September 30, 2008

TVB Nominations 2008 (41st Anniversary)

from, but i don't really know where it's from...
The ones in bold, are my favorite 1st, italic are my favorite 2nd, and those in CAPS are 3rd.

TVB Anniversary Awards 2008 Nominees (Part of the list)

Best Actor Category:
Kenneth Ma - Survivor's Law II
Roger Kwok - D.I.E
Damian Lau - Catch Me Now
Frankie Lam - Forensic Heroes II
Michael Miu - Love Exchange (2nd)
Ha Yu - Moonlight Resonance
Moses Chan - Moonlight Resonance (1st)
Bobby Au Yeung - Your Class or Mine
Kevin Cheng - Last One Standing

Best Female Category:
Liza Wang - Wars of In-Laws II
Sonjia Kwok - D.I.E
Linda Chung - A Journey Called Life (1st)
Nancy Sit - The Silver Chamber of Sorrows
Charmaine Sheh - Forensic Heroes II
Kate Tsui - Speech of Silence
Louise Lee - Moonlight Resonance
Susanna Kwan - Moonlight Resonance (2nd)
Michelle Yim - Moonlight Resonance

Best supporting Actress:
Joyce Tang (Wars of In Laws II)
Bernice Liu (Wasabi Mon Amour) (1st)
Sharon Chan (Catch Me Now)
Nancy Wu (The Silver Chamber of Sorrow)
Krystal Tin (Love Exchange)
Lee Heung Kam (Moonlight Resonance)
Tavia Yeung (Moonlight Resonance)
Fala Chen (Moonlight Resonance) (2nd)
Kate Tsui (Moonlight Resonance)

Best supporting Actor:
Tsui Wing (Best Selling Secrets)
Stephen Au (Best Selling Secrets)
Derek Kwok (Wars of In Laws II)
Wayne Lai (The Gentle Crackdown II)
Paul Chun (Wasabi Mon Amour)
Kenneth Ma (The Master of Tai Chi)
Johnson Lee (Catch Me Now) (1st)
Chou Chun (Moonlight Resonance)
Oscar Leung (Your Class or Mine) (2nd)

Most Improved Female Artist:
Tavia Yeung
Toby Leung (1st)
Nancy Wu (2nd)
Sharon Chan

Most Improved Male Artist:
Wong Cho Lam
Johnson Lee (1st)
Tsui Wing (2nd)
Derek Kwok

My Favourite Male Character Role:
Kenneth Ma - Survior's Law II
Bosco Wong - Wars of In-Laws II (1st)
Roger Kwok - D.I.E
Derek Kwok - D.I.E
Michael Tse - The Money-Maker Recipe
Raymond Lam - Moonlight Resonance (2nd)
Sunny Chan - Legend of the Demigods
Ron Ng - The Four
Kevin Cheng - Last One Standing

My Favourite Female Character Role:
Charmaine Sheh - Word Twisters' Adventures
Liza Wang - Wars of In-Laws II
Myolie Wu - Wars of In-Laws II (1st)
Yuen Siu Yee - D.I.E
Christine Ng - The Silver Chamber of Sorrows
Kiki Sheung - The Money-Maker Recipe
Susanna Kwan - Moonlight Resonance
Fala Chen - Moonlight Resonance (2nd)
Linda Chung - Legend of the Demigods

Best Series Host:
Jade Solid Gold [JSG]: Amigo Chui, Percy Wu
Sonija Kwok, Joey Leung, Amigo Chui
Patrick Tang
Eason Chan
Maggie Cheung, Shirley Yeung, Suki Chui, _____
The Super Trio Supreme: Eric Tsang, Chin Ka Lok, Wong Cho Lam, Louis Yuen (1st)
Identity I
Amanda S., Louisa So, ________
Identity II
So Good

Best Series:
Best Selling Secrets
Word Twister's Adventures
Marriage of Inconvience
Building Blocks of Life
Survivor's Law II
Wars of In Laws II (2nd)
The Gentle Crackdown II
Wasabi Mon Amour
The Seventh Day
The Master of Tai Chi
A Journey Called Life (1st)
Catch Me Now
Silver Chamber of Sorrows
Forensic Heroes II
The Money Maker Recipe
Speech of Silence
Love Exchange
When a Dog Loves a Cat
Legend of the Demigods
Your Class or Mine
The Four
Last One Standing


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September 27, 2008

This article made my day!

from the Sun 09/29/08 (translated by love_of_tvb)
Orignal site:

傳分手後首度同場陳豪面紅等合照廖碧兒心甜 (After Breakup Rumors, Moses turns red, and Bernice smiles sweetly at the same location)


Moses Chan and Bernice Liu's relationship has been rumored to have ended already. Then, Bernice was rumored to have date with a rich guy. Since their "breakup" it was their first time for them to appear at the same location. Because Moses didn't want to steal the spotlight, he rejected to have pictures taken with Bernice together. After the executives went away and Bernice had finished doing an interview, Moses invited Bernice to take a picture with him. Bernice smiled sweetly.


