December 25, 2009

Today is Christmas. But, it wasn't a Christmas I would have ever expected. First, two days ago, I found it was going to rain today. Then, at 12:30 P.M., we had to send my Grandma to the hospital because she was in a half coma. She was not alert of anything. Almost eight hours later, she is still in the ER.

But, I hope you guys have a great Christmas anyhow.


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December 24, 2009

A Perfect White Christmas (One-Shot)

10 Days Till Christmas…
“Doctor, Doctor, please tell me, when will she be awake again?” Bosco desperately asks.
The doctor shakes his head. Bosco had expected this expression already. The patient, had already been in a coma for nearly two years. For two years, Bosco stayed by her side, crying when he couldn’t take it anymore and laughing when he told her of his everyday life stories.
The doctor coughs and coarsely says “Bosco, I know how hard it feels. But, do not give up on her. She will wake up.”
Bosco turns around facing the doctor and replies “M.C., it’s been two years. It’s almost Christmas again. She loves snow. She needs to wake up to see a white Christmas. Snow on Christmas. That’ll be perfect.”
M.C. turned to Bosco with a serious face and quickly replied “Bosco, I know it’s hard, but we can all see that she has been working hard to survive that terrible accident. I need to go now to see my other patients, so call me if you need me.”
M.C. leaves the patient’s room. Bosco sits by her bed.
Bosco thinks of all the things they had done together. All the fun times. All the times they spent together.
“Myolie, wake up! Myolie! It’s been two years… You slept enough. I’m getting tired of being let down,” Bosco tells Myolie.
*Flashback* (about 2 years ago three days before Christmas Eve)
Myolie: Bosco, let’s get married.
Bosco: Myolie… I don’t think this is the time to do so.
Myolie: Why not Bosc?
Bosco: Yolie, our careers have just reached their peaks right now. We can’t just get married.
Myolie: That’s what you said last year.
Bosco: I’m serious. This is really not the time to get married. You don’t see other artistes getting married. Do you?
Myolie: I don’t care how they are. I care about how we are. Picture this. We can go to a quiet town in Europe and have kids there.
Bosco: I would agree, but just not now.
Myolie: Why can’t you give up your career for our future? I can.
Bosco: This is not about giving up anything. This is about time. I mean, how many years have we spent to build our career in the entertainment industry?
Myolie: We have enough money to enjoy a peaceful life in Europe.
Bosco: But what about our careers?
Myolie: Don’t you think we had enough of the paparazzi?
Bosco: But, that’s part of our job. We’re artistes.
Myolie: I’m tired of telling lies everyday. I cannot stand to tell the whole world that we are not together. Yet, every time when the question gets to us, it has to be we’re only friends. I’m tired. I need a long break. A break that will last a lifetime. I just want to spend the rest of my life with you. With my family. And with my cats.
Bosco: And this is not the right time to do it. Yolie, you can’t be so selfish.
Myolie: How am I selfish? I’m trying to plan our future.
Bosco: What about our fans? What about TVB? What about our coworkers?
Myolie: If they are really our fans, they’re support our decisions. I’m sure TVB will support us as well. And coworkers will only congratulate us.
Bosco: Maybe in a few years Yolie. Give me a few years.
Myolie: You know what? Forget it. Let’s break up and call it the end.
Myolie leaves the house and storms outside. Depressed, she crosses the street when a drunk driver unexpectedly hits her. *BAM*
The crash had been too loud. Everyone heard it and started peeking out the windows. Bosco, too, looked out the window to see Myolie’s body on the floor. Quickly, Bosco runs down the stairs to see Myolie. Afraid it might be his last time to see her, Bosco breaks into tears.
Bosco: Myolie!!
Bosco’s face is covered in tears. He doesn’t know what to do. He grabs his phone and calls the first person on his mind: his good friend Bernice.
Bernice: Hello? Bosco? Hey, what’s up?
Bosco: Bernice! Help! Someone just crashed a car into Myolie. She’s unconscious right now. What should I do?
Bernice: Where are you guys? I’ll come over to help out.
Bosco: Her house.
Bernice: In the meantime, call an ambulance.
Bosco: Alright, see you later.
Three hours later, the doctor comes out of the operation room. Bosco and Bernice nearly runs to him.
Bosco: Doc, how’s the patient?
Doctor: I would recommend her to go to Canada to seek the best treatment available for her.
Bernice: Are there any other options and how’s the patient?Doctor: She’s in a coma right now, but she’s in stable condition.
Bosco: Thanks Doctor.
An hour later, Bernice discusses Myolie’s condition with Bosco.
Bernice: Bosc, what happened between you two?
Bosco: We kind of got into an argument.
Bernice: For?Bosco: For marriage.
Bernice: Marriage?
Bosco: Yeah, she wanted to get married and then move to a quiet town in Europe, but I said to wait a few more years.
Bernice: But you do know, she’s willing to sacrifice her career.
Bosco: I know, I know. But I’m not ready.
Bernice: And that’s why she ran down the stairs and got into an accident. Well, what do you plan to do?
Bosco: It’s either go to Canada or stay in Hong Kong.
Bernice: If you plan to go to Canada, I could arrange a place for you to stay at.
Bosco: AH! I don’t know what to do. This is so sudden!
Bernice: You should make your decision because we’re talking about Myolie’s health right here.
Bosco: I know. I know.
Bernice: Ok, so I’ll go and you can think about it in the meantime.
After Bernice left, Bosco thought about what he had gone through with Myolie. The happy times. The sad times. The fun times. The crazy times. The secretive times. The lying times. The times when they actually told the truth. Bosco made a decision.
The next morning, Bernice arrived at Bosco’s house at promptly 9.
Bernice: So, what have you decided?
