July 31, 2011

Laws of Love Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Their First Encounter

It is the first day of work for Bosco and Myolie. Having just graduated from law school, both were headed for the career path to become lawyers. They wait at different corners for the elevator.

Myolie: Mark! What happened to our dinner date? Where were you last night?
Mark: Hey! You are not the boss of me! Why do you have to comment on every single thing I do?
Myolie: Because… I’m your…

(At another corner)

Belle: Bosco! Why can’t you be more responsible? Why do I have to do whatever you don’t do around the house? I’m sick of this.
Bosco: Belle, you know why I can’t do the chores.
Belle: You have your responsibilities too because you are my…

The elevator arrives on the first floor and everyone in the lobby hurries to catch the elevator as 9:00 AM was in just a few minutes. Both Bosco and Myolie step in the elevator at the same time. Just as they step in, the overweight noise starts beeping.

People On The Elevator: Come on, one of you, just get off! You’re wasting my time here.

Bosco and Myolie starts to look around, trying to avoid getting themselves kicked off the elevator.

People On The Elevator: Come on, one of you, just get off. We’re going to be late for work!
Myolie: Hey, if anyone was to get off, it should be the irresponsible one.
Bosco: No, it should be the bossy one.
Myolie: Yeah, says the one listening to my conversation with other people.
Bosco: As if you didn’t?

People on the elevator starts pushing each other. And eventually, both Bosco and Myolie gets pushed off the elevator. Myolie looks at her watch.

Myolie: Oh no! It’s 8:55!
Bosco: Yeah, thanks for making me late on my first day of work.
Myolie: Do you even know who that person was, talking to me before?
Bosco: Same question to you!
Myolie: Actually, forget it. Who are you? Why should I explain to you? Just get out of my way!
Bosco: Heh, I agree with you. Stop blocking my way.

Myolie and Bosco starts racing to the stairs.

Myolie: Why do you have to be everyone I go? So annoying…
Bosco: Lady, why are you everyone I am?
Myolie: I’m not even going to talk to you. I don’t want to be late on the first day of work.
Bosco: Oh, me too!

On the tenth floor, both Myolie and Bosco stop and walk into ‘K & M Law Office’.

Keith: Mavis, have the two new trainees showed up yet?
Mavis: K, this is despicable! How can they be late on their first day of work?
Keith: Unbelievable!

Bosco and Myolie, were still trying get to work on time.

Bosco: Sorry. Sorry. I’m usually not late.
Myolie: Sorry, I’m never late.
Mavis: Myolie, come to my office!
Keith, Bosco, we need to have a talk in my office.

Bosco and Myolie glares at each other.

Bosco follows Keith into his office and Myolie nervously follows Mavis into her office, located directly across from Keith’s.

(in Mavis’ office)

Mavis: Myolie, how long have you studied law?
Myolie: Eight years or so.
Mavis: So, how do you not know the importance of time?
Myolie: Sorry… if it wasn’t for this guy, I would have been on time.
Mavis: No excuses! I expect this to never happen again. Do you understand?
Myolie: Mavis, I can assure you this will not happen again.
Mavis: You can go to your desk now. I will give you files to follow in a few minutes.

(in Keith’s office)

Keith: Bosco, do you mind to tell me why you were late today?
Bosco: Keith, I didn’t mean it. If that lady got off the elevator, I would have been on time.
Keith: No excuses! How can I expect you to be on time for court in the future if you are late for work now?
Bosco: Please give me another chance. I will prove you wrong.
Keith: I would hope so too. Please wait at your desk while I gather some files for you.

Bosco walks out from Keith’s office and Myolie walks out of Mavis’ office. Bosco and Myolie, once again glare at each other.


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New Fanfic: Laws of Love

Laws of Love


Bosco Wong: Bosco (Bosc)
Myolie Wu: Myolie (Myyo)
Ruco Chan: Keith (K)
Tavia Yeung: Mavis (Mave)
Lai Lok Yi: Mark
Natalie Tong: Isabelle (Belle)

~ More to come! I'm thinking of somewhere around 10 chapters.


