January 19, 2011

College days I dread.
Summer vacation, a bright light,
That keeps me on the path to where I am led to.
That keeps me on a goal.
That keeps me for the final destination.
Summer awaits me.

15 weeks, 3 days to go, before I get in return 15 weeks, 5 days of vacation.

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January 17, 2011

Well well well... Here comes school again...

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January 13, 2011

01 - 01 - 11
Moses: Listen up. Myolie and Bosco: I have broken up with Bernice. It’s been a good 6 years, but I can no longer withstand the pressure from the media. We decided to end our underground relationship peacefully. Unfortunately, we can no longer work things out together.
Bernice: For the past few weeks, there have been too many negative articles and they have greatly affected my career, as well as Moses. This decision was made together and we hope you two can handle it.
Myolie: Woah, calm down you two. This is too much for five minutes. I’m going to need time to digest this afterwards.
Bosco: Ah Mo Gor, what happened to the whole conversation we had the other day?
Bernice: What conversation?
Bosco: It’s personal.
Bernice: I’m glad I let it out. I’m going to go out to take a walk.
Bosco and Myolie: OK, see you later… hopefully.
Bernice leaves for a walk.
Bosco: Ah Mo Gor, what are you doing? We had that whole talk and I thought you sorted things out!
Moses: No, it didn’t work out. Besides, we’re still friends. And, we’ve been telling reporters that as well.
Myolie: Are you sure about this? Like 200% sure?
Moses: Yeah, we spent a lot of time thinking about this before we made the actual decision. It was tough, but I hope we can make it through. But, the future remains a question mark right now.
Bosco: I really don’t know what to tell you Ah Mo Gor. I mean you guys went through so much.
Myolie: Moses, answer me honestly, are you really ready to give up this relationship? Will you be able to forget all the goods and bads you had? Will you be able to completely forget about Bernice and start a new relationship? And lastly, do you still love her?
Moses (in tears): Yes, I still love her dearly. As much as I want to protect her from all the hurtful things in the world, I don’t have a choice, nor do I have the ability to do so.
Bosco: Moses, calm down please!
Myolie: Moses, listen to me. Control your emotions!
Bosco: What you need to do here is get Bernice back.
Myolie: You know she’s right for you right? I mean, you wouldn’t have spent 6 years with someone you didn’t care about or love, right?
Moses: I really don’t know.
Myolie: Just give her another chance. Give yourself another chance. Give this relationship another chance.
Bosco: Just think about all the things you guys went through together.
Myolie: Think about your future with Bernice.
Bosco: Think it over, Ah Mo Gor.
Myolie (to Bosco): Let’s give Moses some time to think this over. I’m sure he knows what to do now that we had this whole conversation.

01 - 06 - 11
Bosco: So, Ah Mo Gor, have you thought things through yet?
Myolie: You know… today is a special day.
Bosco: It’s Bernice’s birthday.
Myolie: If you tell her what you intend, I’m sure that will be the best birthday present she can get.
Bosco: Yeah, Ah Mo Gor, I can still see that Bernice loves you very much.
Myolie: I don’t know what else to tell you, but follow your heart.
Bosco: Hey, where is she?
Moses: Bernice… she promised to celebrate her birthday with us.
Bernice: Hey! I’m here.
Bosco: Let’s get the party started!
Moses (acrostically): Yay!
Bernice: I’m going to get a drink.
Myolie: Yeah, they’re all in the fridge.
Bernice walks to the fridge.
Bosco (whispering): Ah Mo Gor, go! Now’s your chance. Your only chance.
Moses walks to the fridge.
Moses: Bernice, I have something to tell you.
Bernice: Yeah?
Moses: I… I…
Bernice: Can’t you just say it? Whatever you’re trying to tell me?
Moses: Bernice, I want to get back together. Look, I’m sorry for breaking up. It was just all that stress and pressure the media gave me and you. But, I don’t care anymore. I want to be together with you… forever, just as how it has been for the past six years. I don’t want to give up on you, or our love anymore. I understand that if I was to really love you and commit to you, I would accept everything of you, good or bad. If the press gives you more rumors to deal with, I’ll tackle them down with you, or for you. I just want to let you know that nothing matters to me more than you.
Bernice starts to tear up.
Bernice: Oh Moses…
Moses: Come on, accept me once again and give our relationship another chance… please. For you, for me, for us. Please.
Bernice (still crying): Actually… I was going to ask you for another chance.
Both Moses and Bernice start to tear up.
Moses (in tears): Does that mean we think alike and at the same time?Bernice: I guess?
Myolie (yelling): Hey, the cake’s ready? Come on, you two!
Bernice and Moses walk out into the living room.
Bernice (in head): I wish for the rumors to end with Alastair and begin once again with dear Moses.
Bernice blows out the candles of the cake while her family members, Moses, Bosco, and Myolie watch in wishful thinking.