Bosco: I… I plan to go to Canada with Myolie.
Bernice: Hmmm…
Bosco: I thought this through. Canada will be best for her.
Bernice: Ok, I’ll tell TVB that I’ll be taking a 2 week leave.
Bosco: I think I will need a long leave.
(Christmas Eve at the hospital)
Bosco: Oh, we’re finally here in Canada.
Bernice: To me, it’s home sweet home.
Bosco: Where’s the doctor?
Bernice: I guess he’s coming…
A man dressed in a white, long robe walks in.
“Hello, I am Myolie Wu’s doctor, Moses Chan. You can call me M.C.”
Bosco: Hey, I’m Bosco, Myolie’s boyfriend.
Bernice: M.C., is that really you?
Moses: And you are?
Bernice: How would you not remember me?
Moses: And why would I remember you?
Bernice: Because we used to bicker like crazy back in college.
Moses: Oh, Bernice Liu. What brings you here?
Bernice: Myolie is my best friend in Hong Kong.
Moses: Why don’t we sit down and talk after I explain Myolie’s condition to Bosco now?
Bosco: Yeah, I’m listening.
Moses: She’s in stable condition right now. But, it will take time before she will wake up. You should come and help her exercise her arms and legs everyday. It will benefit her when she wakes up.
Bosco: Yes, I will do that.
Moses: Ok, so I’ll go have a drink with Bernice. But, don’t stay here too long.
Bosco: Alright.
Bernice: Bye Bosc.
Bernice and Moses sit and eat at the café.
Bernice: Wow, Moses, I never thought you would actually become a doctor.
Moses: What do you mean?
Bernice: I mean you were always flirting with girls.
Moses: Flirting? We were just playing around. Talking about you, I cannot believe you became an actress.
Bernice: Well, things come unexpectedly… Such as Myolie.
Moses: So, what’s with Bosco and her?
Bernice: Ahh, the same old thing.
Moses: So, what brings you here?
Bernice: Well, they’re me friends in Hong Kong, so I have the responsibility to bring them here.
Moses: Anyways, I gotta go. A lot of patients are waiting for me upstairs.
Bernice: Alright, then, see you later.
Bernice watched as Moses walked away from their table. Memories flooded her mind. The good old times when they used to bicker all the time. Everyday and everywhere. But now, Moses was a completely different person. He wasn’t the person he used to be. The old Moses was a flirtatious one. The new Moses is one with a successful career in front of her Bernice went deep into thought.
(1 year later)
Bosco: Myolie, it’s been a year. Will you wake up already? Ok, I give up. Wake up and I will get married with you. I promise. We can leave Hong Kong and the entertainment circle. We will live peacefully in Europe. Myolie, I’ll do anything if you wake up.
M.C. walks into the room.
M.C.: Bosc, she’ll eventually wake up. Just give her some time.
Bosco: Time? I waited for over a year.
M.C.’s phone rings.
M.C.: Give me a minute, Bosco.
M.C. steps outside to answer his phone.
M.C.: Hello?
Bernice: Hey darling, what’s up?
M.C.: Not much, just talking with Bosco about Myolie? What are you doing?
Bernice: Me? About to take the plane?
M.C.: Where are you going? I didn’t know you were going on a trip or something?
Bernice: I’m going to Canada to see Bosco and Myolie…and you.
M.C.: That sounds great! We can spend our second Christmas together.
Bernice: Alright, I’ll see you in a bit.
M.C.: Ok, Bye.
M.C. walks back into the room.
M.C.: Hey, Bosco, Bernice is coming.
Bosco: Oh…
(1 day later)
Bosco: Myolie, it’s Christmas! Wake up. Didn’t you always wanted a white Christmas? Wake up!
Bernice: Bosco, she will wake up. Don’t scream at her!
Bosco: I think I waited enough…
Bernice: If you really love her, you should have the patience.
(about a year later)
Doctor, Doctor, please tell me, when will she be awake again?” Bosco desperately asks.
The doctor shakes his head. Bosco had expected this expression already. The patient, had already been in a coma for nearly two years. For two years, Bosco stayed by her side, crying when he couldn’t take it anymore and laughing when he told her of his everyday life stories.
The doctor coughs and coarsely says “Bosco, I know how hard it feels. But, do not give up on her. She will wake up.”
Bosco turns around facing the doctor and replies “M.C., it’s been two years. It’s almost Christmas again. She loves snow. She needs to wake up to see a white Christmas. Snow on Christmas. That’ll be perfect.”
Bosco: Christmas time is around the corner again!
(9 days till Christmas)Bosco: Wake up Myyo!
(8 days till Christmas)
Bosco: It’s cold today. I want to hug you.
(7 days till Christmas)
Bosco: Myyo, it’s been nearly two years!
(6 days till Christmas)
Bosco: Bernice came to see you again. Myyo, wake up.
(5 days till Christmas)
Bosco: Please, just wake up!
(4 days till Christmas)
Bosco: There are only four more days before Christmas!
(3 days till Christmas)
Bosco: I still believe in miracles.
(2 days till Christmas)
Bosco: Myolie!!! I demand you to wake up!
(1 day before Christmas -- Christmas Eve)
Bosco: Yolie, it’s Christmas Eve. Please wake up!
(Christmas Day)
Bosco: I know you can hear me. Wake up.
Myolie’s fingers start to twitch slowly. She opens her eyelids, one millimeter at a time. Tears drop from her eyes. In a fainted tone, Myolie manages to murmur “Bosco, I’m awake.”
Bosco: Myolie? Oh my God! You’re awake!
Bosco looks out the windows. The snow falls gently onto the ground. The cement ground was filled with white, fluffy snow, just as how Myolie had wanted Christmas to be.
Bosco: M.C…. She woke up!
M.C. runs into the room.
Bosco: M.C., she’s awake!
M.C.: I told you not to give up! This proves that there are miracles!
(New Year’s Eve)
Both couples are watching the gentle snow fall from the sky. Peacefully, they feel the cold air while feeling warm on the inside.
M.C.: Bosco, you ready for this?
Bosco: Yes, I waited long enough.
M.C. and Bosco get down on their knees.
M.C./Bosco: Bernice/Myolie, will you marry me?
Bernice and Myolie are both surprised.
Bernice and Myolie: Yes!
The four watched as the snow continued to fall slowly and peacefully.
Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
~love_of_tvb (Dec. 2009)