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July 26, 2011

Ruco Chan and Raymond Wong

Ruco Chan gives me the impression of a lawyer or policeman. A few days ago, I though Ruco and Tavia Yeung actually made a good looking couple in real life. But then reports directed that Tavia and Lai Lok Yi are still dating. Well, it seems like another seemingly couple is shattered, which is why I am hoping for Tavia and Ruco to end up together in "The Other Truth".

Raymond Wong has a similar character and personality as Ruco. Both are tanned and from ATV. His best role was "A Great Way to Care", where the trio (Alex Fong, Ram Chiang and him) were always mocking each other and the people surrounding them.

And, it seems that Ruco and Raymond have starred in the same series quite a few times... (When Lanes Merge, A Great Way to Care, The Other Truth...)

Anyways, rooting for Tavia and Ruco to end together!

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July 24, 2011

News Article of Boscolie

黄宗泽胡杏儿 “赤裸偷拍”后感情更稳定 (After Incident, BOSCOLIE's Relationship Becomes Even More Stable)
钟俊强 (2011-07-24)


In early June, the "Photographed Nude At Home" incident has resulted in Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu's love relationship to surface. In regards to 'having each other during their most difficult times' and 'photographed nude incident', the two have became extra careful in their words. They did not let down their self-protection. Both Bosco and Myolie have hinted in their responses that they are each other's significant other for the future.


They attended Singapore's "TVB Starhub Awards 2011". Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu did not walk the red carpet holding hands. They were also seated separately during the ceremony. It was only until the celebration part when both were "somehow forecefully' placed as a pair.


Both did not care to shoot the cover of the magazine. But, why is it that both are careful in their words and extra careful when in public, are they willing to receive the blessings of their fans and the media?


When answering such sensitive questions, Bosco always answers in a more generous and sincere tone than Myolie. Bosco said "We did not openly admit (our love relationship). We feel that we still have to keep it to ourselves. Having a bit of mystery feels better."


In regards to Bosco indirectly admitting their relationship, whenever Myolie speaks of their relationship, she always answers vaguely. "Regarding my love life, I choose for it to be low-key, keep it more to be a secret. After all, we are public figures. We usually don't get privacy most of the time. If photographed, poeple will point to say this and that. It makes me feel uncomfortable."

做好朋友的本分 (Playing the Role of Good Friend)


Since early June's "Photographed Nude" incident, Bosco and Myolie's love relationship did not decrease. Rather, it has became rock strong.


Bosco said: "I feel happy. After the incident, many good friends and fans called to comfort me. They gave me a lot of encouragement. I am grateful to them."


In regards to the lifely challenge, can it be described as having each other during the difficult times? Bosco laughed, but did not speak. "Good friend" Myolie embarrassedly smiled and said "I was only doing the job of a good friend, giving support and courage at times. It's things that people don't wish to happen. Having each other during the difficult times? It's not as exaggerated as everyone sees it. Haha!"

全裸上镜很无聊 (Stupid to Be Completely Nude On Screen)


Bosco Wong said smiling, that after the incident, his home has undergone the "Closed Windows" campaign. Coming home, I see reports saying my body is fit and in good shape. No one said I am fat!"


Bosco also said "We artistes, are regular citizens, regular people. At home, we like to do what we want to. How is it that I can shower with my clothes on? That's why I hope the government will really look into this problem and protect our privacy."


Bosco's good body has became a hot topic lately. If he does decided to show off, will he find a top photographer?

黄宗泽说:“应该是夏永康(Wing Shya)吧。其实不是钱的问题,最重要是出来的照片要拍得漂亮!你们真的那么有兴趣看我全裸啊?遮遮掩掩更好看,全裸很无聊!”

Bosco said: "Then, it should be Wing Shya. Money is not the problem, as long as the pictures come out nice! You guys really want to see me completely nude? Covering some parts is better. Completely nude is stupid!"


Translated by: love_of_tvb
Credits: Zabao, Baidu (for the text), and ShunTing2306 (for pic)

Everything was basically taken from http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1151686367.


As they said, they wish to keep their love life more to themselves, which means under most circumstances, they will still no admit they are together, unless kissing in public or holding hands in public. But, as I know they are together, it's all good. LOVING AND SUPPORTING BOSCOLIE ALWAYS.