Note: All least I wish with all my might that they'll be back together, or maybe they're playing along with the game. 


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January 12, 2011

*Personal Note: Serious, serious, serious matters... I've really challenged myself into this... including forcing myself to think and realize they might really have broken up due to the Bernice's rumors with Alastair. Yes, it's been a good 6 years, and I am truly a big fan of BERMO, but, I can't stand her not going out there to deny them... But, the NEW rumors claiming her breakup with Alastair interest me more, so wait to read more later on...

12 - 25 - 10
Moses: I can no longer satisfy her…
Bosco: Ah Mo Gor, what is it this time?
Moses: I just can’t satisfy her anymore!
Bosco: Who and with what?
Myolie: Shh. Bosc, don’t cut him off.
Bosco: Oh, I’m sorry. Continue please.
Moses: Well, Bernice, she keeps wanting me to spend time with her. She even wants me to go to Canada with her during Chinese New Year…
Bosco: And…
Myolie stares at Bosco.
Bosco: What?
Myolie: You’re doing it again.
Bosco: Oh, sorry.
Moses: I can’t satisfy her anymore. I just don’t have the time. Unlike you guys who got to go to Qingdao to film for three months, we didn’t get the opportunity…
Myolie pats Moses on the back.
Bosco: Awh… get over it.
Myolie stares at Bosco.Bosco: Sor-rry!
Moses: Yeah, I’m pretty clueless right now. I don’t know where we’re headed. First of all, the news with Alastair Lam put an end to our relationship already, in the eyes of the public. I just don’t know how to figure things out as of now. I think I’ve reached my breaking point.
Moses nervously breaks down in front of Myolie and Bosco.
Myolie sits to the left of Moses and Bosco sits on the right of Bosco and start to pat him on the back.
Myolie: Ah Mo, listen. Everything will be OK.
Bosco: Just work things out.
Moses: I really don’t know how. Up to this moment, I have only pretended to be fine in front of her. I feel this lying is not committing to our relationship. I’m losing my commitment to her. I cannot take this any longer.
Bosco: Are you really ready to give up the six years you had together.
Myolie: And Moses, this isn’t the first time she has rumors with another person.
Bosco: Remember at the beginning of the year?
Moses: Yeah. I had rumors with Charmaine. But, I shot it down, just like that.
Bosco: So?
Moses: But, this time, it’s different. She’s not shooting it down and I don’t understand why.
Myolie: Awh, come on, I’m sure she has her reasons for the actions she’s taking.
Bosco: Yeah.
Moses: So, why isn’t she denying it like the other past times?
Myolie: Maybe she doesn’t want to respond to every single rumor there is out there.
Bosco: Come on, cheer up, it’s Christmas after all!


