclusion, this breakup thing is all FAKE.
(Bermo mansion):
Bernice and Moses are having a talk by webcam.
Bernice: MoMo, did you see the recent news regarding our breakup?
Moses: Awh, that sounds awful. What did they say?
Bernice: Well, I went to a radio interview with Joe Ma, and then they said my eyes were red, and I was probably crying over our breakup.
Moses: Honey, that really sounds terrible. Then, what did you say Nizzy?
Bernice: I said that I didn’t put on much makeup. Then, they asked if you had a chance. Since, if we were going to admit sooner or later, I didn’t say no, so I got tricky and rejected to reply.
Moses: Hon, you are so tricky at some times.
Bernice: But, I said that because I used some eyeliner the day before, and somehow I was allergic to it, so my eyes were red.
Moses: Awwh, let me see.
Bernice shows her eyes to Moses through the webcam.
Moses: Nizzy, your eyes look bad.
Bernice: I need a big hug…
Moses: Let me hug you.
Bernice: How?
Moses hugs her through his webcam.
Bernice: That was so fake. I’m going to hug my teddy bear instead.
Moses: Hey!
Bernice: MoMo, our relationship has been going on for four years. I’m tired.
Moses: What? We discussed this already.
Bernice: I know… I know.
Moses: Don’t tell me you want to breakup?
Bernice: Hah, I got you. I was just kidding.
Moses: Hehe.
Bernice: You know, an underground relationship is kind of fun. Sometimes, the reporters play around words. It’s just so cute.
Moses: I should have guessed that you would never do that to me.
Bernice: So you would do that to me?
Moses: No, no. I promised to take care of you, sweetie.
Bernice: MoMo, when are you coming back?
Moses: Soon, with a big surprise.
Bernice: Ooh, sounds interesting.

and let's keep all our hopes towards BERMO in finally admitting their relationship. and there is nothing more to say, so just keep your eyes on their BLACK NECKLACE as well as keeping an eye on them :)

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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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