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July 19, 2011

TVB Starhub Awards 2011 (cont'd)

I found TVB's coverage on TVB Starhub Awards 2011 from Justvb's blog. There are subtitles for when Myolie thanks Bosco. Be sure to watch it.


Credits: Justvb, Patrick30583, Youtube

And, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S83NuJU0WSU&feature=channel_video_title is where Myolie and Chilam are asked about snippets of when they were filming "The Rippling Blossom". When Myolie was asked about her relationship with Bosco, she said "It's... ah... I don't know how to answer." Even Chilam was curious, patiently waiting for her answer. Chilam was like, that's a good way to answer it, and Myolie even admitted it herself that what she answered did not answer the question. And, Myolie started to get all nervous, with all the extra body movements when they started to put Bosco in question.

Credits: Patrick30583


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July 18, 2011

TVB Starhub Awards 2011

So, there's a video on http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=1143931762 that shows Myolie thanking people for the award. I don't really understand Mandarin, but people on the forum said she thanked Bosco. However, they didn't show Bosco's reaction when Myolie thanked him.

According to Justvb, it went like this:

King Kong said to Myolie when she took the character award: "Hey you forgot to thank someone."
Myolie Wu: "Oh ya, I would like to thank Julian, scriptwriter, producer......"
King Kong: "You missed out someone important."
Myolie Wu: "Then I would like to thank him"??? "him" refers to Bosco after much pressure by MC to thanks Bosco. haha.

For those who were not able to see the pics, you can go to http://www.starhub.com/tvbawards and scroll towards the middle. There are a few pics of Boscolie standing next to each other. It's after the King Koil ad. Keep scrolling.

Credits: Baidu, http://www.just-tvb.blogspot.com/, Starhub


陳豪和佘詩曼、黃宗澤( Bosco)和徐子珊以及張智霖和胡杏兒等螢幕情侶,前晚到新加坡出席頒獎禮,由於配合劇集關係, Bosco和真女友胡杏兒全晚只能陪着螢幕上的另一半,但訪問期間 Bosco即被追問何時跟胡杏兒結婚,一度令他不知所措。

由新加坡電視台主辦的《星和無綫電視大獎 2011》前晚在當地舉行,一眾無綫花旦小生飛往新加坡盛裝出席,包括李司棋、黎耀祥、陳豪、佘詩曼、黃宗澤、楊怡、徐子珊、胡杏兒和陳法拉等,現場有近 4,000位觀眾,各花旦小生皆有 fans打氣。
原本林峯也會出席,但因其祖母早前突離世並於日前出殯,故林峯取消出席,因此他憑《談情說案》中的一角成為「我最愛 TVB電視男角色」之一,以及憑主題曲《我們很好》得到「我最愛 TVB主題曲」等獎項,皆由女主角楊怡代領。

The "TVB Starhub 2011 Awards Ceremony" took place in Singapore yesterday night. Many TVB artistes flew to Singapore wearing extravegant formal wear, including Louise Lee, Wayne Lai, Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Bosco Wong, Tavia Yeung, Kate Tsui, Myolie Wu, Fala Chan, and others. Almost 4,000 were seated to support the artistes.

Originally, Raymond Lam was to attend, but because his paternal grandmother passed away suddenly, Raymond Lam had to cancel his appearance. From "Mysteries of Love", he obtained "My Favorite TVB Male Character" and from theme song "We Are Good", he got "My Favorite TVB Theme Song", which female lead Tavia helped to get.

宗澤被追問婚期 (Bosco Pressured About Marriage)

當晚各人都悉心打扮現身,其中徐子珊和唐詩詠均谷胸出現,稍露事業線,成功搶鏡。至於憑劇集《公主嫁到》贏得「我最愛 TVB螢幕情侶」的陳豪和佘詩曼,竟巧合地穿上同色靚衫出現,十足情侶裝,幸好陳豪追求中的陳茵媺當晚不在場,否則可能令她大發醋意。陳豪和阿佘在台上也如劇中般鬥氣,阿佘說:「這個角色真的很有挑戰性,跟陳豪好像由一開始鬥嘴鬥到最後,很好玩。」阿佘和陳豪還成為「我最喜愛 TVB男、女藝人」,收穫甚豐。

That night, all the artistes spent time deciding on what to wear. Kate Tsui and Natalie Tong chose dresses to show their figures. From "Can't Buy Me Love", Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh won "My Favorite TVB On-Screen Couple". Coincidently, both of their outfits were the same color. Thankfully, Aimee Chan was not present, or else she would have gotten jealous. Moses and Charmaine continued to bicker on stage, with Charmaine saying "This role was quite a challenge, I had to bicker with Moses from beginning to end, but it was fun." Moses and Charmaine were also "My Favorite TVB Male/Female Artiste".

