August 31, 2008


there was a link on that asked its users to submit ideas for new series, and I was just on the roll to write. Here's what I wrote.

連續劇:法證先鋒III (Forensic Heroes III): 25 epi. or 30 episodes
Frankie Lam, Bobby AuYeung, Yoyo Mung, Bernice Liu, Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Charmaine Sheh, Florence Kwok, Raymond Cho, Sharon Chan, Macy Chan, Matthew Ko, Vivien Yeo, Kate Tsui...

Tim Sir (Bobby AuYeung) is happily married to Siu Yau (Yoyo Mung) and even plans to have kids, until the news break that Bobby's sister is coming back to Hong Kong. The sister/brother have lost contact for years since that sister, Tiffany (Bernice Liu) walked away from their home after the stress that she was having when their parents forced her to go to a good university/college in England. Bernice became a whole different person. Yoyo's lost brother, Alan (Moses Chan) also comes back. Moses is now one of Hong Kong's top forensics lawyer. One time, when Bernice is in the streets and a serial killer strikes, she is suspected to be that serial killer. She has no choice, but to turn to her brother Bobby, and ask for help. The serial killer (Kate Tsui) has mental problems, striking and killing anyone that resembles her late father, who was always drunk and abused her. Soon, Bernice had to go to court and Bobby had not much lawyer friends, so Yoyo asks Moses to help out. Moses agrees immediately, and new evidence is found that Kate is the killer and not Bernice. Bernice thanks Moses and they become friends. Moses, somehow persuaded Bernice to go to law school to continue her studies (another year and a half) and then work at Moses' firm. Later in the series, Bernice falls in love with Moses, but doesn't admit it because she feels that she is not the perfect match for him. She would secretly stay after work to stay with Moses, but pretend that she just needs to finish her remaining paperwork. After her hard work, she becomes Moses' assistant, and the two see each other even more; during work, and then dinner after work. One time, when Yoyo and Bobby invited Moses and Bernice to have dinner over their house, Yoyo sees that Bernice is extra sensitive when it comes to Moses. Yoyo tells her brother Moses about that, but Moses claims that he has no feelings towards Bernice. Bernice hears this from Moses and is shocked. She had felt that Moses would have at least some love feelings for her. She is heartbroken. At work, she barely talked with Moses, unless she really had to. Outside of work, when Moses would treat her to dinner, she would make up excuses so that she wouldn't have to face him. Moses asks Yoyo what has gone wrong with Bernice, but Yoyo only answers that she doesn't know. Bobby overhears this and says that Bernice had overheard their conversation the other day. Moses, then asks himself over and over if he really liked Bernice. Moses did miss their bickering and cooperating together. But, Moses was too shy in admitting his feelings towards Bernice. Soon, Bernice annouced that she would be going to Manchester to continue her law studies there. Moses finally has the courage to admit to Bernice that he likes him when she is at the airport checking in, and saying farewell to her brother Bobby and his forensic friends. Bernice and Moses share a kiss. Bernice promises to stay in Hong Kong. Ah Shum (Raymond Cho) and Yvonne (Florence Kwok) got married but later separated because of constant disputes, but eventually got back together. Belle (Charmaine Sheh) gives birth to Ivan's (Kevin Cheng) baby after he wakes up from his coma. Wilson (Matthew Ko) and Formula (Macy Chan) gets married and goes to Hawaii for honeymoon. Josie (Vivien Yeo) continues to be a police officer. Dr. Koo (Frankie Lam) and Dong Dong (Sharon Chan) becomes good friends and eventually boy/girlfriends after Tim and Siu Yau's wedding party. The story ends when everyone finds their love and cracks all the cases.

天涯俠醫II 關懷世界 (The Last Breakthrough: The World with Help): 25 episodes
Nick Cheung, Sonija Kwok, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Raymond Lam, Leila Tong, Sharon Chan, Margaret Chung

*Bosco Wong falls in love with Myolie Wu, the new nurse at the clinic. Sonija Kwok finally awakes from her coma. Leila Tong and Raymond Lam continues to work in Life Force in Africa, coming back to Hong Kong once every few months. Margaret Chung (Susan) gives birth to a child in Africa.

妙手仁心IV 對抗禽流感篇 (Healing Hands IV: The Threat Against H5N1): 40 episodes or so
Lawrence Ng, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Gigi Lai, Bernice Liu, Melissa Ng, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Raymond Cho, Maggie Siu, Claire Yiu, Amy Ng, Fanny Ip...

Lawrence Ng (Paul) continues his relationship with Gigi Lai (Frances) Gigi's secret is that she has a sickness after a doctor's report comes out, but it turns out that the nurse switched her files with another patient. Bowie Lam (Henry) goes all the way to Singapore to find Melissa Ng (Sarah) to tell her that they will fight her uterus cancer together. Moses Chan (M.C.) tells Bernice Liu (Betsy) that he would like to have her as a wife, but Betsy disagrees. After Moses saves Bernice a few times, she finally agrees to marry him. Raymond Cho (Chris) is happy that his wife Maggie Siu (Anson) is pregnant again. Bosco Wong (Michael) is always bickering with Myolie Wu (Annie) as they are nurses at Yan Oi Hospital. Eventually, they will fall in love with each other after Bowie Lam constantly tries to solve the problems around them.

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August 30, 2008


Ok, from 2004 to almost the end of 2007, I didn't really have anything against her. After all, she's not my favorite or my worst of TVB.
But, when the TVB 40th Anniversary came in November, my hatred started to build up. Bernice Liu had worked up way up all these years, and Moses Chan was a hot faovorite to win the Best Actor. But, the results came out and I was dissatisfied. Why couldn't Kate Tsui win another year? Why did it have to be 2007, the year that Moses would win?
If Bernice had won the Most Improved Actress, then the press would have surfaced and focused a lot on the rumoured couple. Even if they didn't win in the same category, the award would have still been in their hands, and reporters would be snapping pictures here and then. But, somehow TVB decided to give the award to Kate Tsui. Why?
The answer came out really soon. Bernice had wanted to continue her studies back in Canada after her contract ended. And of course TVB wouldn't give it to her, but couldn't they just give the award to another person. Bernice came into the entertainment industry in 2001 after winning Miss Chinese International 2001, and on the other hand, Kate Tsui came in after winning Miss Hong Kong 2004. Isn't it a little not fair? And besides, Kate didn't really have the acting skills, nor the singing skills. Bernice had improved greatly in acting, and she did sing a few theme songs for some of TVB series.
But, if Bernice had won, maybe Bernice and Moses would have admitted that they were together, which would eventually lead to Boscolie's admitting. But, no, Kate Tsui had to grab the award with her "panda's eye" makeup. (In fact, it looked like she hadn't slept for weeks.)