Moses said that he will leave some space for Bernice. He also said that eating dinner and sitting in the same car is a normal thing to do with a friend, and it does not necessarily mean that they have to be a girl/boyfriend relationship with the rich "Steward" guy.Then, smiling sweetly, Bernice that good friends worry about each other.


盛 傳 分 手 的 陳 豪 與 廖 碧 兒 , 在 傳 出 女 方 另 結 空 中 少 爺 新 歡 後 , 前 晚 首 次 碰 面 , 兩 人 前 後 腳 出 席 《 留 住 百 味 情 》 慈 善 首 演 , 二 人 在 V I P 區 內 碰 頭 , 記 者 叫 二 人 合 照 時 , 面 紅 紅 的 陳 豪 即 拉 無 高 層 樂 易 玲 及 曾 勵 珍 合 照 。 事 後 陳 豪 否 認 面 紅 , 並 謂 早 知 廖 碧 兒 會 來 , 不 合 照 是 不 想 搶 主 人 家 鏡 ︰ 「 樂 小 姐 同 珍 姐 係 主 人 家 , 我 係 小 角 色 。 」
待 兩 位 高 層 入 場 後 , 陳 豪 即 大 方 邀 廖 碧 兒 合 照 , 二 人 並 一 同 接 受 電 視 台 訪 問 。 廖 碧 兒 說 與 陳 豪 是 朋 友 , 對 於 陳 豪 關 心 自 己 , 她 笑 說 ︰ 「 好 朋 友 一 定 緊 張 。 」


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September 26, 2008



Hello guys, do you see anything common about them in the pic?

1. Both are wearing white shirts.
2. Their jeans are about the same shade.
3. Both of their arms are behind them, and I wonder why? Is it because they are trying to hide their rings?

And, the caption on the bottom of the group pic says that Bernice and Moses came in right after the other? Did they come together? Wow, so many questions.
Thanks MC3 for the pic on your blog... I would have never found the site...


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BERMO... or not?

i consider it as lies, but take a look anyways.

from Oriential Daily, translated by love_of_tvb
陳豪冇見家長呻蝕 (Moses didn't see her parents yet)

陳 豪 的 緋 聞 女 友 廖 碧 兒 , 被 指 帶 空 中 少 爺 新 歡 見 家 長 。 昨 日 陳 豪 和 楊 怡 出 席 活 動 時 , 陳 豪 手 上 已 脫 去 情 侶 戒 。 對 於 傳 聞 廖 碧 兒 有 新 歡 , 他 力 撐 : 「 畀 空 間 人 , 唔 好 食 飯 、 車 人 就 當 係 。 其 實 唔 係 乜 大 件 事 。 ( 咁 有 冇 帶 你 見 過 家 長 ? ) 未 。 ( 蝕 ? ) 係 啊 , 蝕 。 ( 你 分 手 定 復 合 ? ) 咁 多 緋 聞 唔 知 進 展 , 阿 彌 陀 佛 。 」 被 迫 供 的 陳 豪 向 楊 怡 求 救 , 她 笑 說 : 「 佢 講 係 事 實 。 」

Moses Chan's rumored girlfriend, Bernice Liu was rumored to have brought "air flight" sir to see her parents. Yesterday, when Moses and Tavia appeared at a function, Moses no longer had on the couple's ring. To the rumors, Moses supported her saying " It's no big thing, driving her somewhere or having dinner tomorrow." Reporters then asked if Bernice brought him to see her parents. Moses replied by saying no. Then reporters asked if they had broke up and gotten back together. Moses then said "I don't know much about these rumors, Oh Le Toh Fah." When reporters asked Tavia, whom Moses turned for help, she said that what Moses said were the facts.