為配合劇集宣傳,一班演員以劇中情侶檔出現, Bosco全晚拖着徐子珊,胡杏兒則陪着張智霖, Bosco和胡杏兒這對真情侶未有機會合照,但後台訪問時當地傳媒追問 Bosco何時和胡杏兒結婚,他聞言即一臉尷尬不知所措,稍為定神才回答:「現在還是以事業為重。」

To publicize their series, the artistes appeared as couples in the series. Bosco tagged with Kate all night long and Myolie was with Chilam the entire time. Bosco and Myolie, the real couple did not get a chance to take a picture together. But, behing the stage, when reporters asked when Bosco was to marry Myolie, he appeared to be embarassed and said "At this moment, my career is most important".

Credits: Apple Action News

Oh, and videos of Chilam and Myolie getting their "Best Sparks" award and Myolie getting her "Favorite TVB Female Character" award. I wonder how Bosco felt/was watching his girlfriend win "Best Sparks" award with someone else and then singing and hugging on stage! Nice that Chilam blurted 'someone' often visited their set often and Bosco with the 'Don't look at me' look and Myolie denying "No, no such thing." But then King Kong goes "Oh, why is Bosco so free?"

Bosco was so happy when Myolie thanked him on stage!


Better, shorter version of Chilam and Myolie getting award: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/Xy1JkE3q43c/

Credits: Chilam-Cheung.com, Tudou.com


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July 15, 2011

Bosco Willing to Use His Salary as Deposit For Myolie's New Car

杏兒睇中新車 黃宗澤全份人工落訂 (Myolie Wants a New Car, Bosco Willing to Use His Salary as Deposit)


黃宗澤(Bosco)與胡杏兒已是公開的一對,昨日Bosco出席新車發布會時,坦言是代女友 看車,更半開 玩笑表示會將活動的酬勞用作買車的訂金!

Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu are an open pair. Yesterday, Bosco attended a car function and admitted that he went to help girlfriend, Myolie look for cars. He half-jokingly said that he will use the money he earned for that function as a deposit to buy the car.

Bosco昨日與陳法拉為平治新車發布儀式擔任揭幕嘉賓,他踢爆杏兒看中一部價值近80萬港元的全新SL K 系列跑車,故託他前來看車。問到是否送車給女友,Bosco說:「佢賺咁多錢,唔使我送啦!( 有冇Disc ount?)未傾,希望有啦!我頭先都講笑話唔使出糧畀我,落咗訂先,出車先,可以快啲有。(情侶車? )唔 係,佢本身都鍾意車。」

Bosco and Fala Chan attended a Benz car function yesterday and Bosco admitted that Myolie liked one of the SLK race cars worth 800,000 dollars. He went to help Myolie look for the car. Asked if he was buying Myolie the car, Bosco said "She earns a lot of money, she doesn't need me to buy it for her!" (Any discount?) "We haven't discussed that yet, hopefully there will be! As I had joked earlier, they don't need to pay me for today, the money can be used as a deposit to buy the car. If I place the deposit first, maybe I can get the car first when it comes out." (Will you two use the same type of car?) "No, she liked the car in the first place."

曾在睡房被偷拍全裸照的他,自此一直拉上房間窗簾,他還透露有次在沙灘暢泳後,僅穿泳褲赤膊駕 車離開,而新 車的天窗有變色功能,可防止偷拍。至於陳法拉則透露有意買一部雙門車,除方便泊位外,還可享受 二人世界。

Having been photographed naked, he said that he drapes the curtains now. He noted that one time he drove with just his swimming pants after going to the beach. The new car has a function that allows the windows to turn black, making it harder for photographers to snap pictures without consent. And, Fala admitted that she wanted to buy a double door car, since it is easier to park and she can enjoy time with her boyfriend.

