August 31, 2010

So, it's the 2nd day of college and already I'm all stressed out! So much work, yet so little time.


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August 29, 2010


College (for me) officially starts tomorrow!

And I am excited and nervous and scared?

And, Architecture is definitely one costly major!


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August 26, 2010

01 - 06 - 10

Moses: Bernizzy…
Bernice: Yes honey?
Moses: Do you know what day today is?
Bernice: Well, it’s January… I don’t know.
Moses: Today is a very special day…
Bernice: And…
Moses, Bosco, and Myolie: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Bernice: Wait, it’s my birthday today?
Moses: Darling, it’s January 6th for God’s sake!
Bernice: Woah, I totally forgot about this.
Bosco: I can see you totally forgetting your birthday. After all, you have been quite busy.
Myolie: Bernice is a superstar now!
Bosco: And?
Myolie: She’s busy, so she’s doubt to forget things once in a while.
Moses: But, it’s her birthday today.
Myolie: Well, things happen.
Bosco: Yolie, you’re not getting anywhere.
Myolie: My point is… let’s PARTY! After all, it is Bernice’s birthday!
Bosco: Ah Mo Gor, where is your Bernice darling’s present?
Moses: I’ll bring it out later… Don’t worry about it.
Myolie: I just want to know what it is so badly.
Bernice: Can you at least give me a clue or a small hint?
Moses: Oh, I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait and see.
Bosco: Why so suspicious?
Moses: Because it is a special present.
Bosco: Awh, I HATE it when Ah Mo Gor gets all suspicious and all.
Bernice: Sweetiepie, I just know you are going to love it!
Moses: In fact, let me go and get it.
Moses goes into his room and gets the present.
Bosco: Oh, let’s see who’s back!
Moses: Alright… I got the present. It’s…
Myolie and Bernice: Oh, I can’t wait to see it…
Moses brings out a handmade card with pictures of him, Bernice, and her dogs over the year.
Bernice: Oh, I love it! It’s so cute and beautiful!
Myolie: Yeah, Bosco never makes me things like this…
Bosco: Alrighty… Yolie, stop changing the topic. Give Bernice time to view it in peace.
Myolie: Bosco Wong, I’m warning you! You better make me a handmade gift next time!
Bosco: Thanks a lot Moses!
Bernice examines the handmade card carefully and then kisses Moses.
Bernice: Honey, you’re the sweetest thing on earth! It’s so pretty.
Moses: No problem birthday girl!

02 - 14 - 10


Bosco: Woah, my acting skills are great.
Bernice: Hey, what does B-R-A-G-G-E-R spell?
Moses: BRAGGER Bosco!
Myolie: Oh, you guys are good.
Bosco: Eh, excuse me, I don’t quite understand what is going on here.
Moses: Ok, “72 Tenants of Prosperity” was a funny movie.
Bosco: All thanks to?
Bernice, Moses, and Myolie: Eric Tsang and Wong Cho Lam and Jacky Cheung!
Bosco: Eh hmm… What about me?
Bernice: Oh give up.
Moses: But… the last part where Myolie appeared with you was hilarious. I will have to admit that.
Bosco: And all thanks to?
Moses and Bernice: Yolie, right here.
Bosco: And me, even though you guys won’t admit it.
Bernice: If he likes it that way, what can we do?
Moses: Anyways, you guys are pretty lucky to be able to film a movie together!
Bosco: Hey, it was one scene!
Myolie: Awh, Moses you didn’t get to participate in the movie!
Moses: Myolie, your point being?
Myolie: Oh I give up, I am nothing compared to Bosco here.
Bosco: Perhaps I am the funniest of all?
Bernice: Awh, forget it Bosc! When are you heading to Shanghai anyways?
Bosco: Soon… but, Myolie’s gonna be there as well. I’m sure we can meet up or something. We reported to all the reporters already. We’re all good!
Bernice: Good to know!
Bosco: Talking about you, Ah Mo Gor, how are the rumors going with Charmaine Sheh?
Bernice: Yeah, I want to know too…
Moses: It’s all under control. I don’t understand how reporters tend to bring Charmaine into every male artist’s life! We are at most friends.
Bosco: And how many series did you guys film together?
Moses: A few. But, that doesn’t mean anything!
Myolie: Uh huh.
Moses: I just don’t understand why reporters are making it seem that we are together. And, Bernice, don’t get me wrong. I know these reports have frustrated you, but, I know you well enough that you can help me face this and they will hopefully get over us.
Bosco: Woah, Mo Gor getting all serious here.
Moses, Myolie, and Bernice gives Bosco a mean stare.
Bosco: What?
Myolie: Ah Co, you seem to always kill the environment.
Bosco: Eh…
Bernice: Hey, at least I told reporters that I often share the cakes I bake with co-workers while Moses shares coffee with them.
Myolie: Oh, I see where this is going?
Bosco: Oh, me too! You guys like to share. Similarities!
Myolie: Yeah, if only…
Bernice: Huh?
Myolie: If only you two would only admit your relationship with one another.
Bosco: It’s a good thing though.
Moses: It’s nice that Myolie said ‘if only’.


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August 21, 2010

If Only Dreams Came True...

Yesterday, I had one of kind dream! Guess who I had a talk with?