Shortly after the award, Kate Tsui was given many oppurtunities to act in several TVB series. She was the one rising to fame all of a sudden, and Bernice was the one being "downgraded." Thankfully, Moses was always saying things to reporters to support her.
Towards the end of June 2008, Speech of Silence was aired on TVB. Kate Tsui played an almost deaf girl in the series alongside with Kenneth Ma. I kind of felt bad for her character, so the hatred slowly started to decrease. Before that, I would blame her at least once or twice a week for stealing Bernice's award. After seeing her appearance in Speech of Silence, I barely had anymore hatred for her.
But, it seems that TVB wants me to hate her forever. Now, Moonlight Resonance is airing. In the series, she plays Ka Mei, Susanna Kwan's daugther, who tries hard to seduce Moses Chan, Bernice's rumoured boyfriend. The more I see her, the more the hatred for her is coming back. So, no one can blame me for hating this woman. It's really not my fault. TVB is just giving me more chances and excuses to hate her more. Almost every series that is going to be aired will have her in it. That's not fair!
So, in conclusion, I don't know when this hatred for her will truly dissapear. I just hope that Moses Chan and Bernice Liu will have the courage to admit their relationship in front of everyone, now that breakup news broke up in early July 2008. Then of course, I hope that Boscolie will follow after they admit. Everyone that reads the entertainment news of Hong Kong knows about these two couples. Now, who got in the way? KATE TSUI!
I give my apologies to those who like Kate Tsui, but as of now, I absolutely hate her. And, I'm not the only one. Christine Ng, Sharon Chan, and Kingdom Yuen have formed a "gossip group" hinting that she's always not on time and acts as if she were the director when they were filming a new series about the entertainment circle called 美麗高解像. According to the news reports, they dislike Kate Tsui, just like me.

BUT, I will never lose hope in BERMO and BOSCOLIE.


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August 29, 2008

Heart of Greed VS Moonlight Resonance (the similar stuff) Part II

This is Part II. (40/40)
Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 21:
- Sa Yee's daughter, Ka Mei (Kate) is coming back next week, and therefore she wants to have her own room. Everyone doesn't want to share a room with Sa Yee, so they kind of shift rooms.

Heart Of Greed:
- When they are in the battle for the inheritance of Dai Boa's money, Sai Kei invites Jackie's (Tavia) family over to sleepover. Since they plan to take over the whole mansion, everyone tries to move out/shift rooms.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 22:
- Ah Shun feels that Ah Choew has good feelings towards him, so he purposedly doesn't answer her phone calls or reply back to any of the SMS that she sends to him.

Heart Of Greed:
-After Linda found out that Moses want to date her, she tries hard not to have any contact with Moses.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 23:
- Ka Mei goes to a handbag store, but the sales treats her as if she doesn't have enough money to buy anything in the store. She calls Ah Ka and then Ah Ka points to 10+ handbags to "buy," but ends up buying only one of them.

Heart Of Greed:
- Yoyo Mung had just broke up with her boyfriend. She goes shopping and grabs whatever she can find. Thankfully, her three friends come over to explain that she's "crazy." They end up not buying anything.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 24:
- Ah Hing & Dexter and Sa Yee & Yan Chi's wedding is almost a diaster thanks to Sa Yee and her many tricks. Hoh Ma and Kam Lo Tai tries to solve the problem.

Heart of Greed:
- Jackie and Gilbert's wedding is turning into a diaster thanks to Sai Kei and her fellow reporters. Thankfully Dai Kei instructs others what to do.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 25:
- Ah Sa thinks that Hoh Ma is not blood related to their dad, so she requests a DNA test for both of them. Jo Boa doesn't want anyone to be unhappy so, he tries his best to help out by giving Ah Sa money. The DNA report comes out that Ah Sa is the one that's not blood related

Heart of Greed:
- Sai Kei wants more money so she does whatever that is possible to get Dak Dak Dei to see the Mr. Chan (the one suspected to be Moses' biological dad). Dai Boa knows that the DNA report will come out negative. But, when there is a fake one that Dak Dak Dei uses to trick him, he does his best to explain everything with Lei Yi (Michelle Yim).

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 26:
- Sa Yee "accidently" pushes Hong Yee down the escalator and Sa Yee runs away.

Heart Of Greed:
- Dai Kei "accidently" falls down the stairs and Sai Kei tries to leave.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 27:
- At Hong Yee and Joe Boa's wedding, everyone sings a song.

Heart of Greed:
- At Jackie and Gilbert's wedding, they all sing a song to the newlyweds.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 28:
- Ka Mei fooled Ah Yuet when she was at the office late at night working and Ka Mei was in Hawaii with Ah Ka for a function there. Ka Mei fooled Ah Yuet thinking that Ka Mei was Ah Ka and tricked her to seeing intimate pictures of Ka Mei and Ah Ka.

Heart of Greed:
- The four girls tricked Dak Dak Dei to Yoyo Mung's house after she was sad because of a breakup with her boyfriend.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 29:
- Joe Ba hits Yan Chi (Louis Yuen) on the head, like knocking on his head.

Heart of Greed:
- Dai Boa loves hitting/knocking on Louis Yuen's head. (his brother in law)

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 30:
- Ah Choew has a habit of writing diary entries, with it labeled as "Number 29th Day" etc.

Heart Of Greed:
- Both Ah Sum (Linda) and Vincent (Bosco) have a habit of writing diary entries labeled as "Number 7th Day" etc.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 31:
- Ah Shun tells Ah Choew with his arms embracing her that he really needs her and cannot deal with her leaving. He begs her not to leave.

Heart Of Greed:
- Vincent wraps his arms around Ah Sum and tells her not to leave and how much he needs her.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 32:
- Ah Ka says that Ka Mei doesn't owe him anything.

Heart Of Greed:
- Because Linda keeps asking Moses to lend her some money, after a large sum of money, Moses finally rips up their piece of "lend/owe" agreement and then Moses tells her that she doesn't owe him anything else.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 33:
- Ah Sa slaps Hong Yee in the bathroom.
- Jo Bao tells Ah Hong that she is "wilder than Wai Sau's dog."

Heart of Greed:
- Sai Kei (Susanna Kwan) slaps Lei Yee (Michelle Yim) in the bathroom.
- Lei Yee tells Sai Kei that she is "more wilder than Wai Sau's dog."

