September 22, 2009

Boscolie will be filming "73 Tenants" together!! *Cheers*

What about BERMO then?


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September 19, 2009


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September 12, 2009

Hi, I just came by to say hi. And wow, according to the counter, the blog has reached almost 12,000 views. Yay!

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September 5, 2009

Congrats to June Chan and Jack Wu!!! Their baby girl weighted 7 lb 4 oz. I wish them happiness.


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September 2, 2009

Fanfic/ A Note to All

Well, here goes the last post I'll be making before school starts again. As we all know, I will be a senior in high school in less than a week. Because I have to retake the SAT and take the ACT in October, I will be once again be on hiatus. I should be back by December. Besides the two tests, I also have to do college applications and college essays. It will be one hectic fall term. But, I hope everything will settle by the spring term.

But, I will visit occassionally to check on the C-box or leave a short post if I see a piece of news worth posting. So, I'll be back...

09 - 02 - 09
Bernice: Konichiwa!
Moses: Konichiwa too!
Bosco: We’re not in Japan.
Myolie: I know right.
Moses: Well, you guys were like a few weeks ago.
Myolie: So?
Moses: So, how was Okinawa?
Bosco: It was great. We did a lot of shopping…
Bernice: …and got caught by reporters.
Moses: So unaware!
Myolie: Mr. MoMo, your girlfriend was the one who recommended the location.
Bernice: I told you to be aware at all times already.
Moses: Yeah, she warned you guys.
Myolie: Oh whatever… we already told the media that we were just went on a trip with a bunch of other friends.
Moses: Huh! I didn’t know luggage bags were considered as friends.
Myolie: Let’s not discuss this any further.
Bosco: Since the three of you went, how was Stephen Chan’s “Dining With the Stars” function?
Myolie: It was great. There was stuff to eat.
Bosco: Oh right, and the best part was that Bernice and Moses attended it together right.
Myolie: Yep. They were such a lucky couple.
Moses: We weren’t the only rumored couples.
Bernice: Yeah, there was also Patrick and Selena.
Bosco: But I’m glad that Bernice and Moses finally attended a function together.
Bernice: Hey, you know what’s cool?
Bosco: What?
Moses: That even Sharon Chan is blurting you two out.
Myolie: When?
Bernice: The function with Sharon… Bosco, remember, that cellphone function?
Bosco: Yeah, you are triggering my memory.
Moses: I know what she said. She said “Even if they aren’t dating, they are still my good friends.” So why didn’t she say “If they are dating…”
Myolie: Ugh.
Bernice: Sometimes, things are unexpected.
Moses: Correct… like the Taiwan typhoon…
Bosco: It was so sad that Raymond and Ron were squashed between you two.
Moses: And who could believe Andy Lau married Carol Chu?
Bernice: Or Leon Lai married Gaile Lok?
Myolie and Bosco: Or Miriam Yeung married Real Ting?
Myolie: Oh yeah, I remember someone saying she will be heading to Africa and will want Tarzan to protect her.
Bosco: Why not consider Mr. Chan?
Bernice (smirks): There are so many Chans here.
Bosco: What about Moses Chan Ho.
Myolie: I’m sure you only know one.
Moses: Yep, and he’s the one and only.
Bosco: Yes, he can be the one and only.
Bernice (smirking): They asked me about Mr. Chan, so I said Tarzan…
Bosco: Myolie, remember what Kenneth said.
Myolie: What?? What?
Moses: Yeah, what did Kenneth say?
Bernice: He said he was scared that you would come get him if he kissed me.
Moses: Huh?
Bosco: Yet, he’s not scared that Nancy will get mad.
Myolie: Well, it figures.
Bosco: Two six foot tall men fighting because one was required to kiss the other’s
Moses: I would not do that. I trust Bernice.
Bosco: Sure.
Myolie: It would not be a good sight at all.
Bosco: Yeah, I cannot even imagine that.
Moses: Oh stop.


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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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