MY THOUGHTS and some questioning on the article.
1. Didn't Moses already admit on BE MY GUEST that he had met Bernice's parents?
2. Bernice's mom is in Hong Kong? Did she fly back all the way to Vancouver to show her parents her new "boyfriend"?
3. And, how come they couldn't just admit it that they are together, and then everyone (especially me) would live in harmony and happiness for them?

And some other non related things:
- Claire Yiu was spotted recently with a friend. She seems to be 3 months pregnant with her husband of two years. Congrats!!!!

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September 24, 2008


Being a junior is high school is terrifying... I stay up to at least 12:30 AM trying to finish my architect sketches and then waking up at 6:30 AM. On top of that, I have a 4 pg. essay due on Friday, which I didn't start yet, and also a U.S. test tomorrow. I haven't even watched a single episode for this week's two new series. Next week, I will have a break on Tuesday and Wed. (Thank GOD!), so hopefully I can update the BERMO and BOSCOLIE fanfic then.


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September 21, 2008

Bernice at a function...

(from Hong Kong The Sun 09/22/08, translated by love_of_tvb)

廖碧兒提起陳豪語無倫次 (As Moses is mentioned, Bernice is saying nonsense.)

前晚廖碧兒與Ana R.為Precious & Delicious Italian Jewellery 2008示範仿朱古力珠寶首飾,提起陳豪即全程扮聾兼答非所問。早前廖碧兒被拍得在蘭桂坊一間餐廳內,而陳豪則駕車經過,問到當日兩人是否約好,她說:「我有時會帶住部手提電腦打稿。(咁係咪約陳豪?)我要澄清我家姐唔係我助手。(咁你係咪約佢?)我當日冇約到囉!尋日我同個男性朋友食飯畀人影晒喇,呢個朋友影好多次。(咁即係有冇約陳豪?)我唔介意約朋友食飯。」再追問兩人是否復合,她即說:「我唔答,呢新聞已經聽慣晒。」

Yesterday, Bernice Liu and Ana R. appeared at Precious & Delicious Italian Jewellery 2008 function to demonstrate some chocolate jewelry. As Moses Chan is mentioned, Bernice acted as if she were deaf and didn't answer the questions. Earlier, Bernice was photographed in a Lai Kwan Fong restaurant and Moses' car passed by.
Reporters: Did you two set this date?
Bernice: Sometimes, I carry my laptop to type drafts.
Reporters: So, did you set this date.
Bernice: I need to say that my sister is not my assistant.
Bernice: I did not set that date up. Yesterday I went with a male friend to eat and was photographed again. That friend had been photographed many times.
Reporters: So, seriously, did you ask Moses out on that day?
Bernice: I don't mind having dinner with my friends.
Reporters: Are you two back together?
Bernice: I won't answer. I have heard of these news plenty of times.

Ok, I have no clue what she was talking about! Her sister is not her assistant? What? Is this like some kind of a hint of something? Because all her answers were irrevelant to the reporters' questions. But, she did say she won't answer, therefore putting me on the edge of my seat again.

and this is from Oriental Daily, about the same... translated by love_of_tvb

廖碧兒提起陳豪九唔搭八 (Moses is mentioned, Bernice doesn't answer correctly.)

早 前 廖 碧 兒 被 拍 到 在 蘭 桂 坊 一 餐 廳 內 , 剛 巧 陳 豪 駕 車 經 過 , 因 而 被 傳 二 人 密 會 。 前 晚 廖 碧 兒 與 Ana R. 同 為 Precious & Delicious Italian Jewellery 2008 示 範 仿 朱 古 力 珠 寶 首 飾 , 被 問 到 當 日 是 否 約 了 陳 豪 到 蘭 桂 坊 時 , 碧 兒 竟 「 突 然 失 聰 」 ; 第 二 次 追 問 她 時 又 帶 記 者 遊 花 園 , 她 說 : 「 我 要 澄 清 我 家 姐 唔 係 我 助 手 , 係 佢 出 畀 大 家 影 先 我 至 出 。 ( 你 係 咪 約 陳 豪 ? ) 我 當 日 無 約 到 囉 。 尋 日 我 同 個 男 性 朋 友 食 飯 畀 人 影 晒 喇 , 呢 個 朋 友 影 好 多 次 。 ( 咁 即 係 有 無 約 陳 豪 ? ) 我 唔 介 意 約 朋 友 食 飯 。 ( 你 係 咪 復 合 ? ) 我 唔 答 , 呢 新 聞 已 經 慣 。 」

Earlier, Bernice was photographed at a restuarant, and somehow Moses' car passed by, so all thought that they were meeting up secretly. Yesterday, Bernice Liu and Ana R. appeared at the Precious & Delicious Italian Jewellery 2008 function, showing off chocolate jewelry. Asked if they had met up, Bernice suddenly went "deaf."