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 34:
- At the hospital, Ah Hong claims that she's fighting for the money because of Joe Boa and not herself.

Heart of Greed:
- Sai Kei claims that she was not fighting the money for herself, but was to help her late husband "teach his kids."

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 35:
- Their "family game" (where you say the name and the action that describes them) is always being played.

Heart of Greed:
- They always say "here comes the fireworks again."

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 36:
- Jo Boa orders everyone to think of names for Hing and Kelvin's baby.

Heart of Greed:
-Dai Boa tells everyone to think of an English name for Jackie (Tavia) and Gilbert's (Bosco) baby.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 37:
- As the grandmother is dying, everyone goes around by her side.

Heart of Greed:
- When Dai Boa and Dai Kei died, everyone was by their bedside.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 38:
- Hong Yee says that just before the grandma died, she wasn't really in a good condition, and didn't really know what she was saying herself.

Heart of Greed:
- Sai Kei claims that when Dai Boa died, he was in a critical condition and didn't know what he was talking about.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 39:
- Yan Chi says that he was forced to become evil and had to go to Hong Yee's side and help her.

Heart of Greed:
- Gilbert was kind of "forced" to go to Sai Kei's side to say all those lies.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 40:
- They hold these meetings where reporters come to ask questions. Ka Mei objects Hong Yee at the end.

Heart of Greed:
- Sai Kei's son, Ah Foon finally outwits his own mother at one of the reporters' conferences.


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August 28, 2008

Heart of Greed VS Moonlight Resonance (the similar stuff) Part I

I find that there are SO many simalarities. This was written by love_of_tvb (me). I will list them as we go on watching the series of Moonlight Resonance. 20/40

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 1: (1996)
- Hoh Ma and three of her kids that the judge decided to give to her (Ah Ho, Ah Hei, and Ah Yuet) go chasing after the car that contains the rest of her family.

Heart Of Greed:
- During the funeral of Dai Boa, the eldest son is supposed to follow in the van where the coffin is held. Since Sai Kei won't allow anyone but her own son, Ah Foon, everyone else goes chasing after the big truck, screaming, yelling, and crying.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 2:
- When Jo Boa's mom comes to the bakery of Hoh Ma, she screams and yells. Then, the other housewives that came to learn to make cookies scream back at her.

Heart of Greed:
- Johnson Lee has anger management problems after Dai Boa helps Johnson's late father's second wife with a legal case. He comes yelling in which everyone chips in to help before he stops, with everyone yelling "Help me call the police!"

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 3:
- When Ah Ka comes in to see Hoh Ma, he does like a "show" about stocks.
- The grandmother finally gives in: letting all her grandkids be able to eat with the other side of the family on 08/15 (Moon Cake Festival). They eat at the restaurant and Ah [Red] calls her husband asking him when he's gonna be done. He replies that they are almost done, and will be home at around 10. She says the exact opposite to her mother-in-law, lying to her that they still have a very long time until the end of the meal.

Heart Of Greed:
- Sai Boa does a "show" to say which abalones are the best from Japan in the very beginning.
- When Dai Kei goes to England after finding out she has cancer, she does not answer anyone from her family's phone calls, except for Sai Kei. Dai Kei told Sai Kei that she has faith in beating the cancer cells and has faith that she will live on. Sai Kei, however tells the exact opposite to the family, saying that she has no faith in winning the battle against cancer, and also saying that Dai Boa needed to sell some of his stores for money so that her son could get the money and have his own business.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 4:
- Ah Ho translates the sign language for the interviewers.

Heart Of Greed:
- Ah Foon translate english to chinese for what a yun wrote for her final.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 5:
- Ah Sa gets 50% of her husband's wealth if she wins the case, and again, she lies about the chances of winning. (from 10% of winning, she said 90%)

Heart Of Greed:
- Sai Kei wanted half of Dai Boa's fortune after they got married for two years in Switzerland. And, she lied the total opposite for the stuff Dai Kei told her over the phone when she was in England.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 6:
- Ah Ka goes into the PR company and people just go around him, because he's the popular one.

Heart Of Greed:
- Sai Bao goes into the abalone company and everyone welcomes him.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 7:
- Jo Boa tells how he honors and sees his ex-father-in-law as an elderly.

Heart Of Greed:
- Tavia tells of how she thinks of her mother-in-law as someone she will always honor.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 8:
- The family goes to court to battle for the [Ka Ho Yuet Yuen] bakery brand name. The cars come up to the court and the people walk out. (They are either on Sa Yee's side or Ah Hong's side.)

Heart of Greed:
- I believe episode 38 or 39, maybe even 40.Both cars speed up to the court, only their sides have changed, except for Linda and Lai Lok Yi. (By sides, I mean like whose side they were on, Sai Kei or Lei Yee.)

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 9:
- Ah Choew is talking on the phone with Ah Ho. All of a sudden, a taxi crashes into a public bus and Ah Choew drops her earphone to save the people. Ah Ho thinks that she crashed, so he runs to see if he's ok.

Heart Of Greed:
- There were two scenes that were like this, one with Linda and Moses, and the other with Raymond and Linda.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 10:
- Ah Yuen doesn't believe that Ah Ka lent his $30,000 to an old grandma, chasing him and making him cry. His tears doesn't actually fall but hang onto his eyes.

Heart Of Greed:
- There were two scenes with the same "teardrops." One, was when Linda found out that Raymond had died without reading her e-mail and then Moses yelled at her that he just wanted her to enjoy her life and let her know that Raymond left without any regrets. The second one, although i'm not too sure was when Moses found out that he wasn't adopted, but the son of Ha Yu and a gang member's girlfriend.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 11:
- Auntie Sa meets with the old grandmother but tells her lies, because she is greedy, selfish and wants money. She says that the stove can explode any minute.

Heart Of Greed:
- Sai Kei secretly meets with "the biological father" of Moses and tells hims lies so she could get more money if the whole thing suceeds.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 12:
- Hoh Ma said that if Auntie Sa doesn't help Lin Zi Yun (Wayne Lai) get back the job, she will not be "family" anymore.

Heart Of Greed:
- After Dai Kei came back from the UK, she said that after all the selfish things that Sai Kei had done, she will not be "family" anymore.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 13:
- At Ah Ka's PR function, they are all led into backstage to see what's the problem. (Lai Jie stole their idea and used it.) Hoh Ma instructs everyone what to do.

