February 13, 2010


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February 12, 2010

Off Pedder had SUCH A STUPID ENDING!!!
- Joyce breaking up to be a "professional"?
- Gary with Go Ling?
- Where's Icy?
- Where's Dun Lai Gwuan?



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February 11, 2010

All Comes to an End

Well, tomorrow, Friday, the 12th of Feb. is one BIG day! First, the ending for "Off Pedder," a series that have ran for 1 and 1/2 years. Then, "The Season of Fate," comes to an end, a series that has gotten my attention since the first day it aired.

And, lastly, it is the day before VACATION! 9 days off to get everything remaining in the college process: W2s, 1099s, 2009 Tax Returns, AND for Cooper Union: the hometest.

After all, I shall sit back and relax (writing the fanfic chapters I have long promised, as well as awaiting the colleges to get back to me).


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February 9, 2010


Bernice: I have always trusted [Moses].


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February 3, 2010


佘詩曼被指介入陳豪及廖碧兒之間,昨日她出席活動時澄清:「我唔係當事人,係當災人,陳豪嘅人情我都做定畀 佢啦!一杯咖啡就咁大件事,又唔係買間屋畀我!(咩關係?)公司同事囉!」而陳豪在另一場合亦拿新緋聞開玩 笑:「依家係蝦我定蝦鄭嘉穎先?總之我都係以前嘅陳豪,非常簡單,緋聞都好簡單!(安慰人?)安慰嘉穎?( 點形容你哋嘅四角關係?)大家庭,都係兄弟姊妹!」

Charmaine Sheh was recently rumored to have been the third person in Bernice Liu and Moses Chan's love relationship. Attending a function yesterday, she highly denied that they were together.

Charmaine: I am not the main person of the incident. I will see this rumor as a way to get rid of my misfortune. I have money ready if Moses gets married! One cup of coffee is nothing big! It's not like he's buying a house for me!
Reporters: What's your relationship with Moses?
Charmaine: We are TVB co-workers.

And, when Moses attended a function, he used the new rumors as a joke.

Moses: Are you guys trying to play me or Kevin Cheng? I am still the old Moses Chan. I am simple; even rumors are simple.
Reporters: Are you trying to comfort someone?
Moses: Who? Kevin Cheng?
Reporters: How would you describe this square (four-sided) love relationship?
Moses: We are a big family. We are all brothers and sisters.

廖碧兒可能未知阿Mo已表明立場,她昨日在另一活動上被問到情人節會否約會阿Mo時,她只說:「我冇時間問 『朋友』喎!」看來確有醋意。

Perhaps Bernice did not know that Moses took a position because when she attended another Valentine's Day function yesterday, she was asked if she would ask Moses out, she said "I have no time to meet [with friends]." It seems like there is jealousy.

Link: http://tv.on.cc/index.html?s=4&ss=4&...9&d=1265193999

So, in the link, I can see Charmaine taking this whole thing as a joke. And, she was almost going to blurt out who the bride is going to be. But, then, she stopped for a few seconds, and said "Oh, the money is for AH MO." And then reporters asked "So, who is it." Charmaine rubs her nose for grins before saying "I don't know, I don't know." Charmaine, we all know who "she" is. And, she sees herself as an "outsider" compared to the two.


I guess this whole thing is a way to promote their new series? I love how Charmaine responded to the whole thing: "I am ready to give money if they decide to get married." Is she implying something? I think so! And the way how Moses and Bernice responded just brings more imagination and clarifies the whole incident as a fake!


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February 2, 2010

UB (Unbelievable)

From: The Sun (Hong Kong)
Translated by: love_of_tvb

廖碧兒懶理大方祝福 (Bernice Doesn't Believe in Rumors)


Bernice Liu has always been seen as a couple with Moses Chan . Recently, rumors have it that Moses used coffee to court Charmaine Sheh, of whom he cooperated two recent series with (Heaven and Earth, Here Comes the Princess). Because of this, Bernice's dad went to TVB City to talk with Moses about this. Yesterday, Bernice attended a ceremony, and when asked about this incident, she denied that her dad went to talk with Ah Mo. But, she admitted that she heard about these rumors of Charmaine and Moses.

Bernice: I'll just think of the rumors as entertainment. I wasn't there [to film]. It's good if everyone's happy
Reporters: So, you're going to let them be together?
Bernice: It's really nothing. I won't be angry at Moses. We're friends.
Reporters: Should you watch your boyfriend?
Bernice: How do I watch my boyfriend if I don't have one? I have been seeing many of the artistes in "72 Tenants". I don't even have time to see my dogs!


Asked if Moses' use of coffee really allow him to court, she calmly said "I don't know. He makes a lot of coffee for people in TVB to drink."

Reporters: Are you jealous?
Bernice: No, when I make a cake, I share with my co-workers. Even the security guards at my building gets some.

And, when she attended at function which celebrated 王仁曼 (Jean M. Wong) of obtaining the highest rank in the ballet world, she was asked what she would give as Moses' Valentine's present. She laughed and said guys are supposed to give presents to girls. When asked about Moses and Charmaine, she said "If it's real, I'm happy for them."But, when Moses was asked about his rumors with Charmaine and Bernice's dad talking to him, he said "It's a good laugh. I bumped into him (Mr. Liu) on the streets. We said 'Hello' to each other."

Reporters: You treated Charmaine to coffee?
Moses: I always treat people to coffee.
Reporters: So, what's your relationship with Charmaine?
Moses: Co-workers.

Link to video: http://tv.on.cc/inde...36&d=1265107177


I believe Bernice is trying to imply something in the video. The main terms are: "security guards", "My dad knows all my friends, whether they are male or female", "It's just entertainment", and "co-workers".

Obviously, she is trying to indirectly say that:
1. Moses and Charmaine are at most co-workers.
2. Charmaine is seen as a security guard, either she protects or she helps.
3. She's denying the rumors by using her example of making a cake. "After Moses came back from filming the 'Coffee Confidential', he brought back a lot of expensive coffee beans. And, when you brew coffee, you brew it by the bag, so he woud have to treat co-workers. It's like when I make a cake, I treat my co-workers. Even the security guard at my house gets some."
4. She shares personality traits with Moses: they both like to share with others.

And, best of all, not how Moses calls Charmaine a co-worker. She's not even a friend.
I just can't believe it. Charmaine and Moses? NO WAY! And, Charmaine is a "rumor queen". Whoever she coorperates with, she's doubt to get rumors with them. UNBELIEVABLE!


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February 1, 2010

Myolie's Mini Concert

Awwh... Myolie's First mini-concert:

Her making everyone sing HAPPY B-DAY to Bosco on Dec. 13th. And then comes the flowers and the hugs.

Myolie: Arrgh... I told you not to come up. You took my spotlight!

Sure Myolie. Sure.



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Whola Boscolie!


BOSCOLIE @ 72 Tenants!

Credits: Asianfanatics.net


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mab mentioned that the links didn't work, so i repasted it. It should work now.

http://post.yule.tom.com/s/6B000A941667.html (BERMO)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBpe4g8tr3E (BOSCOLIE)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Mw_3TXKN98 (BOSCOLIE)

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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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