Source: The Sun, OnTV
Translated by: love_of_tvb


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July 13, 2011

黃宗澤笑杏兒冇膽露 (Bosco Jokes that Myolie is Afraid to Show Skin)


Yesterday, Bosco attended a conservation function regarding fishes. He stated that he loves to go scuba diving to see the world underwater. But, because he is not licensed, a professional diver has to tag along. Asked if his girlfriend, Myolie Wu goes with him, Bosco laughed and said "We went floating before." (Did she wear a bikini?) "She is afraid. My mom can wear a bikini, she has a good body!" Bosco's toned body has became a hot topic recently, and asked if he will film an undergarment advertisement, he relunctantly said: "That's old news, it's been asked so many times." (All nude pictorials? "Let the younger ones do that!" (How much money would you ask?) " So boring, always asking the same thing. Actually, money is not the question, as long as it is beautiful. Why are you guys so interested?"

Translated by: love_of_tvb
Credits: The Sun

Bosco讚杏兒 穿三點式OK (Bosco Praises Myolie, She Wearing a Bikini is OK)


Bosco Wong admitted yesterday that they have never went snorkeling together. He said: "She is afraid to go snorkeling because she is not good at swimming. But, she is OK if she wears a bikini!" Bosco stated that he recently fell in love with snorkeling. He hopes to go out of town to snorkel if he goes on vacation.

Translated by: love_of_tvb
Source: Apple Action News


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July 11, 2011

What the Face Episode 2 Boscolie Bits

From Episode 2 of "What the Face"

Louis Yuen: Hey Myolie, your male tuxedo seems to be a little oversized. Is it Mr. Wong's (Bosco's)?
Hanjin: Acutally, I lent it to her.
Myolie pretends to blow a kiss to him.
Christine Ng: Ooh! Someone's trying to pick a fight!
Louis: Although I say you are "Lor Ba", her boyfriend is actually the "Lor Ba".
Christine: Yeah. Haha.
Louis: We just told him yesterday that he is the new "Lor Ba" king.

Sammy: Ok, very simple. The question is not that many people in this world would like Bosco Wong, so do you like Bosco Wong?
"Jessie" (Participant C): Who is he?
Sammy: Hahaha.
Sharon Chan is shocked. Myolie Wu gives thumbs up.
Sammy: You don't know who is Bosco?
"Jessie" shakes her head.
Louis: You know, the new "Lor Ba"?
Sammy: Yeah, the new "Lor Ba"? Today, Myolie took her tuxedo, resulting in him not having clothes to wear.
Christine Ng: You're so bad!
Myolie and Sharon points at Sammy.
"Jessie": Yeah, you are so bad.
Myolie: Where are you from?
"Jessie": The US.
Myolie: Oh, the US?
"Jessie": Yeah.
Hanjin: How old are you this year?
"Jessie": 21
Myolie: You don't watch TVB?
"Jessie": Actually, I do.
Myolie: Then how come you don't know who Bosco is?
Everyone laughs.
Myolie: Wow!
Louis: This is called getting back!

Credits: TVB

-I absolutely loved how Myolie asked why she didn't know who was Bosco if she watched TVB drama in the States. And the fact that he tuxedo was joked to be Bosco's throughout the entire episode.


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Boscolie News

感情專一靠Feel (Love Relationships Are All About Feelings)
Excerpt From Myolie's Interview:


But, recently, Myolie has been feeling down. It is because magazines have been photographing her every doing at home, making her feel that she does not have privacy. She hopes this incident will go by. She said "I don't want to always be saying his (Bosco's) name. We do have our separate work to do. But, if it is in the public, such as the streets, then I don't have a say about being photographed. But, being photographed without my consent is a very bad thing. It seems like I'm in jail at home!" For all these years, in Myolie's world, her love relationship has always retained to be one. It seems that nothing will break her and Bosco apart. She admitted when picking a boyfriend, she leaves it all to feel. She will not let wealth be a factor. "All these years, I did have some pursuers, but I feel that I am bad to them. If I feel that someone is trying to pursue me, I will immediately leave. I do not analyze to see if he is the son of a wealthy man. If there is no feel, I will only have dinner or have a drink with him!"

