January 28, 2009

The Happy Chinese New Year chapter

01 - 26 - 09
Myolie: Yolie, I would like a cup of “Moseschino.”
Bosco: Me too.
Myolie (imitating): I like men who are tall and manly.
Bosco: Oh, me too.
Myolie (laughing): Oh what a coincidence!
Moses: Oh, would you two stop already?
Bernice: Please stop mimicking me.
Myolie: But, it’s just so funny. Hmm, Bosco, let’s do the whole skit over again.
Bosco: Ok, Ah Mo Gor and Bernice, please take a seat.
Bernice: Oh stop it.
Bosco: “Oh, it’s the second sister. What kind of men do you prefer?”
Myolie: “I prefer those who are taller than me and those who are manly.”
Bosco: “But you already have one.”
Myolie: “What?”
Bosco: “Wait, let’s have a cup of coffee first.”
Myolie: “Is is called Moseschino?”
Moses: Who said that?
Myolie: Well, you weren’t there… Johnson Lee and Louis Yuen were mocking your honey.
Bosco: Oh my God, it’s just so funny of how everything was portrayed as.
Myolie: And, if you had watched the show, you would have seen how Bernice glared at them.
Bosco: She made it so obvious.
Myolie: Are you trying to grab some headlines?
Bernice: No, why would you think of me like that?
Myolie: You know I’m just kidding right?
Bernice: So, how’s the BOSCOLIE news going?
Myolie: It’s well.
Bosco: But… we do hope for more BERMO news.
Moses: Hey, reporters can get really annoying.
Bernice: Well, I’ve been out of Hong Kong’s attention for quite a while.
Bosco: Not quite… when Moses is around, your name is ought to appear as well.
Bernice: Really?
Myolie: Yep.
Bosco: Just like when I’m around and Myolie’s not there, her name will be mentioned as well.
Myolie: Vice versa too.
Moses: So, it’s just that they love us together.

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Like I promised, I finally managed to write them up... Yup, all three of them too. (currently working on the fourth one and maybe even a fifth one!)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 12 - 25 - 08
Bernice: Hello everyone…
Myolie: Nizzy!!! You’re back!
Bernice: Yes, I am.
Bosco: Where’s that Mo Gor?
Bernice: Yeah, he promised me he’ll be the first one to greet me at the door.
Bosco (screaming): MOSES!!! Bernice is back!
Myolie (screaming): HEY, COME OUT ALREADY!
Moses comes out.
Moses: Ok, I know. Guys, please stop screaming.
Bosco: We thought you were deaf.
Moses (glares at him): What?
Myolie: Calm down, Ah Mo… he’s just kidding with you.
Bernice: Excuse me… Moses, I miss you so much.
Moses and Bernice claps. Bosco and Myolie embrace each other.
Bernice: I’m so glad to be back.
Myolie: Wait, when are you really coming back to Hong Kong?
Bernice: Umm, when I finish filming.
Bosco: I’m warning you… you better not forget us.
Bernice: Does it seem like I will?
Moses: She’ll forget you two… but she’ll never forget me, right Berni?
Bernice: No, you three are the best.
Moses: But, I’m the superior.
Bernice (whispers to Bosco and Myolie): Just let him say what he wants.
Moses: Ahem…
Bosco: Oh right… Myolie, we have to get going. We’re in charge of the foods.
Myolie: Yeah, how could I have forgotten about that?
Bernice: Ok, what are you guys up to now?
Bosco and Myolie: Nothing much, just letting Moses spend some quality time with you.
Bernice: Ah Mo, what did you give them? They’re so wild.
Moses: Bye Bosco and Myolie. See you two later… and hurry up with the food.
Bosco: I can’t believe I have to make the food and get scolded at.
Myolie: Just get going.
So, Bosco and Myolie leave to buy stuff to prepare for their massive Christmas feast.
Bernice: Oh, I’m so glad to be back.
Moses: Why can’t you just admit you missed me too much.
Bernice: Well, I did miss you… and my doggies. By the way, how are they?
Moses: They were under my care… so of course they are feeling better than ever. You know, to have a handsome man like me take care of them… is a pleasure for them.
Bernice: I can’t believe I’m dating a bragger.
Moses: Yeah, it’s nice to accept the fact that one’s boyfriend is caring, sweet, loving, and cute.
Bernice: Ya de ya de ya.
Moses hugs Bernice.
Bernice: Moses, I have to go back to filming in a couple days.
Moses: You’re gonna leave me again?
Bernice: No worries, I’ll be back around mid- January.
Moses: That’s nearly a month away.
Bernice: Oh, stop it. I call you everyday to tell you how things are.
Moses: But seeing you in person is different from hearing your voice over the phone.
Bernice: Are you losing memory? We talk via webcam every week!
Moses: That’s not enough to satisfy me.
Bernice: You are so greedy.
Moses: No, I’m not.
Bernice: Oh yes you are.
Moses: Will you allow me to do one thing now?
Bernice: What’s that?
Moses: Close your eyes.
Bernice does as told.
Bernice: Yeah.
Moses kisses her.
Bernice: That was a surprise.
The door opens and Bosco and Myolie walk in.
Bosco: Hi guys, we’re back. How’s everything?
Myolie: We had a fun time shopping for food.
Bosco: Yeah, people gave us free stuff because we’re Bosco and Myolie.
Bernice: Yeah right.
Moses: If they did, that would have meant your relationship has been exposed.
Bosco: Ok, we were joking.
Myolie: What did you two become? Detectives?
Moses: Yeah, why not.
The four eat and chat their Christmas day away…