(the second time being asked.)
Reporters: You always led reporters to go around and around in circles.
Bernice: I need to say that my sister is not my assistant. It's because they keep taking pictures of me. (???)
Reporters: Did you meet with Moses?
Bernice: I did not set that date up. Yesterday I went with a male friend to eat and was photographed again. That friend had been photographed many times.
Reporters: So, seriously, did you ask Moses out on that day?
Bernice: I don't mind having dinner with my friends.
Reporters: Are you two back together?
Bernice: I won't answer. I have heard of these news plenty of times.

Ok, this article is even more confusing. But, the "no answer" at the last part makes it more obvious that she is just hiding all the facts. Doesn't it get tired to always tell lies to the reporters?

But, to conclude, today's pretty happy, with Raymond spilling the beans for BOSCOLIE and Bernice...


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There was a part where Raymond Lam, Linda Chung, and Bosco Wong were on stage. Then, the hosts Amigo Chui and Heidi Chu asked Linda to pick one of them to be her true love. Even the others of the Moonlight Resonance supported him.

Michelle Yim (I suppose it's for real life.): He is very good in riding bikes. He can ride a bike while talking with the other. Very good.

Kate Tsui (real life, obviously): Although he may not be the richest in real life [compared to Raymond] but he only likes one at a time. It doesn't matter if you are fat of skinny in terms of physical appearance. (For TO GROW WITH LOVE, Myolie had to gain like 40 pounds.)

Dexter Yeung: (maybe real life/in the series): He's very romantic, I mean who can go to Lamma Island and eat sweet tofu (tofu flower) for a whole night?

The Gung Gung: (in the series): He has a lot of snacks and foods in the trunk of his car.Next,

Raymond and Bosco were told to tell the other's bad/negative habits and stuff.
Raymond: I really have to say it? He has a girlfriend... Her name is Wu...
Bosco: What???
Amigo: Wu what?
Raymond: Yeah, Wing Lum.
Bosco (with a sight of relieve): Oh...
Raymond: And, he has a very "yan man" (as in Wars of In Laws II chinese name, Yan Man Lai Lai) daughter-in-law. It's very annoying. (He must be talking about Myolie Wu.)
Bosco: He's very busy, he has to film series and sell his new CDs. Pick me. And underground love is very complicated and tiring. (Bosco said "They Ha Ching.")
Amigo: "They Ha Ching," you?

Man, this was hilarious... I watched it many times and I couldn't keep laughing. Then, I thought, whar would happen if Bosco went to blame Raymond. That would be even more funnier. So funny...
So here we have two more pieces of evidence:
1. Raymond spilling out the words "Wu.."
2. Bosco admiting himself that an underground love relationship is very tiring.

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September 17, 2008

BERMO/My Birthday

When I woke up this morning, I checked MC3's blog and clicked on the website with BERMO's "breakup." I was so happy... Guess what? They didn't break up...

As for my birthday today, I received a gift card and some other stuff. It was just a regular day, however... I will be taking tests and quizzes on Friday. As for now, I still have to finish my architecture major HW.


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September 14, 2008


Happy Mooncake Festival... if I have time later, maybe I can post up a BERMO and BOSCOLE episode... STAY TUNED!

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September 13, 2008

Janet Chow and Timmy Hung

They are the most rumoured couple for the past few weeks. Rumours has it that they are getting married... but who knows? I think they match. He's the son of Hong Kong veteran actor Sammo Hung and she is Miss Hong Kong 2006 1st runner up. If anyone likes this "couple" I suggest that you watch the Community Chest Charity Show 2008 (the pasts of Human Tetris). Chin Ka Lok made them so embarassed.

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Thanks Mab, for the site...

From Hong Kong The Sun (translated by me, love_of_tvb

斷正唔認照玩地下情 (They were caught, and yet they still play an underground relationship.)


Many rumoured couples don't admit that they are dating, but then their relationship gets surfaced by the press.

