December 28, 2011

Myolie Wears a Belted Dress to Deny Pregnancy Rumors

Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu attended a brand's store opening yesterday. Rumored to be pregnany, Myolie wore a belted dress and 5-inch heels to deny the rumors. Asked why boyfriend Bosco Wong accompanied her to the doctor, she explained that he was only driving her there to see the chinese herbalist doctor: "I promise everyone, if anything big happens in my life, I will definitely let everyone know!" And regarding Shirley Yeung's pregnancy, she sends her regards.

Also present, Kevin Cheng was asked about rechasing old flames Charmaine Sheh and Niki Chow, to which he responded: "We are friends." Seen as the new 'gold absorber', he indicated that he is satisfied with his wages. But asked if he earned HKD 20 million in half a year, he said "Then, that means I earn HKD 40 million in a year!" Asked if he had to pay taxes, Myolie quickly responded: "What's not earned in Hong Kong doesn't factor in taxes?" Kevin, then said "Paying taxes is a must, but I am quite cheap to use!"

Source: The Sun
Translated by: love_of_tvb

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December 26, 2011

Myolie Wu Suspected to Be Pregnant


Myolie Wu has been in the industry for 12 years. She recently got the taste of what it feels like to be Best Actress. During her acceptance speech, she openly declared her love to boyfriend Bosco Wong through her ‘baring with each other’ speech saying: “I know I am hard to bare with, but you are equally as hard to bare with. I hope we continue to bare with one another. The resulted in everyone rooting for them to marry. But, Myolie has also indicated several times that she does not have plans of marriage yet: “If I get married this soon, I will have to take on the mother roles. I still want to work with good actors and actresses, such as Sheren Tang. Marriage is a big thing in life, it can wait!”


But, in reality, it is not up to Myolie to reject the mother role. Last Friday (the 23rd), she was spotted with Bosco driving from their place of residence to a Chinese herbalist doctor clinic. After getting there, Myolie quickly got out and went into the building. Apparently, the herbalist doctor that Myolie went to is known to have to good in obstetrics. Star moms like Kenix Kwok and Ada Choi went to him before their pregnancies.

During the time that Myolie was there, there were no other patients. Because Myolie already had an appointment, it is believed that she made arrangements beforehand. When the doctor helped check Myolie’s pulse, the reporter lowly heard Myolie saying she felt dizzy and an urge to throw up recently. The herbalist doctor told her to “eat more, sleep more, get more rest, and walk more. Soup cannot be neglected, it is good for the adult and the child!” Before leaving, Myolie picked up some herbal medical packages, and then took off back to her home.


As she was just crowned Best Actress, her suspected pregnancy seemed to be an accident. An insider revealed: “You know how Bosco attracts girls! Myolie’s family have always rushed them to marry, but Myolie is career driven. She wants a few more years. The two are already living above and below of each other. They’re like half-cohabiting. But, they are still quite careful, as they don’t want a baby yet. But, every time I tried to tell her to go out or something, she always claim to be feeling unwell and wanting to throw up. They’ve been really sweet lately. I won’t find it surprising that she’s pregnant!”

After winning Best Actress, Myolie’s wages have gone up, including those for advertisements and shows. It was reported that she gets 150,000 RMB for each Mainland episode. But, if she is really pregnant, she would lose all that. Thankfully, ‘the father of the baby’ Bosco has always knew how to make money. With just movies, TV series, and advertisements, he has made HKD 6 million. His businesses seem to be going well as well.


Since Bosco found his first bucket of gold by investing in red wine in 2009, he has started to invest in other areas as well. Using his mother’s name, he lavishly invested HKD 360,000 into his cousin’s optical store. Last month, he also invest over a million into Malaysia’s Overtime bar and joined 17Saloon’s restaurant as one of their CEOs. Besides all that, Bosco has also been investing in properties. With the three he has right now, they are estimated to be worth almost HKD 10 million.

With so much monetary gain, he gave a double super large gift to his girlfriend after she won Best Actress. This included as HKD 700,000+ red Benz SLK350 sportscar. He also planned to transfer his HKD 3 million property that he purchased to be under Myolie’s name. Spending so much on Myolie, everyone can be ready to buy marriage gifts for them!

2nd page:
Bosco and Myolie started after filming “Wars of In Laws” in 2005. They’ve dated for nearly 7 years. But, to their love relationship, they’ve always denied. In the recent months, they started to flirt with each other through reporters.

October: Talking About Diamonds
-Bosco revealed that he lost a 1.5 carat diamond earring worth HKD 100,000, to which Myolie admitted that it was from her and Bosco had lied about the price of the earring.

November: Talking About Tongues at Anniversary Gala
- Many couples were put on stage and during the ‘find the tongue’ segment, Myolie blurted that Bosco has a short tongue. Their family matters became gala matters, making it the highest received rating of the night.

December: Baring With Each Other At Anniversary Awards Ceremony
-After getting two awards at the awards ceremony, she said she hoped they would continue to bare with one another.

October 2009: Spotted Looking At Furniture Together

March 2011: Bicycling While Trying To Hide Their Faces

December 07, 2011: Buying Groceries To Cook Together
-The two have always dated carefully. But, days after the awards ceremony, the two went grocery shopping at the supermarket after work and went home to cook.