(This will be the most unrealistic one, ever.) 12 - 31 - 08
Note: Tavia will be part of this chapter, making her the first person besides BERMO and BOSCOLIE to be included in this fanfic.
Moses have just completed his job: counting down to the new year with Tavia at the Olympian City Mall in Hong Kong.
Moses: I must hurry. I have a plane to catch.
Tavia: Calm down, Ah Mo.
Moses: No, the plane doesn’t wait for me.
Tavia: Oh, love is in the air.
Moses: Whatever… I still need to find a way to get to the airport without the reporters seeing me.
Tavia: That’s easy. I’ll distract them.
Moses: You are such a good friend.
Tavia: Actually, I’m doing this for Bernice, not you.
Moses: Since when did you guys become such good friends?
Tavia: Through you.
Moses: How?
Tavia: Well, when we were filming “Heart of Greed” and “Moonlight Resonance,” your wifey did come over to visit you.
Moses: Alright, I gonna go now. I’ll grab you a present on the way.
Tavia: It better not be from the airport. I’m warning you.
Moses: We’ll see.
(at the airport)
Moses (to the receptionist): Hi, this is my passport.
(about 12 hours later at Vancouver, Canada)
Moses (on the phone with Bernice): Hi, darling…
Bernice: Ah Mo, where are you?
Moses: In Hong Kong…
Bernice: Why are you calling at this time? Don’t you have to go to work?
Moses: Well, you never know. Maybe, you’ll even get a surprise later…
Bernice: Hmm, I’m suspicious if what the surprise is about.
(30 minutes later; after a taxi ride and at the front door of Bernice’s house.)
Moses (calls Bernice again): Hi, Nizzy, it’s me.
Bernice: I’m still waiting for the surprise.
Moses: Oh, you’re find out.
Moses rings the doorbell.
Bernice: Give me a minute. Someone’s at the door.
Moses: Sure.
Bernice opens the door to see Moses with his small bag of luggage.
Bernice (surprised with her mouth wide open): Huh?
Moses: No hugs? Not even a hello?
Bernice: This is my surprise right?
Moses: Yeah, I guess.
Moses opens his arms for a hug. Bernice starts to hug him and then starts kissing him.
Bernice: Why are you here?
Moses: Well, I miss you and I wanted to see you.
Bernice: Awhh, you came all the way over here.
Moses: Actually, it’s getting cold…
Bernice: Whoops, come inside and I’ll get you a cup of tea.
Both go inside and Bernice hands Moses a cup of hot tea.
Moses: Oh, I’m all warmed up after you cup of tea.
Bernice: So, what brings you here?
Moses: I said I wanted to see you.
Bernice: But, you have a busy schedule full of functions and filming to do.
Moses: So, I could spare 48 hours.
Bernice: That’s really sweet of you.
Moses: I demand another kiss.
Bernice: I’ll think about that.
Moses: So, how’s everything going? I’m literally counting down the days until you’ll be back in Hong Kong so that we can see each other more often.
Bernice: The time will come.
Moses: Are you going to film more Hollywood movies?
Bernice: I wish we could film a Hong Kong produced movie together.
Moses: Me too.
Bernice: So, I’m off today and we could spend a fun day together. Where do you want to go?
Moses: I don’t know. You could bring me around like how I took you to different places in Australia back in the days.
Bernice: Sure.
(after hours of fun going at various places)
Bernice: I’m exhausted.
Moses: The amusement park was so fun.
Bernice: Thanks for the teddy bear you helped me win playing throw the bottle.
Moses: It’s my pleasure.
Bernice: You’re leaving tomorrow.
Moses: I know. Time passes by.
Bernice: I’ll be back in Hong Kong soon. It’s not going to be a problem.
Moses: Oh, just admit you’ll miss me.
Bernice: Ok, I surrender. I will miss you.
Moses: It’s ok. I love you.

