June 24, 2008

Healing Hands IV (Intro/Cast)

by the way, Bosco was asked if anyone woke him up if he stayed up too late watching European soccer game tournaments. Kathy Chow immediately answered that he had a lady for that (Myolie of course)

Lawrence Ng: Paul
Bowie Lam: Henry
Moses Chan: M.C.
Gigi Lai: Frances
Melissa Ng: Sarah
Bernice Liu: Betsy
Maggie Siu: Anson
Raymond Cho: Chris
Claire Yiu: Grace
Charmaine Sheh: Candy
Raymond Lam: Ken
Bosco Wong: David
Myolie Wu: Anne
Ron Ng: Alexander
Tavia Yeung: Citlali
Derek Kwok: C.C.
Joyce Tang: Coco
Steven Ma: Steven
Linda Chung: Linda
Minor Characters*:
Wayne Lai: Peter Chen
Elaine Yiu: Mandy
Eileen Yeow: [Nurse #1 (works in ER)] Jenny
Vivien Yeo: [Nurse #2 (works in ER)] Kelly
Charmaine Li: [Nurse #3 (works in ER)] Angel
Rocky Cheng: James
Fanny Yip: Siu Ping, Sandra
Belinda Hamnett: Martha
Anita Chan: JoJo
Amy Ng: Mary
Johnson Lee: Johnny
Chan Hoi Yi: Emily
Mandy Cho: Mindy
Stephen Hyunh: Stephen
* More characters will be added.

Sarah had just broken up with Henry. She felt that they were together because Henry had felt pity for her that she had uterus cancer, so she moved to Singapore for her career. Betsy and M.C. were still thinking if they should be together or not. Frances and Paul went through many obstacles to be together, therefore they decided that fate had brought them together. Anson and Chris decided that they should have a child or two soon.


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haha, another "chapter." maybe i should post my Healing Hands IV as well.

06 - 24 - 08
(in the mansion of Bernice and Moses)
Bernice and Moses have just taken showers, and are in their bathrobes. Moses put his arms around Bernice.
Moses: Nizzy…
Bernice: MoMo…
They lean forward for a long lasting kiss.
Moses: Well, do you think we should take a short break and take a vacation?
Bernice: As in where?
Moses: I don’t know. I give the decision to you.
Bernice: Well, what do you say about Australia?
Moses: My hometown? Then, why not Prince Rupert, Canada?
Bernice: I really don’t know. Do you want to visit my family?
Moses: Fine, then think of a place where no one will recognize us, and then we will be free from reporters and the cameras.
Bernice: What about some secret island?
Moses: As in where?
Bernice: Hmmm, we should really think about this.
Moses: I’m not rushing you, but you do know that filming for Moonlight Resonance is coming to an end right?
Bernice: Yeah, and I have been back from Japan for almost two weeks.
Moses: Well, so put in some thoughts.
Bernice: Should Yolie and Bosco come along?
Moses: You can ask them.
Bernice: I’ll see how everything goes.
(in the mansion of Bosco and Myolie)
Bosco: Yolie, can you please, please help me message my shoulders, legs, and back? I am exhausted.
Myolie: Whatever for you CoCo.
Myolie starts messaging Bosco’s arms, shoulders, back, and then legs.
Bosco: With you around, I always feel energetic even when I’m tired.
Myolie: Do I give you like some extra power?
Bosco: Definitely.
Myolie: You are a sweetie pie Ah Co.
Bosco gives a chuckle.
Myolie: Well, Bosc, you do make me happy when I’m depressed.
Bosco: That’s why we have each other for.
Myolie: I’m so happy to have met you in Triumph in the Skies and then Wars of In Law I.
Bosco: I believed I have great fate in meeting you too.
Myolie: You are such a cutie.
Bosco pinches Myolie lightly on her cheeks.


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June 23, 2008


staying at home... has alot of advantages, and one of them is writing fanfics.
06 - 23 - 08
Bosco and Moses: Ahhh, I am so tired, from days of filming Moonlight Resonance nonstop.
Bernice approached Moses.
Bernice: Here, let me help you massage your shoulders and back.
Myolie: Bosc, I’ll help you.
Moses: Awwh, that feels so good. Bernice’s messaging skills are so comfortable.
Bosco: Hey, my girlfriend Myolie here has improved her messaging skills too.
Myolie: Duh, after Strictly Comes Dancing Season II…
Bosco: Poor her, she fell so many times, bruised herself most of the time, and practiced for hours and hours each day. Just looking at her wounds made me feel so bad. It was a good thing that her partner was Kevin Cheng, our friend, so he kind of took care of her.
Bernice: Nice guy you got here, Myolie.
Myolie: I always thought that my taste is excellent when it comes to guys.
Moses and Bosco snicker in the background.
Bernice: Hmm… MoMo, you are so cooking dinner tonight.
Moses: Nizzy, you can’t do this to your MoMo. I am so exhausted.
Bernice: So… Bosco and MoMo, you guys have no way to escape the dinner tonight, because you two are cooking, and we will be waiting and relaxing before we eat.
Moses: You guys, are getting lazy, I suppose.
Myolie: No, it’s just that we want to rest for just once and see if your cooking improved.
As ordered, both Bosco and Moses cooked, even though they were really tired. After ‘bangs’ and ‘booms’ in the kitchen of Bernice and Moses, they seemed to have finished. During this long wait, Bernice and Myolie had fell asleep on the couch. However, the guys were so busy that they didn’t even seem to notice.
Moses: Nizzy, time for dinner.
Bosco: LiLee, I prepared your favorites. Come and eat it.
Moses: Berni, are you guys playing hide and seek?
Bosco: Yolie!
The girls were still sleeping, so of course they didn’t really hear them. Still with no reply, Bosco and Moses started to get a little scared. So, they walked out of the kitchen and to a relief, they saw Myolie and Bernice sleeping.
Bosco: Guys, wake up, it’s time for dinner!!!
Myolie yawns and then shakes Bernice until she opens her eyes.
Myolie: Huh? Dinner’s ready?
Bernice: Oh, sorry. We were just so sleepy.
Bosco: If we continue to talk, the food will be cool and trust me, it will not taste as good.
Bernice: Ok, ok. Let us go wash our hands.
Moses: Hurry.
The four sit down to try the guys’ handmade dinner. It was a perfect dinner, with soup, rice, and of course side dishes.
Bernice (with her mouth full): Mmm, who cooked this? It tastes like the ones in the restaurant.
Moses: Hehe, that was me.
Bernice: You deserve a kiss.
Bernice leans forward to kiss his lips.
Bosco: Yolie, do I deserve one as well?
Myolie leans forward to kiss Bosco.
Moses and Bosco: That was worth it.
Bernice and Myolie: You two…