Heart Of Greed:
- Reporters find out the negative stuff about Tavia after Sai Kei told them. The wedding is in danger. Dai Kei instructs everyone what to do.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 14:
- Ah Hong tries to teach Jo Boa a lesson as they walk through the lane where they first met.

Heart Of Greed:
- Sai Kei takes the bus line with Dai Boa where they first met.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 15:
- Jo Boa just finished an eye surgery and could be blind, yet he still jokes around.

Heart Of Greed:
- Dai Boa just had a minor stroke, but he still joked around as if nothing had happened.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 16:
- Hoh Ma storms up to the big "Ka Ho Yuet Yuen" to kind of "argue" with Ah Hong.

Heart Of Greed:
- Jackie's (Tavia) family storm up to the abalone store to tell them that they need to give them back the money they have used to renew their restuarant.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 17:
- Jo Boa and Ah Ka's actions are the same when they sing about Ka Mei, Sa Yee's daughter. (AND BY THE WAY, THOSE PICS OF 18-YEAR-OLD KA MEI (KATE TSUI) WERE THOSE WHEN SHE WAS FILMING "ON THE FIRST BEAT.")

Heart Of Greed:
- Dai Boa and Sai Boa's actions are the same when they play ping pong ball with Fala to help her relax.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 18:
- They like to use those personalized tones. (the one with Eliza Jie, Tavia wanted a tone of Moses saying what he said at the end of episode 17.)
- Kelvin's mom first reject Ah Hing because she is mute, but later accepts her.

Heart Of Greed:
- Sai Kei uses the "your mom is looking for you, your dad is looking for you, your grandma is looking for you..."
- Gilbert's (Bosco) whole family rejects Jackie at first because she is a married woman, but later they all help the two prepare for their wedding.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 19:
- Ah Hong only gives her phone number to her cousin-in-law and aunt-in-law to contact her while she is traveling around the world with Jo Boa.

Heart Of Greed:
- Dai Kei only gives her phone number to Sai Kei to test her.

Moonlight Resonance:
Episode 20:
- Ah Gong tells Ah Hong false things to make her feel that she doesn't need to come back.
- Ah Ho finally has the courage to tell Ah Choew that he still loves her. He makes her a cake writing "I LOVE YU SO CHOEW." Ah Choew is shocked.

Heart Of Greed:
- Sai Kei tells Dai Kei, who is in England the exact opposite of many things.
- Sai Boa finally has the courage to tell Ah Sum (Linda) that he likes her. She is shocked.


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August 25, 2008

this could possibly be the last chapter before i start school again... but i will continue to update now and then.

08 - 25 - 08
(three way webcam chat: Moses, Bernice, Myolie and Bosco)
Bosco: Hey Ah Mo, you surely got the nerves!
Bernice: Bosc, what did Ah Mo do this time?
Bosco: You should be happy for this.
Myolie: I think so too.
Bernice: Seriously, tell me what he did this time.
Bosco: Something good of course.
Bernice: Come on… I’m on the edge of my seat already.
Moses: What are you guys talking about? I want to know also…
Bosco: Oh Myyo, this is gonna be fun, making the two of them practically beg us.
Myolie: CoCo, don’t be mean. Just tell them and be a good sport.
Bosco: Fine, I only listen to you Myyo.
Myolie: That’s a good boy…friend.
Bosco: I love you dearly.
Bernice: Come on. I want to know.
Moses: Me too.
Bosco: Fine.
Myolie: I’ll tell.
Bernice: Speed it up.
Myolie: Do you remember Cake Wong, also known as Joyce Wong?
Moses: Yeah…
Bernice: Yeah, she’s the one that posted pics of my darling and her on Facebook.
Bosco: Yes, she is that one.
Bernice: Ok, what about her?
Myolie: Well, Moses was on the game show “Identity” with Tavia Yeung and he said that he wasn’t that friendly with her.
Bosco: But, that’s not all. The most important part is that your dear Moses said that after they filmed Gem of Life, they have not contacted each other for a long time already.
Myolie: Woah, see how Ah Mo Gor is trying hard to hint that he has already found one.
Bosco: Guys, just stand up on stage and then go, yes, we are together.
Bernice: I don’t see you two doing the same thing.
Bosco: That’s easy to answer, because we’re not ready yet, right Yolie?
Myolie: Yeah.
Bernice: Fan Shu Mo, you didn’t tell me that… or else I would have given you a big kiss.
Moses: Does it still work now?
Bernice: Nah, too late.
Moses: But, Bosco and Myolie told you.
Bernice: But, I wanted you to tell me directly.
Moses: But, I still want a kiss.
Bernice leans forward to kiss the webcam. Bosco and Myolie are about to throw up.
Bosco and Myolie: Ewww.
Bernice and Moses burst out laughing
Bernice and Moses: Haha.
Bosco: Couldn’t you have told us beforehand?
Bernice: I thought you three would have liked a surprise.
Myolie: No, not three, only one, which is Moses.
Moses: She was just trying to share.
Bosco and Myolie: Next time, no thanks.
Bernice: Fine, when Moses and I meet with each other again, we will be sure to kiss a lot of times right in front of your faces.
Bosco: Oh, I can so imagine that.
Myolie: Moses is so courageous.
Bernice: That’s why I love him so much.
Moses: Darling, how was your concert yesterday?
Bernice: Still the same saying, I wished you were on the stage with me. I felt left out, you know because Raymond and Linda are the new rumored couple now. We and Bosco and Myyo are like “outdated” now.
Moses: It’s sad. We only get some news once in a while.
Bosco: The news reporters don’t like us anymore?
Bernice: No, it’s probably just that they are like the burning hot ones.
Moses: How I wished I could have more functions and advertisements with my sweetie Bernice.
Bosco: I wish you good luck.


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August 15, 2008

BERMO and BOSCOLIE fanfic.

To the Boscolie fans:
I am sorry that I have not wrote about Boscolie for almost two months. It was just that BERMO seemed more important during this summer. There were the breakup news, the lesbian news of Bernice, and also the third party news. So, I hope that this chapter will make it up to you BERMO and BOSCOLIE fans.