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January 11, 2011

11 - 06 - 10
Myolie’s Birthday!
Bosco: Yolie! Yolie! Yolie! Yolie!
Myolie: Yes?
Bosco: Yolie! Yolie! Yolie! Yolie!
Myolie (getting annoyed): What??
Bosco: Yolie! Yolie! Yolie! Yolie!
Myolie: If you don’t say something besides Yolie, I’m going to ignore you for the rest of the day! Or even week!
Bosco, Bernice, and Moses: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, wife of Bosco!
Myolie: Huh?
Bosco: Dear, it’s your birthday today!
Myolie: Thanks for reminding me… So, guys, where are my presents?
Bosco: Eh… about that…
Myolie: You wouldn’t dare to tell me you forgot!
Bosco: Kidding… I was kidding.
Bosco hands her a wrapped box and Myolie opens it.
Myolie: Two hearts? Are we implying something here?
Bosco: It means you and I. Me and you.
Myolie (kidding): No, it means you have someone else…
Bosco (kidding): No way… How did you find out?
Myolie (kidding): You wouldn’t dare!
Moses (trying to engage and in a persuading voice): Really? Bosco, who was that girl you were with the other day?
Bosco: Ah Mo Gor, are you trying to kill me here? Myyo, don’t listen to this liar here!
Moses: This makes up for all the times you tried to joke around with Bernice about me. Haha.
Bosco: You are so revenge-stricken!
Moses: Serves you well…
Myolie: All right guys, you can stop with the act. I was seriously kidding and joking around.
Bosco: So, darling, do you like your present. It took me a while to pick it out.
Myolie: It’s stunning. I like it!
Bernice: Ooh… I want to see it.
Bernice takes a look at it.
Bernice: Hey, I like how the hearts are connected together. Fan Shu Mo… My birthday is coming soon. You better find something as good as this.
Moses: I already found it.
Bernice: Oh yeah, what is it?
Moses: You.
Bernice: Sweetiepie.
Bosco: Oh stop it. You’re ruining the moment for me.
Bosco leans forward to kiss Myolie.
Bosco: And again, my moment is ruined.
Bernice and Moses let out a laugh.

11 - 25 - 10
Soothing, classical music plays in the background.
Moses : May I?
Bernice: No!
Moses: Let me say it once again. May I?
Bernice: Fine.
Bernice stands up.
Moses: Berni, why did you stand up?
Bernice: Didn’t you want to dance to the music?Moses: Since when did I become a dancer in your head? Between the two of us, you were always the dancer.
Bernice: Then, what did you want to do when you asked ‘may I’?
Moses: May I kiss you. It was a wonderful moment with the music in the background.
Bernice: Oh… I thought you wanted me to dance, and I was tired, so I rejected you. But…
Moses: But what?
Bernice: But, may I kiss you now?
Moses: Yeah! Of course!
Bernice kisses Moses.
Bosco and Myolie walks out from the kitchen.
Bosco: Lovey dovey birds!!!
Myolie: Please… stop with the intimacy.
Bosco: Yeah.
Bernice: Eh… what’s up guys?
Bosco: Time for food.
Myolie: That’s what.
Bernice: Yummy yummy.
Moses: Here she goes again.
Bosco: Always craving for food…
Moses pinches Bernice’s nose.
Moses: But…
Bernice: But what?
Moses: I love her like that. Just the way she is.
Bernice: And I love him the way he is.
Myolie (imitating Bernice): And I love him the way he is.
Bosco (imitating Moses): I love her like that. Just the way she is.
Bernice: Oh guys.
Moses: By the way, do you know what time it is?
Myolie: What time?
Bernice: Oh, I know. It’s 12 noon.
Moses: No, it’s time to feast in.

12 - 13 - 10
Myolie: Alastair Lam? The nephew of a rich man? What?
Moses: Oh, Yolie, what is it this time?
Myolie: Ah Mo Gor! Serious matters here!
Bosco: Yeah, and he also studied business and commerce in college.
Myolie: Ooh.. It seems that we have an enemy here.
Bernice walks down the stairs from her bedroom.
Bernice: Oh, Alastair? I already knew I would be in the cover of the entertainment news today.
Myolie: Why didn’t you tell us?Bernice: Relax, I didn’t want you guys to worry.
Myolie: But, we’re your friends.
Bosco: Or perhaps the only friends in Hong Kong that you have.
Myolie gives Bosco a light slap.
Myolie: Don’t be so mean!
Bosco: I’m only stating the obvious!
Moses: You could have at least told me! I’m worried about you!
Bernice: Awh.
Myolie: How has the media been treating you these past few days?
Bernice: Basically, everywhere I go, I’m followed.
Moses: Unlike some lucky couple who got to film at Qingdao together.
Bernice: And for 3 months too… Lucky.
Moses: I wish I had an opportunity like that.
Myolie: It’s good to be with Bosco for some personal time while working, but flying back and forth can get annoying at times.
Bosco: For sure, I’m annoyed when I have to fly back and forth to attend functions and other public events.
Moses: Braggers… some braggers we have here!
Bernice: Anyways, guys, thanks for the support. I got this. This is not the first time anyways.
Moses: Yeah, earlier, the media reported that Nizzy hooked up with Dominic, a rich pilot. And of course, as a caring boyfriend, and future husband to be, I defended her.
Bernice: And then we attended some functions together.
Moses: And then the reporters bring us to this state we have right here, where she’s rumored to be with Alastair Lam.
Bernice: Helloo! We are only friends. They know I have more English-speaking friends than Cantonese-speaking friends in Hong Kong. I’m from Canada. What do they expect?
Moses: Anyways, what have you planned for dear Bosco Gor’s birthday?
Myolie: Hohoho! A lot.
Bernice: Anything greater than food…
Myolie: Means A LOT of food and desserts coming up.
Bosco: Where’s my cake and presents.
Moses: You’ll have to wait.
Myolie, Bernice and Moses: In the meantime, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bosco!