黃宗澤.胡杏兒 (BOSCOLIE)

Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong's rumours started in 2005's filming of "War of the In Laws." The two have not yet admitted their relationship, but Bosco is Myolie's driver, picking her up and dropping her off. He also sent numerous SMS messages to Myolie and they often appear together in public functions, while of course, flirting.

陳豪.廖碧兒 (BERMO)

In 2004, Bernice Liu and Moses Chan filmed a TVB trip/vacation guide and a series "Love Bond." That was how they started their love sparks. They were often photographed eating together sweetly. They also earned money together on stage, however both have denied the dating rumours, but their actions are the evidence of their love relationship.

洪天明.周家蔚 (Timnet/Janmy: Timmy & Janet)
In the middle of this year, Timmy Hung and Janet Chow helped TVB film a trip/vactaion guide. Rumours has it that Timmy is trying to court Janet. But, the two have denied anything. They were seen watching a basketball game in Macau together.

Just a note: I updated a lot for the simalarites between HOG and MR, so head over there!

I just love this article, and we all know why...

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September 11, 2008

September 11th 2008

Today is a sunny day, but 7 years ago, September 11th seemed like a painful and tragic day to all in the U.S., especially those who had lost someone in the attacks. Today, I would like to delicate this post for all those who lost their lives innocently or trying to save others.

In school today, most people wore black or navy blue to commerate those. And I did too...


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September 7, 2008

If... there was a Strictly Comes Dancing III, who should be in there? Vote for Bernice on the ladies' side and Moses for the gentlemen's side. (Male) (Female)


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September 6, 2008

To: Mab

mab, I am really sorry... but I did a system recovery about 3 weeks ago, and it seems that my scanner doesn't work anymore because somehow the HP Director does work. Therefore, I am not able to scan the Moses' and Bernice's interview from the Mingpao Magazine last Sunday. I am extremely sorry. Maybe, if I fix it at another time... I'll see. But once again... I am so SORRY!

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September 4, 2008

Finally... Moses... talks of Bernice in a long time.

from Oriental Daily (Hong Kong) Translations by love_of_tvb
「 情 侶 檔 」 要 是 年 紀 、 外 形 相 襯 , 觀 眾 自 然 容 易 受 落 , 但 凡 事 總 有 例 外 , 陳 豪 同 楊 怡 這 對 拍 埋 , 第 一 感 覺 已 「 唔 多 襯 」 , 總 覺 得 似 兄 妹 多 過 似 戀 人 , 但 原 來 亂 點 鴛 鴦 亦 可 以 好 work , 產 生 化 學 作 用 。

[On screen couples] need matching ages and physical appeance, which will make the audience easily accept it. But, all things have an exception. Moses Chan and Tavia Yeung's pairing in the series give people a first feeling of [they don't match]. They look more like siblings that lovers. But, somehow they work out, as in some new experiments.

陳 : 陳 豪 楊 : 楊 怡
陳 : 我 同 楊 怡 做 一 對 ? 起 初 演 時 候 都 會 幾 擔 心 , 因 為 大 家 拍 埋 「 情 侶 感 」 唔 強 , 而 且 我 畀 人 感 覺 比 較 開 朗 , 相 反 你 就 比 較 憂 鬱 、 苦 情 , 硬 係 覺 得 唔 係 咁 襯 。

Moses: Tavia and I as a pair? At first, I was pretty worried, because our [on screen couple feeling] is not that strong. And, I give people a feeling of openess, and on the opposite side, you are more sad and depressed. I still didn't think that we were much od a match.

楊 : 我 個 心 都 咁 諗 , 你 咁 高 大 , 自 問 行 埋 去 真 係 矮 , 對 高 鞋 先 敢 行 埋 去 , 仲 有 你 入 行 耐 我 咁 多 , 感 覺 你 似 大 哥 哥 , 成 熟 過 我 好 多 , 所 以 點 都 唔 係 咁 襯 。

Tavia: I felt that too. You are so tall, and I am really a little short that I must wear heels. And, you have been in the industry longer than I have, it feels like you are more of an older brother, and more mature than I am. Therefore, it doesn't really work out that well.