Translated by: love_of_tvb
Credits: The Sun

Excerpt from 黃宗澤拒露肉谷收視

新劇《潛行狙擊》演員謝天華、黃宗澤、陳法拉、徐子珊、劉松仁及章宇昂等,前晚在尖沙咀一間火鍋店舉行煞科慶功宴,預告劇集將於下月1日首播。早前慘遭偷拍的黃宗澤甫到場即說:「唔使問啦!總之劇集收視好要着泳褲同裸泳都唔使預我,反正乜都畀人睇晒啦!」對於黃宗澤拒露肉賀收視,天華笑說:「搵松哥頂囉!」他又透露將拍攝電影《Laughing Gor之節》續集,與不少新血鬥戲。


(Love relationship [with Bosco] moved a step forward?) It's about the same! But, with Bobby,we have created sparks!

Credits: The Sun


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July 1, 2011

I Have No Choice But To Let Go

BERMO has been part of my life for the past four years. Everyday, or at least every other day, there is a least a moment when I think and wish they will admit they are together. Whenever I stumbled upon news of the two, I would literally be jumping up and down. TVB created opportunities for them to be a couple. But, it was also TVB who broke their bond.

TVB arranged for them to film 'Love Bond' and 'Healing Hands III'. Both have lived outside of Hong Kong before, with Bernice born and raised in Canada and Moses studying in Australia. Since the two spoke good English mixed with Chinese, they clicked and sparks flew between them. Since the pair were sucessful in the eyes of the viewers, TVB began having them work as a couple team at functions. Every time, they were asked and teased about their 'love relationship'. Even at game shows, they were teased.

However, when Moses won Best Actor in 2007, and I expected Bernice to win Most Improved New Actress in the same year, things did not turn out the way I thought they would. Shortly after, TVB began pushing Bernice to the States and Mainland China to film movies for a long amount of time. Their rumors undoubtly decreased over the time being. Occassionally, there would be something about them. It wasn't until summer of 2008 that breakup rumors stirred the Internet.

But, these breakup rumors faded over time and BERMO began appearing at functions again, together as a couple team. I thought they were back together. More news came and went, until December 2010. I remember trying to study for a History final, and "BAM" the news came. All news pointed to Bernice with dating Alastair Lam, and Moses was dumped. A few Sundays later, a magazine did an interview with Moses, with him saying 'The past is the past'. Moses had his head down in every of the photos. This made it seem that he was the victim and that they had broken up.

Then, it only got worse. Aimee Chan hooked up with Moses Chan. They didn't really deny. They chose not to respond. Bernice continued to be the 'bad one'. I also remember reading an article not long ago that Aimee Chan only saw Moses as an older brother. But, Moses was describing/praising Aimee the exact same way he had with Bernice years ago when their rumors first started. Aimee was also describing/praising Moses the exact same way Bernice did years ago. I really did try making up excuses for them. Maybe they were just trying to create news. It couldn't be real! They were still as cute as ever just a few weeks before the breakup news came out.

In June 2011, an article from MSN interviewed Bernice and she answered many of our questions about them. Yes, they had broken up. But, in 2008, not 2010, as everyone had thought. People saw Moses as the victim, because he didn't come out to explain and 'The past is the past' made it seem that they had just broken up in 2010. Not only that, but TVB only stepped forward to save Moses' image and did not care much about Bernice. Bernice also annouced in the article that she would be leaving TVB after 10 years. After all, she hadn't received one award. All the other artistes who went into the industry after her got the Most Improved Actress award.

It is not easy to let go something that has been with you for the past four years. But, after careful thinking and rewatching some clips and seeing some pictures of them, I have decided to move on and forget them. Like Moses said, 'the past is the past' and it is time for me to let go. Although I will be veey delighted if they are back together, I no longer care if they are together or not. And, hopefully I have made the right decision. Farewell, BERMO, and thank you two for the good times you shared with us.


Posted by love_of_tvb (BERMO and BOSCOLIE) @ 7/01/2011 10:25:00 PM :: (0) comments


Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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