April 27, 2009

Another busy week to accomplish...

CONGRATS to JUNE CHAN AND JACK WU (married on 4/27)

SAT II @ Stuy on Sat...


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April 24, 2009

Yeah, I'm up at 4 in the morning making origami boats for the model...

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April 18, 2009



Bernice: MoMo!!!!!
Moses: Hey, honey...
Bernice: I'm so proud of you.
Moses: That's how it always should be.
Myolie: Darling...
Bosco: Sweetiepie...
Bernice: Ok, we can stop here.
Bosco and Myolie goes in back of Moses.
Bosco and Myolie: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOSES!!!
Moses: Thank you guys.
Bosco: Well, Bernice, let's continue. Why are you proud of Ah Mo Gor?
Bernice: Well, he kinda half admitted our relationship.
Myolie: Oh...
Bernice: Well, I'm proud of you two as well.
Myolie: I would really want to find out. Why?
Bernice: Well, let me explain Ah Mo's first.
Bosco: Ok, our ears are wide opened.
Bernice: MoMo, tell them what you told the reporters.
Moses: Ok, I basically told them that I am 38. Then they asked me about any plans of marriage. I said yes. I also told them that at the right time, my "other half" will appear. I told them that if I do decide to get married, I will tell them a little about it. I got them pretty excited...
Bosco: And coincidentally, both Bernice and you own the same suitcase. How sweet!
Myolie: So, Bernice what was your present to Ah Mo?
Bernice: He told the reporters that I sent him a SMS message. Don't you ever watch the news?
Bosco: No, I'm pretty sure there was more to that.
Bernice: I gave him a teddy bear and the right to care for my puppies.
Myolie: Nice.
Bosco: Yolie, I would like the right to take care of your cats.
Myolie: Excuse me, aren't you already taking care of my cats and your dog?
Bernice: Anyways, back to your part.
Myolie and Bosco: Us?
Bernice: Yes... Remember the MyTV X MSN function?
Myolie: Yeah, that was fun with Bosco.
Bernice: I'm so jealous of you two. You get to hold hands in public and even get to make a waxed model while holding hands.
Bosco: Yeah, and then we kind of accidentally slipped out our rumours.
Moses: Well, what can I say? The four of us have openly admitted our love relationship halfway.
Bernice: I am waiting for that moment.
Moses: What moment?
Myolie: Oh, I know...
Bosco: Me too. It's the moment when Moses will kneel to the floor, pull out a ring and tell you to marry him. Am I right?
Bernice is speechless.
Moses: Nizzy, I will assure you now. That moment will come.
Bernice chuckles.
Bosco: Yolie, our moment will come too.
Myolie: I don't want to become Mrs. Wong.
Bosco: What are you talking about? I wanted to say our moment to eat has came.
Bosco, Bernice, and Moses gives a light laugh.
Myolie (stares at Moses): You...
Bosco: Alright, alright, I was just kidding. Calm down baby.
Bernice: Cheers to Moses in turing 38.
Myolie and Bosco: I want to hear marriage bells by the end of this year. No more breakup rumours, Ok???
Moses (in a kidding voice): Yes, Daddy and Mommy.
Bernice laughs again.

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April 16, 2009



They made a waxed hand together at a public function. Bosco held Myolie by the waist and then admitted that they always talked on the phone.


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Moses' B-day

I will write the fanfic as soon as I get my English essay down.

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Fans of Gary and Icy... don't watch episode 127. It will kill the spirit of Off Pedder. Completely.


Gary decides to let Icy go to Beijing to continue her studies and find the man whom she started to like. And this was all happened because neither would say "Sorry" to each other. And, at the end, where they hugged, Gary even told her that he would not wait for her and that he was glad to see her find a man who she really admired and liked.

So I hope they will get back together by the end. Their storyline is very similar to Vin Choi and Yoyo Chan's in Best Selling Secrets.

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Seriously, group work... i need to think again

They finally left!!! And I'm crying... Stupid people would never shut up. They wanted an 1 hr and 45 minuted lunch break. Ok, I give it to them. And then, they blame me. They blame me that they were sitting on the dining table doing nothing. Ok, then we go back downstairs to continue working on it. Two hours later, and with barely anything done, one says "Cheesecake time." So, they all head up and spend another 1 hr there. I was typing my last post and part of my essay, so I go back downstairs to clean up as a signal to tell them "Hello, it's time to finish." Half an hour later, they go back downstairs to finish.

The first and second day, everything worked out fine. The third... I was getting furious. The fourth was hatred. Today, I don't even hate them... I am sick of them. It's the sooner they leave, the better off I am. By the way, they just left, so they're probably talking about me right this second.