So, in that dream, I forced him to tell me all about himself... which of course, included Bernice Liu! He told me that they are indeed together and when I pressured him to tell me if they ever broke up, he did admit that they broke up once. I remember him saying "Yeah, it was that time." I still don't know which time he was referring too, but he said they are back together now and are ever so happy to be together...

Oh... dreams!


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Jackie Lui

So, recently (or should I say for the past three days), I have just fallen in love with Jackie Lui Chun Yin. I just feel that he is so cool looking and I love the tan he has.

It's ironic to say that I'm 'love_of_tvb', but I actually managed to watch ATV's "The Men of Justice". And, in there Jackie Lui plays the undercover cop who manages to make himself become a part of the gangster and completely forgets about his real occupation of a police. And of course, his love storyline with the hardworking Madam, Pinky Cheung Man Chi is suspenseful. And, there are other love storylines that I liked as well, including William So Wing Hong and Jessica Xu.

Although most cases were left unanswered to the viewers, and the series overall was hectic... I did enjoy the relationship storylines.

And what can I say about Jackie Lui? He is good looking?

And well, I just started watching TVB's "When Dreams Come True (2000)", starring, you guessed it! Jackie Lui, Jessica Hsuan, Ray Lui, Cutie Mui, and etc...

And to be honest, I do believe I am a little overwhelmed with Jackie Lui. But, oh well...

Like his presence in "The Men of Justice" just made me want to watch it more and more, despite the overall outcome of all the characters.


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August 12, 2010


Regarding "Can't Buy Me Love", which will be aired shortly, Moses Chan Ho stated that he believes rumors with Charmaine Sheh See Man will not arise once again. "Does everyone think my concentration is that bad?" he asked. Reporters asked "Are you assuring Bernice Liu Bik Yee?" He replied "No, I just wanted to end the rumors with Charmaine. Asked when he would openly tell the public the identity of his girlfriend, he denied to answer by making weird noises. In regards to Bernice and the ABC male friend on the ship, the supportive Moses said that it was just a normal social activity.

Translations: love_of_tvb
Credits: The Sun (Hong Kong)


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August 4, 2010

Back to the Fanfic

01 - 01 - 10
Bernice: Happy New Year to all!
Bosco: Cheers!
Moses: It’s 2010!
Myolie: It’s the end of a decade!
Bosco: Oh yeah!
Bernice: What will this year be?
Moses: New challenges.
Myolie: And our everlasting love for one another.
Bernice: And let’s not forget about friendship!
Moses: But, somehow, I believe love overrides the friendship here.
Bernice: And why do you say that?
Moses: Remember Myolie’s concert in particular?Myolie: Yeah, what about my concert?
Moses: Well, it just so happens to fall on Bosco’s birthday…
Myolie: I didn’t arrange it!
Moses: Notice how I said “it just so happens”…
Myolie: Elaborate.
Moses: You know, that rap song with MC Jin?
Bernice: Oh, I see where you are going with this…
Bosco: I don’t somehow.
Bernice: Again, it just so happens that you say you love to watch TVB, especially with Bosco Wong.
Bosco: So?
Moses: Bernice, and MC Jin raps that Bosco’s a lucky man…
Bernice: Oh, I see your point.
Moses: Excellent, I have thus proved my point.
Myolie: And…
Bosco: So…
Bernice: Best couple goes to Bosco and Myolie!!!
Myolie: Ok, enough said about us.
Bosco: Switching gears…
Bernice: To?
Myolie: YOU GUYS!
Bosco: DUH!
Moses: Honey, they are hilarious, don’t you think?
Bernice: Yeh… time to run!
Myolie: Guys, kidding, alright, I was just kidding!
Moses: So it’s time for our New Year’s toast?
Bernice: You know what’s my resolution for the new year?
Bosco: What?
Bernice: To spend more time with dear Moses. What about you guys?
Bosco: Work harder on my singing skills and CD debut album.
Moses: To have less rumors with other female costars. You know, it ruins my image as a ‘good boyfriend’.
Myolie: Haha, Me? To be a better chef and work on my things.
Bosco: Yeah, she’s afraid that I won’t take her if her cooking is terrible.
Moses: Bosc, we all know that you can cook. Don’t brag and boast.
Bosco: I’m only stating the facts.
Bernice: Enough guys. Cheers to us all.
Bernice, Moses, Bosco, and Myolie: HAPPY 2010!


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Youtube Vid

A Youtube clip that I found while randomly watching Bosco Wong videos. This goes back to 2009.

Ella Koon: Hey, they're jealous.
Bosco: No, Ella's going to give me back the stage after this song.
Ella: Hey, I'm not Hung Yee (Myolie).
Bosco (hushing): Shh... Shh.
Ella: I should have put and arrow here and then Myolie's name.
Bosco (continues to hush): SHH. SHH.

Bosco PUSHES Ella.

Bosco: You're making me mad.
Ella: Oh, don't be mad... don't be mad...


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You Go Bernice!

廖碧兒否認搭上新歡 (Bernice Denies Having a New Love)


Bernice has been usually loaded with rumors. Yesterday, news showed that she went onto a private boat with an ABC (American born Chinese), thus leading to conclusions that he was her new man. She clarified, saying "I am only regular friends with him. There were many other friends on the boat. It was definitely not a date with that guy. Actually, the person who helped me get on and off the boat was the person who manuvered the boat, and not the so called 'new love'." It seems that after clarifications, Moses Chan, her other rumored boyfriend, should be relieved.

Credits: The Sun (Hong Kong)


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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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