Translated by: love_of_tvb
Source: Oriental Sunday, Boscolie thread @ Baidu


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Laws of Love Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Saved By One Another

(at the swimming pool)

Bosco: Myolie, you sure you’re ok?
Myolie: Yeah. Thank you. What was the lifeguard even doing?
Bosco: From what I saw, I think he was sleeping. Why would he have on sunglasses and a hat when he’s indoors?
Myolie: No wonder the young girl drowned. I was drowning too.
Bosco: I actually thought you were still doing the experiment with me, until I saw you sink underwater.
Myolie: But, thanks anyways for saving me.
Bosco: I thought you were unconscious. I kept calling your name and telling you to wake up, but you did not respond. I was about to call the ambulance.
Myolie: Wow, here I am right now. Let’s get changed and I’ll treat you to coffee.
Bosco: Ok, but I’m telling you now, this coffee treat is not counted in the three things you owe me from last time!
Myolie: Alright… let’s go already!

Bosco and Myolie head to the changing rooms to change. They come out ten minutes later.

Bosco: Done?
Myolie: Obviously!
Bosco: Let’s go then.
Myolie: I was waiting for you.
Bosco: Is that so?
Myolie: Let’s go!

Bosco and Myolie head to the nearest coffee shop. As they are crossing the street, a car heads towards Myolie. Bosco grabs her hand and pulls her towards him.

Bosco: Watch out for the car!
Myolie: I didn’t see that! I guessed you saved me once again.
Bosco: Yeah, surprisingly, I did.

Bosco is still holding Myolie’s hands as they finish crossing the street.

Myolie (to herself): Wow, he saved me two times today! And, lately, I’ve noticed that he stopped arguing with me. What’s up with that? And, why is he still holding my hand? Should I just let go, or politely ask him about it?
Bosco (to himself): Holy! I’m holding her hand! I saved her twice today. And, the feelings are coming back again. Bosco, you promised to control your feelings, remember? Bosco, stop thinking about it. It’s not going to happen.

Myolie pretends to cough. Bosco lets go of her hand.

Bosco: Oh, sorry about that.
Myolie: No problem. Um, coffee right?
Bosco: Yeah. Sure. Right.
Myolie: Where’s the coffee shop again?
Bosco: Uh, I believe it’s right around the corner.
Myolie: Ok. So it’s not that far away, right?
Bosco: It’s a few more steps.
Myolie: Ok…

Bosco and Myolie enter the coffee shop. They sit down.

Waiter: Good afternoon. What would you like to order?
Bosco: I’ll take a cappuccino and a strawberry cheesecake.
Myolie: And I’ll have a mocha and blueberry cheesecake.
Waiter: Alright. They’ll be out in a few minutes. Just sit for a while.
Myolie: Thank you.

The waiter leaves to place their order.

Myolie: I still cannot believe the lifeguard! Does he not know he is on duty? How many more accidents can happen?
Bosco: I know right! You almost drowned! So, both parties are right in this case. There was a lifeguard on duty, just one that doesn’t pay attention and is careless.
Myolie: The young girl could have really died if her father didn’t save her on time.
Bosco: This is ridiculous! Let me call Keith and tell him about what we found.

Bosco calls Keith and tells him what they found at the private gym. The waiter brings out their coffee and cheesecake.

Waiter: Enjoy!
Bosco: Thank you!

After eating, Bosco and Myolie walk back to the law office. As they are crossing the street, another car heads toward Bosco. Bosco does not see the car, as his mind is busy thinking about Myolie and the case. Myolie, seeing Bosco not attentive to the car, grabs his arms as they run across the road.

Myolie: Hey! Are you out of your mind? That car almost killed you!
Bosco: Oh, sorry, I was thinking about the case!

Myolie lets go of his arm.

Bosco (to himself): What’s going on today? I saved her twice and she saved me once? Is this our destiny? Is this fate?
Myolie: Hey, pay attention when you’re crossing the street Bosc!


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First off, happy holidays to all!

I hope you get to spend time with your family and friends.

And secondly, I'm back with fanfics!!!

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December 19, 2011

Current Whereabouts and Recent Reactions

So, Semester 3 of college has came to an end. I would say this semester was quite laidback compared to the first two. Although I suffered tremendously at the beginning with Representation III, it came to a good end on Friday. How many all-nighters did I pull? 3 for Design and 2 for Rep. Comparing the statistics with last year, there were more all-nighters, but in general, I slept more and was happier with what I was doing. I did take a while to realize that summer vacation was gone.

For the past two weeks, I was really busy, with schoolwork and life in general. So, what has happened since I last posted/updated?

-Myolie won Best Actress at TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony on Dec. 5th.
-It's revealed that Myolie received a pair of crystal heels from Bosco for her birthday.
-For her acceptance speech for Best Actress, Myolie admitted that she and Bosco were indeed a pair, saying how Bosco told reporters he would go to the bathroom if Myolie did win Best Actress, but did not go at the end. They have their pros and cons, so Myolie hopes they will continue to bear with one another.
-It's revealed that Bosco received a 1-carat diamond earring from Myolie for his birthday.
-There were marriage rumors of Boscolie circulating right after the awards ceremony.

So, how do I feel about all this? Well, I was really excited and happy for Boscolie at the awards ceremony. They stole the spotlight from everyone that night, especially at the end when Bosco went to hug Myolie and they held hands in public for the first time.

So, vacation means catching up with sleep :D


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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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