01 - 06 - 09
Bernice: Hey guys, what’s up?
Moses: Nothing much.
Bernice: Why are you all gathered around my Moses?
Moses: Nizzy, today’s your birthday remember?
Bernice: Hey, that’s right. I forgot.
Moses: How could you?
Bernice: What? I’ve been busy filming for the new movie.
Myolie: We know you’re busy, but not that busy.
Bosco: So, how do you plan on celebrating your birthday.
Myolie: I feel bad that Moses is not going to be there.
Bernice: Well, the cast is throwing me a party after filming today.
Moses: Oh, that’s nice.
Myolie: Bernice, what do you want for your present? We’ll get you it and then when you come back to Hong Kong in two weeks, we’ll have it ready for you.
Bernice: I want Moses.
Bosco: Alright, that’s easy. We’ll just wrap him up on the day you come back.
Moses: Seriously, what kind of gift would you want from me?
Bernice: You know, I like it better if it was a surprise.
Moses: Ok, I’ll think about the gift then.
Bernice: That’s my good man.
Bosco: Oh God, I can’t take this anymore.
Myolie: Same here. Why are they always separated… by countries?
Bosco: And we have to sit and hear their love language.
Myolie: We should leave, CoCo.
Bosco: Bye my two love birds. See you later, Ah Mo.
Moses: Bye guys.
Bernice (from the computer screen): Bye, see you in a while.
Moses: Finally, we can have some peace and quiet.
Bernice: Too bad you can’t spend my birthday with me. I miss you already. I want to give you a giant hug.
Moses: I just left Canada a few days ago, remember?
Bernice: So… your girlfriend, also known as me, misses you terribly. Would you mind?
Moses: Don’t worry. Time will pass by quickly. We’ll see each other again in no time.

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Look at this...

It's from The Sun (HK)


Basically it's about Bernice coming back to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year. The best part is near the end. Bernice is seen passing out signed photographs to the audience.

Audience # 1: Oh, I love you.
Bernice: Thank you, thank you.
Audience # 1: I love Chan Ho (Moses).
Bernice: "Ai ya." I'm so happy.

I can't believe Bernice just completely ignored the comment. Maybe it's because it came so fast that she had no time to think what to say.


Also, Myolie said she is planning to buy a mansion. (Bosco said something like that too.) But, she doesn't plan to have Bosco included into this mansion.