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Hey guys! Happy Holidays!!

2010 is a new start and I hope we will all have a good one.

*Currently making the last touches on "A Perfect White Christmas".

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December 20, 2009

Twas Christmas time. And, there's snow everywhere in NYC right now. Ahh, if only there's no school tomorrow, that would be even better!

3 MORE DAYS till my break.

I will spend 2 hours to finish up my one shot "A Perfect White Christmas". So, whatever that comes up to me will be posted on Winglin on Christmas Eve. Stay tuned.

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December 14, 2009

Myolie's Mini Concert

... was held on Dec. 13th, (aka Bosco's b-day), so all their friends went, like Nancy and Cho Lam. And the two mocked them. And then, on stage, Myolie wished Bosco a happy birthday.

But, the best part was when Bosco went to give her flowers and then kissed her on the cheeks. Hey, birthday boy(s) get(s) the kisses right? Hello, not the other way around. THEN, MC Jin rapped that "Bosco Wong is lucky to have Myolie." But Myolie had also rapped that "I love watching TVB, especially the series with BOSCO."

Hmm. They deserve cheers. WOOT!


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December 13, 2009

Today, is nevertheless Bosco Wong's b-day. Hold on. Christmas break coming... Fanfics too...


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December 8, 2009

One Reason to Hate TVB and not Love TVB

I think TVB has too many episodes in which they have no clue what to do with it. Therefore, they waste them on stupid stuff such as breaking off couples. Examples: Gam Yew Gin and Bao Goan. They have been dating for what... at least 50 episodes. And then, tomorrow is Marco and Suki. Like leave them alone. They're just a newly sprouted couple. They don't deserve to diminish just like that!

So, tomorrow's epi., they will break up and apparently, Suki will have feelings for Gary. And who invited Icy back in the show???


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December 7, 2009

TVB Presentations 2010

TVB... did something I wouldn't believe! They actually paired Koni Lui and Dickson Wong as a skit to incorporate the sales presentation clips. Hello, they are a rumoured couple!


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December 4, 2009

So, TVB Awards...

Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai won Best Actress and Actor respectively...

-No comments on that.

The best part: Seeing Boscolie walking down the red carpet together. Yes, this has not happened in 4 years! But, I felt their outfits were pretty odd. Not the typical prince and princess they could have been...


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December 3, 2009

Tomorrow, is...

TVB Presentation Awards Ceremony! Who will win? Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai??? Moses?


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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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