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January 8, 2011


04 - 16 - 10
Bosco: MoMo!
Moses: Bosc, that sounded disgusting!
Bosco: But if Bernice said it…
Moses: It would have sounded great!
Bosco: Eh… ew!
Moses: Hey, Myolie calls you BO-SEE-CO!
Bosco: Haha. You’re real funny!
Moses: Oh yeah, in what ways?
Bosco: Like making up names right on the spot. MO-SEE-SES!
Bernice and Myolie walk in.
Bernice: Hey guys, what are you talking about?
Myolie: Yeah, what’s with all the laughter?
Moses: It wasn’t me, although I do admit that I’m a pretty funny guy!
Bosco: Hehe. Haha.
Moses: Nizzy, Bosco was calling me names.
Bosco: Momo!
Moses: That’s disgusting, especially the way you pronounce it!
Bosco: Bernice, you now know that you shouldn’t call him that!
Moses: No, I didn’t mean it that way. If Bernice calls me Momo, my heart melts. She knows that.
Bosco: Myolie, MAJOR discrimination here!
Myolie: Oh CoCo, stop it already.
Bosco: Great. I always get blamed anyways!
Moses: Oh baby! Bosco, you’re a big baby!
Bosco: Oh father, Momo.
Moses: No, it’s oh brother!
Bosco (emphasizes): HAHA! So funny!
Myolie: Guys, we are forgetting an extremely important thing.
Bernice walks out with the cake.
Bernice, Bosco, and Myolie: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AH MO GOR!
Moses: Wow, I thought all of you forgot!
Bernice: We wouldn’t dare!
Moses gives Bernice’s nose a light pinch.
Bosco: Sweet!
Moses: What?
Bosco: I meant the cake.
Myolie: Stop eating before we even cut it Bosc! So childish!!
Bernice: Mo, make a wish and cut the cake.
Moses makes a wish.
Bosco: PARTAY!
10 - 31 - 10
Bernice (singing): Haha Halloween! Hahahahaha Halloween!
Moses: Happy Halloween dear!
Bernice: You like my costume?
Moses: Yeah, it’s cute!
Bosco and Myolie walks in.
Bosco: My costume is better.
Myolie: Well, I have the best costume.
Moses: Braggers! Mine is the ultimate best!
Myolie: Sure…
Moses: No, I like their costumes when they were pretending to be ‘lan-mos’ the other day.
Myolie: Their interviews were funny…
Moses: … Making fun of each other and us. God!
Bernice: To cover up… Duh!
Bosco: Bernice teased me and I teased her.
Bernice: It’s all good, and best of all, no hard feelings!
Myolie: You two are just so immature at times.
Bosco: Myyo, that tends to be the case when you have to cover up for a secret that cannot be exposed.
Myolie: Alright… I was just kidding.
Moses: So, what plans do we have for today?
Bernice: Eat, stuffing ourselves, and then eat some more?
Moses: But, it’s Halloween!
Myolie: Then, let’s go trick or treating?
Moses: You’re crazy? The secrets will be all exposed!


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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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