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January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year (2009)

So, I was watching CNY Day Special, and there's a skit...
(Bernice plays the second sister in the "Cow" family; resembling The Gem of Life)

Johnson Lee: JL
Bernice Liu: BL
Louis Yuen: LY

JL: Oh, this is the second sister... hmmm... very beautiful. So, what do you like of a boyfriend?
BL: Well, he has to be tall (tiptoes to show) and very manly (leans on JL).
JL: You already have one.
BL: What? (glares at JL)
JL: Ahh, Lai Lai (Mother in Law), you have something to say right?
LY: Yeah, but let's first drink a cup of coffee. (snickers)
Bernice looks at them.
JL: That cup [of coffee] is called "Moseschino" right?
BL: Ah. (starts to kick Johnson to the right and Louis on the left, to make it seem like she's dancing.)


*I'm almost done with the second chapter that I had promised.*


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January 25, 2009


Well, I've been on "hiatus" for over two weeks (to be exact, 19 days). I had finals over the past week, and I had to work on my final model for Architecture Major. I have finished and here are some pics of it. I am working on the fanfics and I will upload all three or four (including the CNY one) altogether when I'm done. (Please spare me another day or two.) So, here are the pictures and I wish everyone a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR. (Hopefully BERNICE AND MOSES/ BOSCO AND MYOLIE will be spending more time together.)


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January 6, 2009


Today, Jan. 6th, 2009 marks Bernice's 30th birthday... She needs to get married [with Moses Chan] and have kids. Bernice, we are waiting for that day to come. Please make it happen soon. She currently has 7 dogs, including puppies by Mac and Bailey and their kids. But, what I really want to see is Bernice pregnant with Moses' cute baby. And, then TVB will let her rest for a year and a half and she will come out to the entertainment circle again. Then, Bernice and Moses will help TVB film a series of love and comedy. That would be SO nice.

--Perhaps that's Bernice's b-day wish?--

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January 2, 2009

Some news

from The Sun (01/03/09)




Yesterday, Bosco, Myolie, and Linda, went to a function to pray for their success in taking the Newcomer award. Both Bosco and Myolie disagreed in taking a pic just by themselves, therefore dragging Susanna Kwan before taking a pic by reporters.
Myolie: "It's boring to always have pictures of us alone. I don't want to make it seem like I'm promoting anything."
Reporters: "Company is pressuring?"
Myolie: "No, It's just that I don't want to. If we both get an award tomorrow night, then we'll take a pic together."
Reporters: "Did Bosco congratulate you?"
Myolie: "Yeah, also saying he's jealous how radio stations always broadcast my songs."

-Umm, wasn't there something like if Bosco gets some award, he'll admit his relationship with Myolie? Didn't he get enough awards already? It's about time to do so... And poor Susanna Kwan... stuck in the middle.




Earlier, Moses went to different places for his show "Confidential Coffee." He attended a reporter function yestersay and made coffee. He also admitted he has 10 coffee machines at home.
Reporters: Did you ever brew some for Bernice Liu?
Moses: Yeah, I tried. There was a coffee machine in the filming place.
Reporters: What did she say?
Moses: She said it's good.
Reporters: What about at home? Are they better.
Moses: She came before, but I didn't make coffee.
Reporters: What did you make for the drinks then?
Ah Mo: Coffee. I always make my friends coffee.

He wishes for his dream to come true by opening a coffee shop a few years from now. Moses said he tried some HK$300 "cat's poop coffee." (I remember something like the cats eat these coffee beans and then they poop or something... not sure though.)

What do you guys think about the recent rumors about Gigi Leung and Ekin Cheng? Any opinions? I wished reporters would ask Yoyo Mung about this. I remember when Gigi and Ekin broke up, I was sad... because at the time I was watching "Always Ready" in Dec. 2005 - Jan. 2006 and I liked his character. But then, I was totally ok when he admitted to dating Yoyo Mung. I don't know. Rumors have it Gigi and Ekin have gotten back together...

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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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