I now have mixed feelings for architecture. Do I want to continue this as my future? Or should I find something else that I would rather prefer? At the beginning of the year, I thought I chose the wrong major. It was staying up all night trying to finish the technical stuff. Then, everything turned out ok. Although I hated staying up late, I knew it was worth it. I knew I would need the stuff later in life.

Then, the second term came, and I had to work with a partner to fully develop a building. We would start with the demolition to the complete model of the building. So, I picked this girl that I've known since freshmen year. At first, we progressed fine. She did the manual stuff and I did the AutoCAD (computer) drawings. But then, the Cad stuff started to pile, and I gave her some to be responsible for. We were still fine, although it meant staying up late on Thursday nights. So last Tuesday, we had to hand in the model pics of the walls. She came over on Friday before to do it. But, we accomplished nothing. So, I spent the whole Monday night cutting foamboard to hand in the model pics on Tuesday. I also had two tests on Tuesday, and I still managed to finish the walls, although they were messy.

So, I gave her the "silent treatment" on Tuesday and Wednesday. I wanted to sit and have a talk with her. But, unfortunately, we did not get a chance. So, instead of calling her, I sent her an email when I got home. She told me that we should still work together as a group. She told me that. I gave her the other option to choose from: breaking off and telling the teacher when we get back. But, she said no.

But, today, she told the other three members that she wanted to work with another person, and I, yeah, I grabbed her to work with her. Hello, did she know that our teacher told that person to work with another girl from our class? God, I am sick and tired of all this. This vacation has been my far worst. I hope all my other vacations will be relaxing and happy instead of this one.

This week was no vacation. It was worse than going to school. They came at 10 and left at 7. And, I didn't get to do any other hw but architecture. Whoever said "Group work means the suffering of one" was a genius. We are all suffering from group work.


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Group Work

As of now, no one knows how terrible group work is. Yet, I do. I am suffering from my groupmates as of now. This is terrible. I hate this. I don't understand... I had known since the second day that this project would be turned in as incomplete. Today is the fifth and last day that we are meeting. Our vacation ends this Sunday. This project is due on the 24th (the upcoming Friday). Finally, one group member tells everyone else today "Yo, we're never going to finish this on time." I was thinking, "Oh, you finally realized..." I swear, two of the members don't do ANYTHING!!! After they finish, they don't help out. Instead, they play DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) The only one that's really working is tired and exhausted. (That's not me, by the way.) All I am looking forward to today is 7PM... You want to know why? They are leaving for the last time.... I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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April 15, 2009


Episode 126 & 127 picks up on the Gary and Icy storyline. FINALLY!!! I'm sick and tired of the Wayne and Teresa's/ Teresa and Stephen's/ Stephen and Florence's storylines. But, it's dissapointing.


It turns out that at Lamma Island, the two started their relationship, but then had a fight. And now, Icy is leaving to Beijing to continue her studies... And this is all because of a guy named David, whom she met after the fight with Gary... So, I better see something nice tomorrow.

HAPPY B-DAY MOSES!!! I promise to write a chapter for Moses' birthday by the end of this week... But, is Bernice is Canada or Hong Kong right now?

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I hate this...

Ok, so we have this project for architecture, and it's at my house. Instead of doing the actual project, they spent their time: EATING... I'm like Hello, we have to finish this. Yet, they tell me I always think on the negative side...

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April 7, 2009


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April 6, 2009


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April 5, 2009



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April 4, 2009

Love Story...

... by Taylor Swift, is an extremely emotional song. It has became one of my favorites now. The song is sang into lyrics from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

In the song, Taylor Swift is walking on the campus ans spots a young man reading a book on the grass. They look at each other and then the memories begin. Taylor Swift is Juliet Capulet and the man is Romeo Montague. Their families are sworn enemies. As they dance through their night at a party, they know they have found another part of themselves. However, Juliet's dad says to Romeo: "Stay away from Juliet." They have no choice, but to sneak out into the garden to see each other. Romeo promises to bring Juliet to a place where they will be the only ones there. Juliet promises that she will wait. But, after waiting for such a long time, Juliet decides to give up. She sees Romeo in town one day and asks him to save her and bring her to a place where they can be together. Romeo kneels to the floor and pulls out a ring saying "Marry me, Juliet. You'll never have to be alone. I love you and that's all I really know. I talked to your dad and pick out a white dress. It's a love story. Baby, just say YES."

Compared the Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, this contains a very good ending... So, be sure to watch it.

Here's the link to the official video on Youtube. Enjoy!

Credits: vjmarcofar


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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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