April 25, 2008

Vacation is ending really soon. i know, it's sad.

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April 19, 2008

hah, new epi. spring break is here!
04 - 16 - 08
The doorbell rings, so Moses goes to open the door.
Bosco and Myolie: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ah Mo!!
Moses: Thanks. Come in, and then we can chat all we want.
Myolie: Where’s Bernice?
Moses: In her room I guess.
Bosco: Are you two still mad at each other?
Moses: I don’t even know what she’s mad at.
Myolie: Ok, let me help you fix this perfect relationship up.
Moses: Thanks, I really appreciate this.
Bosco: Did she give you birthday present yet?
Moses: What do you think?
Bosco: Well, it’s hard to say, I mean after all, it is your birthday.
Moses: The answer is no.
Myolie: Guys, you two wait while I go figure this out.
Myolie walks into the room where Bernice is. Myolie knocks on the door.
Myolie: Berni, can I come in?
Bernice: Yeah.
Myolie walks in and sits Bernice sitting on the window sill looking at the beautiful view of the landscape.
Myolie: Bernice, do you know what today is?
Bernice: It’s his birthday…
Myolie: Whom?
Bernice: Come on, you know who I’m talking about.
Myolie: I don’t understand you two. Now, please tell me what you are mad at now.
Bernice: Nah, you’re going to tell him.
Myolie: Answer me truthfully, do you want to celebrate his birthday with him.
Bernice: Of course… after all, birthdays only come once a year.
Myolie: Exactly, then why don’t you just give him another chance?
Bernice: Why does it always have to be me that makes him happy again after we have an argument or fight? Why can’t he resolve our problems?
Myolie: Ok, seriously, tell me what he did this time.
Bernice: He promised me to take me out to dinner. And then, I waited for him all night, and he says “Bernice, what are you doing up so late?”
Myolie: Yeah, but we’re artists, so after a busy day, we do forget stuff. Come on. It’s his birthday.
In the living room:
Bosco: Well, that has been ten minutes already.
Moses: Are you in a rush?
Bosco: No, I’m not, but you are, because today is your birthday.
Moses: Should I go in and tell her to forgive me?
Bosco: What do you think bro? Of course!
Moses: Ok, I’m going to go outside to get something, so don’t let Ah Nize leave ok?
Bosco: Ok, ok.
Half an hour later:
Moses walks into the room where Bernice and Myolie are.
Moses: Please forgive me Bernice.
Bernice: Moses? What’s this?
Moses: These are your favorite flowers and take a look at this.
Moses opens a jewelry box revealing a pricey necklace.
Bernice: Woah, this is so nice.
Moses: Do you like it, because that’s what matters most.
Bernice: Yeah, it’s so pretty.
Moses: Let me put it on you and then you forgive me. Ok?
Bernice: Deal.
Moses winks at Bosco.
Bosco: Why don’t you two spend some time together while Yolie and I go get something to eat?
Moses: That would be great! Thanks guys.
Myolie: No problem.
Bosco and Myolie walk out of the room holding hands to get stuff to eat.
Bernice: Fan Shu Mo, come.
Moses: What?
Bernice gives Moses a long hug followed by a kiss on the lips.
Bernice: Happy birthday darling.
Moses: Thank you.
Bernice: Hehe, close your eyes for one minute.
Moses: Why?
Bernice: Just do it.
Moses: Fine, whatever you say.
Bernice goes to her drawer to get a rectangular box.
Bernice: You can open your eyes now.
Bernice hands Moses the birthday present. Moses opens the box to reveal a watch.
Moses: Ahh, this is so neat.
Bernice: Yeah, I prepared this present thinking that you will tell me to forgive me. But you did.
Moses: Well, we gotta thank Myolie and Bosco too, you know.
Bernice: Yeah, I do. Let me give you a choice; birthday punches or something else?
Moses: Well, I don’t want to get hurt, so the something else.
Bernice: Awwhh, the other thing is…
Moses: What?
Bernice: Birthday kisses!!
Moses: Haha, I’m going to receive a lot!
Bernice: Ha, you’re getting old.
Moses: Who doesn’t?
Bernice leans forward to give Moses a total of 37 kisses.
Moses: I enjoyed that.
Bernice: You…
Moses: I’m hungry, when are the two going to come back?
Bernice: Obviously, they are taking their time.
Moses: I want to go on The Super Trio Supreme and play with you.
Bernice: Yeah, that was fun when we did that in 2005.
Moses: Those were the old times, in which Eric Tsang kept making fun of us.
Bernice: He still does.
Moses: That’s pretty true. He made fun of Bosco when he was on the first episode.
Bernice: Yeah, of Myolie.
The doorbell rings an hour later.
Bernice: Guys you’re back!
Moses: Excuse me, what takes an hour and a half just to get something to eat.
Myolie: We don’t have to answer those questions. Just eat.
Bernice: Sure.
Bosco: It seems like you two solved the problem right?
Moses: I guess.
Bosco: See, I told you, if everyone takes a step, life is so much easier.
Bernice: Cheers to Myolie to winning the dance competition.
Bosco: Cheers to Moses in establishing a family soon. You two should have seen how red he was at the Heart of Greed birthday function.
Moses: Yeh, thanks to Raymond that is.
Bosco: He only helped you. So Mo Gor, when do you plan on getting married?
Moses: Soon… right Bernice:
Bernice: Soon.

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April 15, 2008

chem test on thurs. and span. test on fri.
MY SPANISH TEACHER IS FINALLY BACK! I MISSED HER SO MUCH. SHE WAS OUT WITH INTESTINAL INFECTIONS FOR 9 SCHOOL DAYS!!! i'm glad she's back! but chem. test, hmmm... and also glob. proj., due FRI!

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April 1, 2008

w*ndy called today, and told me that she's getting married. if you're interested in the wendy, please leave a message, and i'll send you all the info regarding the marriage. but, it's a first come first server basis, so reserve your seats, my dears.

April Fool's if you fell for it!

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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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