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June 20, 2008


but here is more of BERMO and BOSCOLIE, when are they ever going to admit it???

06 - 20 - 08
(like late night)
Bernice: It feels so good to be back home!
Moses: Well, Ah Nize, how was Japan with Stephanie Cheng?
Bernice: I had tons of fun. We went to someone’s wedding, tried on wedding gowns, and went to the beach to talk. We also ate a lot of different stuff, you know.
Moses: That seems like fun. I wished I went with you so that I could have took care of you.
Moses give Bernice a big hug.
Bernice: Hey, hey, does it seem that I can’t take care of myself? I mean my Daddy could have went with me too, you know.
Moses: But, if you had to pick one which one would you bring?
Bernice: Ummm…
Moses: Me, right?
Bernice: Umm…
The door opens and Bosco and Myolie walks in.
Bernice:… Hi Bosco and Myyo.
Moses: You got lucky Bernice.
Bernice: Hehe.
Bosco: What were you guys talking about?
Bernice: Something…
Moses: That you shouldn’t know about.
Bosco: Mo Gor, you’re getting married? Cool.
Moses: No… like I said… Soon.
Bosco: Soon enough. You said that last time.
Myolie: I dare you to propose to Bernice in front of us right now.
Moses: Bernice said sometime in the near future, right?
Bernice: Heh.
Moses: Ah Chuk Gor, when is your date of marriage with Myolie?
Myolie: Moses, don’t change the subject.
Bosco: I know right, you always do that.
Moses: Our pleasure, to have this secret.
Myolie: Bernice, we’re good friends right?
Bernice: Sorry, Myyo, it’s really our secret. I’ll tell you when the right time comes.
Myolie: Ok, you promised.
Bernice: That’s our deal.
Myolie: Hey, guys, are you done with Heart of Greed II (Moonlight Resonance) yet?
Bosco: Well, my good friend Lai Lok Yi, said that after the filming… someone would get married.
Bernice: Really, who?
Bosco: Hmm, are you sure that you don’t know?
Bernice: I’m positive.
Myolie: Bernice, don’t you read the magazines, newspapers and watch the news on tv and online?
Bernice: Well, we all know that we are always busy/
Bosco: Hmm, I announce the marriage of our Mo Gor and Bernice.
Bernice: Are you serious?
Myolie: Excuse me, Moses… Yeah, we’re talking about you guys.
Moses is still staring in open air.
Moses: Excuse me, I need to do something.
Bosco whispers to Myolie.
Bosco: What do you think it is? A proposal?
Bernice overheard them and got really excited. Moses comes back out from their room.
Moses: This is for you Berni.
Bernice takes a big stack of handmade flowers from Moses.
Bernice: It’s so nice and pretty looking.
Bosco and Myolie: Huh?
Moses: Bernice, I’m still not that ready for marriage, but I do know that you are the only one for me.
Myolie: Extremely sweet!
Bosco: Extremely cute!
Bernice: Extremely a surprise!!
Moses: Thank you all for those comments.


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June 17, 2008


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June 16, 2008


Heh, ALL my finals are over. But, tomorrow is the beginning of my regents week. (which means less time of school)

Tuesday : Chemistry Regents (afternoon)
Wednesday : English Regents (morning) and Global Regents (afternoon)
Thursday : English Regents (morning)

- and then i'm done for the year!-

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June 11, 2008

Finals (Part I)

well, well, well. Tomorrow is the start of my finals. I remembered i started this blog in the end of January 2008 when I was taking the finals back then. Tomorrow, I will be taking:
1st- English
2nd- Chemistry
3rd- Geometry (Math)

Ahh, tomorrow will be the hardest of all the finals. After Thursday, Friday, and Monday of finals, I will be taking the Regents on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of next week. Great right? I am not stressed out, but I really do feel the pressure that I have to do well on all of them.

Well, good luck to me.

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June 10, 2008


today can be considered as my worst day ever. for the first time ever, i was "unprepared" for gym. and who can i blame? my friend K.Y. she said that her friend borrowed her lock and so she needed one for gym. i lent her my lock. she said that she would wait for me. i went to the locker room and was waiting... and she never came. hah, i had my t-shirt, my sweatpants, and she had my lock. isn't this great??? now, because of her, i have a -5 on my reportcard too. and this, is the worst yet; it is the final marking period, the grade that goes on your transcript, and the grade that all colleges will see. and what can i do??? good question. because of that gym grade, which probably will be an 80, my whole gym grade on my transcript will go DOWN! i hate this, i mean why me? i would have liked a 90 for gym, but i can forget about that.

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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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