08 - 15 - 08
(via webcam)
Moses: Bernice, how long have we not seen each other?
Bernice: Wow, that’s a long time.
Moses: I want to hug you so badly.
Bernice: Me too, I only feel comfortable around you, MoMo.
Moses: When do you think we will be able to see each other face to face?
Bernice: Hmm, probably by the end of September at latest, like towards the end of the Olympics.
Moses: Awwh, that’s a long time from now.
Bernice: I know, but what can we do?
Moses: I need a big kiss from you now.
Bernice fakes a kiss on the webcam.
Moses: Wow, I feel so energized right now.
Bernice: MoMo, I want to see you so badly. Why are we so busy this summer.
Moses: Sweetie, Beijing Olympics 2008 is surely a huge thing.
Bernice: Well, well, well. Now, it’s my time to ask you the questions. Who’s that Cake Wong? And, are you in a secret relationship with her that you’re hiding from me?
Moses (acts all surprised): Oh my God! How did you find out?
Bernice: The Internet was invented for that cause.
Moses: Who are you kidding? Yourself? I would never do such a thing.
Bernice: I’ll believe you this time. But this summer has surely been a downfall for us. First, we had the breakup news. Then, reports said that I was a lesbian. And now, you are with Cake Wong. I’m proud that you told the reporters at the variety game show “Identity” that you didn’t really know her. Or… I’ll get you for sure.
Moses: Well, at least we have Ella Koon. She said I was a good man, remember? She also said that you shouldn’t worry, because I don’t flirt with other girls.
Bernice: Then, who do you flirt with?
Moses: I used to, with you…
Bernice: Oh Moses, that was years ago.
Moses: I know.
Bernice: Ella also said that she won’t fight with me for you. Yeah, I heard her radio interview.
Moses: Ok, now let me do some explaining about Joyce Wong, also know as Cake Wong.
Bernice: My ears are wide opened for you to speak.
Moses: We filmed together for Gem of Life. You know, the eighty episode grand production?
Bernice: Oh… I see.
Moses: How’s your schedule coming along? Busy or what?
Bernice: Busy. Work. Busy.
Moses: I heard that the last episode of When a Dog Loves a Cat replaced Moonlight Resonance.
Bernice: Don’t be jealous. Next week, only your series will be airing of all the new dramas.
Moses: Hey, who said I was jealous?
Bernice: You sound like it.
Moses: No, I’m just happy for you.
Bernice: Ok, MoMo, I hope I can see you in Beijing.
Moses: Me too. Call me if anytime.
Bernice: Alright, darling.
Moses: Sweetiepies, I really hope we can go out in Beijing.
Bernice: Yeah, I hope the reporters won’t be after us.
Moses: Ok, bye. Talk to you next time, Berni.
Bernice: Goodbye, Ah Mo.
(mansion of Bosco and Myolie)
Bosco and Myolie are exhausted, therefore lying on the couch.
Bosco: Wifey, how have you been?
Myolie: Umm, future hubby, don’t call me wifey.
Bosco: But you are my wife… in the future.
Myolie: Oh stop it. Who would want to marry you?
Bosco: Only you.
Myolie: Hey, you said that, not me.
Bosco: I want to kiss you so badly.
Myolie leans forward to give Bosco a great big kiss.
Bosco: That was sweet.
Myolie: The filming of Burning Flames III is coming to an end.
Bosco: I know Yolie. It’s sad. That means we will have even less time to see each other.
Myolie: How was cooperating with Aimee Chan?
Bosco: Ok, I guess. But you are still me best partner, on-screen or off-screen. How was Kevin Cheng?
Myolie: Well, you do know that we were paired up as partners in Strictly Comes Dancing II, so we did pretty well. But, of course, you are my best partner.
Bosco: I wished we played a couple in the series.
Myolie: Me too.
Bosco looks out the balcony.
Bosco: Wow, that sunset is so beautiful.
Myolie: Let’s go then.
Bosco grabs Myolie’s hand and they literally run to the balcony.
Myolie: Wow, it’s so pretty today.
Bosco: I know. You know what will be good?
Myolie: What?
Bosco: If I kissed you.
Myolie: Haha.
Bosco gives Myolie another big kiss so that they can remember that date.
Bosco: I miss Ah Mo Gor.
Myolie: I miss Bernice too. And did you get to meet Mac and Bailey? They’re so cute. They got to be guest stars in When a Dog Loves a Cat.
Bosco: Yeah, I know, and you had to kiss Gallen Lo.
Myolie: Oh, silly don’t be jealous.
Bosco: Bernice has five dogs, but you have nine cats, and they roam around all the time.
Myolie: Why, you don’t like them? I guess I will just have to move out with them.
Bosco: No, that’s not necessary. I was just kidding.
Myolie: Not funny!
Bosco: Myyo, I was just kidding. Sorry.
Myolie: Let me think about this apology.
Bosco immediately wraps his arms around Myolie’s waist.
Bosco: Myolie…
Myolie turns her face around.
Myolie: What now?
Bosco gives Myolie another kiss.
Bosco: Sorry for saying that. I won’t do that next time.
Myolie: I accept your apology.
Bosco: When is the next time that we can have a meal with Bernice and Moses?
Myolie: Soon…


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I'm taking a little trip next week, therefore, my plans are that I write another chapter for each of the fanfic I have so far. I might and I might not. So, the best thing to do is to stay tuned.

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August 12, 2008

BERMO doesn't have a third party!

(from Oriental Daily online)


陳 豪 被 傳 與 廖 碧 兒 情 變 後 , 頓 成 圈 中 「 搶 手 貨 」 , 曾 與 他 合 作 拍 劇 的 黃 瑩 , 日 前 更 把 兩 人 的 親 密 照 片 張 貼 到 個 人 facebook 上 , 文 中 大 讚 陳 豪 為 人 nice , 大 有 女 追 男 之 嫌 , 不 過 , 陳 豪 卻 不 受 落 , 並 坦 言 不 認 識 黃 瑩 , 劃 清 界 線 。
前 晚 陳 豪 與 楊 怡 為 無 遊 戲 節 目 《 亮 相 》 擔 任 嘉 賓 , 期 間 被 問 到 黃 瑩 張 貼 二 人 的 貼 面 親 密 照 片 在 facebook 內 , 陳 豪 馬 上 作 出 澄 清 , 並 表 示 該 照 片 是 拍 無 劇 《 珠 光 寶 氣 》 時 所 影 的 , 私 底 下 並 沒 有 接 觸 , 拍 完 劇 更 無 見 面 , 故 基 本 上 是 不 認 識 。
暫 以 事 業 為 重 對 於 黃 瑩 是 否 有 追 求 之 意 , 陳 豪 謂 : 「 暫 時 以 事 業 為 重 , ( 跟 對 方 劃 清 界 線 是 否 怕 廖 碧 兒 嬲 ? ) so far 我 心 面 都 係 事 業 行 先 , 冇 話 嬲 唔 嬲 , 事 業 就 係 我 『 愛 人 』 , ( 可 覺 對 方 藉 此 宣 傳 ? ) 又 唔 好 咁 講 , 其 實 好 多 fans 都 會 有 呢 類 相 放 上 個 人 blog 上 。 」
同 場 的 楊 怡 , 為 了 贏 《 亮 》廿 萬 獎 金 , 準 備 充 足 , 還 帶 同 媽 媽 打 氣 , 而 老 友 張 美 妮 亦 撐 場 做 其 智 囊 團 。 問 要 取 勝 可 有 看 穿 人 的 本 領 ? 楊 怡 笑 謂 : 「 我 應 該 之 前 問 定 司 棋 姐 , 學 佢 所 講 : 『 你 係 人 係 鬼 , 我 一 眼 就 睇 穿 ! 』 」 雖 然 沒 有 司 棋 姐 幫 手 , 但 楊 怡 稱 有 陳 豪 做 拍 檔 , 亦 很 有 信 心 , 並 希 望 一 場 相 識 的 主 持 森 美 、 小 儀 可 以 打 眼 色 提 示 。
採 訪 : 影 視 組

