February 27, 2011

The two were spotted shopping for a car together, and Myolie said she wouldn't mind if Bosco brought her one.

This video says so much, yet in so little




Summary: Bosco and Myolie spotted shopping together with another female friend. Myolie had no makeup on. Is it that they are about to admit?

Credits: The Sun

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February 16, 2011

So, Bosco accepted Chai Siu Yan's interview on 02/15 and said a "close one" (最亲密的人, MYOLIE) "tricked" him, so he was late!

Then, Myolie accepted Chai Siu Yan's interview on 02/16, but didn't talk about Bosco much.

But, still no signs of actually admitting it.
Bosco did say that everyone knows who his "closed one" (最亲密的人) is. But, Chai Siu Yan blurted out, Myolie! So, he tried to cover it by laughing.
Bosco's Interview:http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=1001876212
Myolie's Interview:http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=1002549998

Credits: Baidu

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February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day all! I still can't believe what's up with BERMO recently.

So, Bosc, give her the flowers, and Berni, get him back. Have a happy Valentine's Day, you four!

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February 11, 2011

Because I saw Bosco speaking about Myolie on the TV as I passed through a bakery, I went through 5 days of Entertainment News and 2 days of Scoop and still counting...

Oh, my love for Boscolie!

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February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year of the Rabbit!

-No fanfic right now, but you know how I catch up all at once!

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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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