陳 : 我 睇 過 你 之 前 同 馬 浚 偉 、 吳 卓 羲 、 林 拍 檔 劇 集 , 出 效 果 都 唔 錯 , 所 以 我 覺 得 我 要 , 唔 係 種 好 纏 綿 、 難 捨 難 離 feel , 反 而 係 鬥 氣 冤 家 , 出 又 相 當 OK , 幾 舒 服 。

Moses: Before, I have seen you cooperate with Steven Ma, Ron Ng, and Raymond Lam in many series. The outcoming result was good. So, I felt that what I needed was not a romantic feeling, but rather a 難 捨 難 離 feeling, like a bickering pair. Then, the outcome would be OK and more comfortable.

爛 gag 有 助 發 揮 (Rotten Jokes Helped a Bit)

楊 : 今 次 係 第 二 次 同 你 合 作 , 上 次 《 匯 通 天 下 》 同 你 好 少 對 手 戲 , 今 次 《 家 好 月 圓 》 先 算 係 正 正 式 式 合 作 , 之 前 都 覺 得 你 好 正 經 , 但 原 來 你 係 可 以 好 好 笑 , 成 日 搞 下 爛 gag , 你 先 係 爛 gag 王 。

Tavia: This is my second time working with you. Last time in "Land of Wealth" we had little scenes together. This time in "Moonlight Resonance" is truly the time that we really worked together in many scenes. Before I thought that you were really straightforward, but you could be really funny, always making up rotten jokes. You are the king of rotten jokes.

陳 : 哈 哈 , 有 時 搞 下 gag , 大 家 發 揮 都 好 , 咁 依 家 我 咪 產 生 化 學 作 用 , 同 埋 真 係 多 得 編 劇 掌 握 , 由 頭 到 尾 冇 乜 拍 拖 戲 , 但 我 又 係 一 對 喎 , 處 理 得 好 好 。

Moses: Haha, sometimes making some rotten jokes will make everyone better at the set. With you, we must thank the scriptwriter, because from the beginning to the end, we don't have any dating scenes. But, we are a pair.

楊 : 你 話 同 我 唔 襯 , 咁 眾 多 女 演 員 中 , 你 係 咪 覺 得 同 廖 碧 兒 最 合 襯 … … 哈 哈 。
Tavia: You say that I don't match with you, then among all female artistes, you feel that you are Bernice are a perfect match... haha.

最 愛 非 廖 碧 兒 (The Most Loved is... BERNICE LIU)

陳 : 唔 係 喎 , 外 形 上 同 Bernice 係 好 襯 , 但 如 果 講 拍 劇 最 有 火 花 我 會 揀 Ada 蔡 少 芬 , 佢 係 高 手 , 因 為 Ada 唔 係 淨 係 演 戲 , 佢 種 人 生 閱 歷 , 出 味 道 唔 係 個 個 有 , 所 以 好 期 待 再 有 機 會 同 Ada 合 作 。

Moses: Not really. In terms of physical appearance, Bernice and I really do match. But in terms of on-screen, Ada Choi and I have the most "sparks." She is really a master. I hope for another collaboration with Ada.

楊 : 咁 我 就 揀 卓 羲 , 可 能 我 同 卓 羲 同 期 出 道 , 加 上 同 一 個 經 理 人 同 一 個 星 座 , 所 以 特 別 合 拍 , 就 算 合 作 都 唔 使 點 交 流 , 因 為 我 已 經 好 有 默 契 , 除 卓 羲 之 外 , 仲 有 同 林 、 黃 宗 澤 都 係 好 有 默 契 , 唔 使 講 咁 多 , 一 埋 位 就 得 。

Tavia: Then, I will choose Ron Ng, maybe because we came into the industry at about the same time, plus we are managed under the same manager and we share the same horoscope. That's why we are extremely cooperative with each other. Besides Ron, Raymond Lam, and Bosco Wong and I do have some sort of cooperation in us. We don't really need to talk, we're just on the set and ready to roll.

文 : 影 視 組
後 記 陳 豪 加 楊 怡 雖 然 外 形 並 非 絕 襯 , 但 兩 人 企 埋 一 齊 令 人 好 舒 服 , 單 單 是 影 相 做 訪 問 當 日 , 兩 人 就 夾 到 不 得 了 , 同 樣 係 玩 得 之 人 , 表 情 動 作 多 多 , 戲 內 戲 外 同 樣 令 人 受 落 !

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September 2, 2008


well, i got my schedule today... and it's not that good. i have a 2-9 schedule with no lunch, but i will request for a change on thursday.


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September 1, 2008


sadly, tomorrow will be my new school year. Hopefully, I won't have so much homework.


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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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