(Translations by love_of_tvb [me])

Moses Chan claims that he doesn’t know Joyce (Cake) Wong
After news reports broke out that Moses Chan and Bernice Liu had a change in their relationship, he became “a man everyone wants” in the entertainment circle. Joyce (Cake) Wong, whom Moses had worked with in the past posted intimate pictures of Moses and her on her Facebook account. In writing, she described Moses as a very nice person and one that many women fought after. But, Moses Chan didn’t admit to this and said that he didn’t know Joyce (Cake) Wong.
Last night, Moses and Tavia Yeung were the contestants of TVB’s variety show “IDENTITY.” When asked about the photos posted on Facebook, Moses immediately claimed that those were taken during the filming of “Gem of Life.” Under private circumstances after the filming for the series, they did not meet, so in other words, they barely know each other.
Moses said that he is putting his career in the first place now. Asked if Joyce was trying to pursue him, he replied “As of now, my career matters the most.” Then the reporters asked him if he was afraid that Bernice Liu would get mad. Moses said “So far, in my heart, my career is on the first place, so there isn’t really madness in between. And my career is my ‘lover’.” When asked if he thinks that Joyce is just trying to get more attention and publicity, Moses said “Don’t say that. Many of my fans post pictures like those online too.”
As for Tavia, she won’t HKD$200,000.

Ok, so safe now... no more third party. You don't know how happy I am to hear about this. Even so, I bet he places his career in the first place and then Bernice and family in second place, or it can be the opposite: Bernice and family first and then career second. Ahh, Moses, I must thank you for stepping out for your own rumours. Hahah, Joyce failed to gain publicity because the reports only centered for about at most two days, unlike the BERMO rumours, for years, and it's still coming along great. Hopefully, in the next few months, more and more and more rumours will go around both BERMO and BOSCOLIE.


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August 9, 2008

My trust and faith in BERMO and BOSCOLIE

Since I first believed in BERMO : 100%
News breaking out in early July 2008 that they have broken up in Jan. /mid July 2008 : 85%
Interviews of Bernice Liu and Moses Chan regarding the breakup (which they didn't say yes or no): 90%
Bernice wearing the black necklace to the vet clinic with her dog : 93%
Ella Koon's Interview in saying that Moses is Bernice's and she won't fight for him: 95%
News that Joyce (Cake) Wong is the "third party" : 90% and I want to 'kill' her.

But, BERMO is always BERMO, always denying and liking to say things in circles, never getting to the point. Therefore, I will bever lose fate in them.

Since I first believed in BOSCOLIE : 100%


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August 7, 2008

TVB Moonlight Resonance the others (from, translated by love_of_tvb [me])

Kate Tsui as 路家美
Age: 22

She is the only daughter of Auntie Sa. She doesn't trust anyone because she thinks that her parents took away her happy family. She comes back to Hong Kong from Portugal and uses Ah Ka and they have a fake love relationship. At the same time, it developed into a 'triangle love' relationship when Ah Yuet comes in. After thinking that Ah Ka had nothing that she wanted, they break up. She ends up with Ah Yuen after the two brothers fight for her.

Louis Yuen as 袁恩賜
Age: 40

He married Auntie Sa later in the plot, thinking that she gets a lot of money each month from her ex-husband in Portugal. He brings a lot of problems to Hoh Ma's family.

Lee Heu Kam as 佘君麗
Age: 76

She is the ex-mother-in-law of Hoh Ma. She calls her "the fat thing," because she thinks that she caused the death of her youngest son. With her here, Hoh Ma and Jo Boa could never get together.

Ha Yu as 甘泰祖
Age: 57
Has Custody of: Ah Ka, Ah Yuen, and Ah Chun

He had 16 bakeries in all. He used to be Hoh Ma's husband, but then Ah Hong came into their relationship after her ex-husband left her. They had a secret relationship until he divorced Hoh Ma and married Ah Hong. He listens to everything that comes from Ah Hong's mouth.

Louise Lee See Kei as 鍾笑荷
Age: 53

Her younger sister is Auntie Sa. She married Jo Boa, but later divorced because Ah Hong got into their marriage. She has custody for Ah Ho, Ah Yuet, and Ah Hing after they fought for their kids' custody in court. Her ex-mother-in-law blamed her for making his youngest son commit suicide. She kept one thing in her heart, which was to unite the family. She knows that Ah Hong sent all the children on her side to college, but each has their own problems to deal with. Ah Ka was so into stocks that he owed lots of money. Ah Chun escaped from the UK back to Hong Kong because he didn't really like it there.

Michelle Yim as 殷紅
Age: 46

She is Jo Boa's second wife after he divorced Hoh Ma. She is like the CEO of all the 16 bakeries that they own. She came from Mainland China, swimming to Hong Kong with her ex-husband. She was the one that split Hoh Ma and Jo Boa's happy family. After finding out that hew own daughter, Ah Choew liked Ah Ho, she did whatever that was possible to split them up.

Bosco Wong as 凌至信
Age: 27

He is Ah Choew's head at the workplace.
To everyone, they are the perfect couple.
After he started to date Ah Choew, he treated Ah Choew sometimes warmly and other times coldly. He appears to be secretive to Ah Choew because he hides from his feelings with Ah Choew. Later, Ah Choew discovers that before meeting her, he was actually paying her girlfriend, Ying to attend college. After meeting Ah Choew, he discovered the true meaning of love and hides the secret of his girlfriend from Ah Choew.
After Ah Choew found out that she was the 'third person' in their relationship, she called for a break up.
After breaking up, they remained good friends. He always thought of the good for Ah Choew. Even after breaking up with Ying, he still hid it from Ah Choew. Ah Hong always wanted him to become his son-in-law. Later, Ah Ho, Ah Choew and he became good friends.
He really loved Ah Choew from the heart. He did not tell Ah Ho and Ah Choew about the breakup between Ying and him, because he didn't want to ruin Ah Ho and Ah Choew's love relationship.

Wayne Lai as 年子勇
Age: 43

Since he was 13 years old, he already learned to make cookies with Hoh Ma. He is [Ka Ho Yuet Yuen's] needed chef.
After Hoh Ma and Jo Boa divorced, he went to Jo Boa's side for a higher wage so that he can pay for his sister's tuition. His sister studies in England. He hid the real truth about Jo Boa's brother's death.
He was directed by Ah Hong to go near Ah Ka and teach him how to gamble on stocks.

Susanna Kwan as 鍾笑莎
Age: 45

She is the younger sister of Hoh Ma. She is spoiled. At a very young age, she felt in love with a man, but Hoh Ma saw the man as one who has a lot of girlfriends, and therefore Hoh Ma told that guy to leave her sister. For this, Auntie Sa hates Hoh Ma. After she met a rich man, Auntie Sa moved with him to Portugal to maintain his supermarket businesses. She became a happy housewife.
However, her husband had an affair with another woman. She had no choice, but to move back to Hong Kong and depend on Hoh Ma and her [Ka Ho Yuen Yuet]. She told her daughter to remain in Portugal for the legal cases in court, hoping to have a share of her husband's fortune. She hoped that she could invest in the bakery. Auntie Sa tried to help them when she sued Jo Boa and Ah Hong against the bakery name that both were using.
After getting a part of her ex-husband's share, her daughter moved with her back to Hong Kong. With the money, she became a big shareholder of Hoh Ma's bakery. But, she has no knowledge whatsoever about the bakery. Whenever a problem arises, Hoh Ma would have to help her solve it in secret.
Later, when Ah Hong was fighting against Hoh Ma, she became part of Ah Hong's team. Auntie Sa was thankful for how much Hoh Ma had helped her, but if she did help Ah Hong, she could get man things. Is she good or evil? No one knows yet.


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Similarities between my two favorites...

Here, just to list a few between BERMO and BOSCOLIE:

- Both couples are the hottest of TVB now, since most advertisers want one of the couples to become the ones promoting their products.

- Both couples have cooperated twice in TVB series protraying as a couple. BERMO has Love Bond and Healing Hands III. BOSCOLIE has Wars of In Laws and Wars of In Laws II.

- Both couples have friends that will accidently spill some news out for us. For example, Lai Lok Yi even said that Moses was going to get married after the filming of Moonlight Resonance. Raymond Lam once was asked to choose who was better, Myolie or Bernice. He said that if he took Myolie, Bosco could beat him up, and if he can't have Bernice, because she's Moses'.

- Both couples have been reported that they live together, or they have already brought a house for a future marriage.

- Both Bernice and Myolie love pets. Bernice has 5 dogs, with her first two named Bailey (for Bernice?) and Mac (for Moses?) and her "grandkids" with all names of some kind of coffee. And just to know, Moses loves coffee. On the other side, Myolie has 9 cats.

- The males have cooperated together and so have the females. Bosco and Moses have cooperated in Heart of Greed and Moonlight Resonance. Myolie and Bernice have cooperated in When a Dog Loves a Cat and maybe in the future, Forensic Heroes III.

- Both couples have been rumoured for more than 3 years.

- And, last but not least, I love both of the couples.

and i'll continue on later...


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August 1, 2008

TVB Moonlight Resonance the kids (from, translated by love_of_tvb [me])

Moses Chan as 甘永家
Age: 28
Custody: Jo Boa

He is the eldest of Hoh Ma's children. He was only 16 when his parents divorced. To now, he still sees Ah Hong as the third person in his parent's relationship and treats her coldly. When Hoh Ma and Jo Boa had to go to court to fight for their children's custody, he had wanted to go with Hoh Ma, but was urged to pick Jo Boa so that he could take care of his siblings.

He did what was requested by Hoh Ma, only to find that Ah Hong spoiled his other two brothers, therefore easily getting his two brothers' trust. His two brothers saw Ah Hong as if she were their biological mother. In the family of Jo Boa, he did not have any power. As he started to mature, he changed alot; he hid his feelings to himself as well as becoming a flirter and sweet talker. But, he continued to be cold towards Ah Hong and insisted on not calling her Mom.

As he grew older, he didn't want to depend on Jo Boa, but himself. He worked at a PR company and developed a great hobby for stocks. With his great talent in speaking, he had quite a sucess. He wanted to earn big money. But his hobby was only developed because Ah Hong told Ah Yung to convince him to deal with stocks after the hatred from her heart of how he treated her so coldly. He thought that he had a great talent in stocks, but he ended up in debt. He owed people a lot of money, and yet he still loved to gamble on stocks.

In his love relationships, he is usually carefree. He was mistaken that his boss had a crush on him. But, he has a supporter that is constantly around him, and as well having a crush on him. And that person is Ah Yuet, Hoh Ma's adopted daughter.

Raymond Lam as 甘永好
Age: 26
Custody: Hoh Ma

He is Hoh Ma's second son. As a young child, he developed into caring alot for his family. His nickname is "man in charge." He has the same target as Hoh Ma, which is to unite the family. His grades were not bad back then. One time, when Hoh Ma was delivering some cookies, she got into an accident, forcing her to stop her work. Ah Ho decided that since he was the only male of Hoh Ma's side, he had to take care of the family. He lied to Hoh Mat saying that, he couldn't catch up with his grades and schoolwork. After finishing high school, he did not continue with his education so that he could help out at the bakery. Now, he wakes up early to deliver the cookies/bread giving pain to his legs and hands. He doesn't care if people laugh at him and say that he doesn't have any sucess. He would rather be a "bread making boy" all his life so that he could take care of his family, which he thinks is his job.

Before Jo Boa and Ah Hong got together, Ah Choew and he were good friends, always playing with each other, exchanging gifts, and other stuff together that 'young lovers' would do. After Jo Boa decided that he would divorce Hoh Ma, Ah Ho was told that he should not contain Ah Choew again. When Ah Hong and Jo Boa established their own family, Ah Choew was sent to England to study. The two separated for a number of years.

One time, while taking the ferry, the two met again and thought of all the sweet memories of the past. Ah Ho found that Ah Choew was already a doctor to be. But, Ah Hong and Hoh Ma's constant fightings upgraded even more. This, however, made Ah Ho and Ah Choew got together even more. Ah Choew eventually developed feelings for Ah Ho after finding that he kept sacrificing for his family.

Ah Ho and Ah Choew grew a stronger bond, but then Ah Shun became the third person in their relationship. Ah Choew had good feelings for Ah Shun. Ah Ho knew that if he compared anything with Ah Shun, he would lose. He wished them the two luck for their love, leaving the three triangle love.

Tavia Yeung as 孫皓月
Age: 24
Custody: Hoh Ma

She is the only adopted child of Hoh Ma. But, mostly everyone treats her as if she were biological to them. Ah Ka and Ah Ho, like many others think of her as part of their family.

Although she is not biological in any means to Hoh Ma, she thinks of her as a savior. She had always wanted to establish a family with her other half, so that she has a "real home." During high school, she started to date, make her grades become more worse. Her Auntie Sa, tells her that she took a 'quota' from Hoh Ma. If it wasn't for her, Hoh Ma would have gotten another biological son for custody, as Auntie Sa always told her. This made her feel uncomfortable and the establishment of the mother-daughter relationship for all these years as a fake one.

Then, Ah Yuet decided to move out and live with her boyfriend. She was fired at her job and at the same time, her boyfriend broke up with her. She felt that she didn't have what it takes to face Hoh Ma and the others. After Hoh Ma found out that she was wandering alone in the streets, she called everyone to help find her back. This made the mother-daughter bond even stronger.

Chris Lai Lok Yi as 甘永圓
Age: 22
Custody: Jo Bao

He is the fourth child of Hoh Ma. He was only 10 years old when his parents were divorced, therefore not knowing the reason for the divorce. The only thing he did know was that he and his siblings would have to live separately. He eventually saw Ah Hong as his biological mother as she always brought him many different things and became distant towards Hoh Ma and his siblings.

As a young kid, he was spoiled by Ah Hong. He had the best grades on Jo Boa's side of the family and then had a chance to study aboard. When he came back, Ah Hong purposely arranged him to become her assistant at the [Ka Ho Yuet Yuen Bakery]. Seeing the business doing so well, Ah Hong decided to expand the business. People saw him as the heir to the bakery business.

He constantly was helping Ah Hong, traveling around and therefore could only see Hoh Ma a few times every year, during the Chinese holidays and on 08/16 (the day after Moon Cake Festival Day). But, if anything happens in Hoh Ma's family, he would reach out to help. During the time when Hoh Ma and Ah Hong was fighting, he didn't know which side to choose.

Fala Chan as 甘詠慶
Age: 21
Custody: Hoh Ma

She is the second daughter of Hoh Ma. When she was a little girl, she had an operation on throat, injuring her sound line and causing her to become mute. She had to learn to communicate via sign language. Luckily, with the support and courage from her family, she did not have to attend a special education school, and could go to school just as any child would. She has the best grades and highest education on Hoh Ma's side. But, she didn't take the chance to go to college, and instead helped at Hoh Ma's bakery. However, Ah Ho, the "man in charge" constantly urged her in getting a job outside of the bakery, which finally worked.

She felt that she did not have the ability to do as well as the others. Luckily, her boss, Ah Lok helped her, making her love her job. Later, she had feelings for Ah Lok.

After they started to date, Ah Lok and she could only communicate by sign language and writing on paper. When they got to the stage of marriage, Ah Lok's family greatly rejected her for she was mute. This, made their relationship to be in great danger.

Vincent Wan as 甘永中
Age: 20
Custody: Jo Boa

He is the youngest child of Hoh Ma. He was 8 years old when his family was split, therefore, he did not have a clue what was happening. The judge gave his custody to Jo Boa. Hoh Ma was worried that Jo Boa would not know how to teach them, but back at Jo Boa's home, he had whatever he wanted. This gave him a lot of problems in the society.

Jo Boa thought that he had the best arrangements for him. Ah Hong sent him to study in England, but behind all of that was actually so that her own daughter, Ah Choew would have someone to adapt life over there with. He had all the things he wanted, but they never really cared about him. He is really self centered, keeping everything to himself. He had no interest in his life nor his education. He tried to excape England to come back to Hong Kong, but Hoh Ma found out.

He and Hoh Ma barely saw each other, developing a sense of coolness towards each other. After that incident, he felt the warmness of Hoh Ma and his family. They urged him to come live with them. After a while, he became happier and more open minded. He stood on Hoh Ma's side when she fought with Ah Hong.

Linda Chung as 于素心/秋
Age: 25
Custody: -------

She is Ah Hong and her ex-husband's daughter. Her original name was Yu So Sum, but because the Grandpa wanted to make the last letter of his grandkids as [Ka Ho Yuet Yuen Hing Chong Choew], her nickname became Yu So Cheow.

After Ah Hong was left behind by her ex-husband, she developed feelings for Jo Boa. Ah Hong just stole Jo Boa from Hoh Ma. Wanting to give her a perfect family, with Jo Boa becoming her stepfather, Ah Hong told Jo Boa to have a divorce with Hoh Ma. For this reason, Ah Choew thinks that she was the cause of Hoh Ma and Jo Boa's marriage.

More than 10 years ago, Ah Choew was sent overseas for her education, separating her and Ah Ho. Twelve years later, one became a great master at making cookies and bread, while the other became a doctor to be. Their distance stretched more. But, fate brought them together once again.

Once in a while, the two would meet while taking the ferry across. Her happy memories with Ah Ho came back. She knows that her mom, Ah Hong does not like her to be with Ah Ho, but she insists on visiting Hoh Ma and her family once in a while.

Ah Choew and Hoh Ma's family are very close. Whenever her mom is not here, she would say good things about Hoh Ma, thus making Ah Hong become more mad. Hoh Ma and Ah Hong's level of fighting continues to rise, but this made Ah Ho and her get even closer. She eventually developed towards Ah Ho.

Ah Choew's head, Ah Shun also has good feelings for her, since they are constantly working together. She had to choose between her childhood friend, Ah Ho or Ah Shun. In terms of matching, Ah Shun won because they had about the same level of education. So, Ah Choew chose Ah Shun logically. Later, Ah Ho wished them luck of their love.


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well, well, well. Here are the results of my favorite two couples. BERMO and BOSCOLIE... but, you all expected that already right?

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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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