June 28, 2010


Well, that was it. Four long, tiring, hardworking years. The years of high school. Entering as a freshman, relaxing as a sophomore, stressing out as a junior, and finishing school as a senior. Well, high school was truly an experience. There are so many memories that I just can't forget. All the different friends that I met and all the classmates that I worked with.

But, I do understand that I must let go and say goodbye. Therefore, dearest close friends, we'll meet again someday at a reunion right?


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June 27, 2010


Well, Bosco was on Episode 10 of the Super Trio. And you guessed it, Myolie Wu was mentioned several times.

When they were playing that sushi game:

Bosco: Oh, women are so mean.
Chin Kar Lok: Wu Hung Yee is better right?
Bosco flipped!

When they were playing, guess the phrase of "WU HUNG YEE":

Bosco Wong: My...
Angela Tong (pointing at Bosco): His girlfriend, his girlfriend...
Crystal Tin: Wu Hang Yee, Wu Hang Yee...

When they were answering IQ questions:
Eric Tsang: Look at the name that's written in front of you [the balloon]. That's who you're sweetly in love with (well, something like that).
Everyone: Hung Yee.
The screen shows hearts and her name.
Bosco: Oh, I can't see well. I'm nearsighted.

This only proves that they are INDEED IN A RELATIONSHIP. They are one step closer! OH YEAH! But, I still wish that both BOSCOLIE could go on the Super Trio together.
OH YEAH! But, I still wish that both BOSCOLIE could go on the Super Trio together.


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June 25, 2010

Oh yeah, so Bermo spotting AND I have officially graduated from high school. WOOHOO! Architecture '10 @ BTHS. Memories will last me forever. GO TECH and today's graduates!

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陳豪碧兒情侶檔行騷耍花槍 (Moses and Bernice as a Couple at a function)

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Rumored couple Moses Chan and Bernice Liu walked a show together. In a raffle, Bernice also picked out Moses, showing how much fate they have. Moses mentioned that it has been two years since he attended a function with Bernice. Ask if Charmaine would be jealous about Bernice, he awkwardly said "None of my business". Then, reporters asked if Charmaine had anything to do with him, and he immediately said "None of the girls are my business." Asked if Bernice felt victory, she immediately said "So I'm none of your business too!" and stared at Moses. Moses got so scared that he immediately put his arms around Bernice's.

Source: The Sun (Hong Kong)


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June 22, 2010

Summary of Mysteries of Love Epi. 22 to 25

Epi. 22: Gordon (Kenneth Ma) and the Madam (Astrid Chan) explain to the rich man that his son's video could be possibly leaked into the internet as with the motor airplane model and bomb incident. Bowie (Leanne Li) purposely tells Sai Lai Mui (SLM - Tavia Yeung) to meet her but she's not there. Gordon discovers that Adrian (Stephen Huynh) is actually following him. Gordon finds Nickole (Bernice Liu) fishing. Adrian confronts them and the two work together to make him feel bad. Bowie purposely tells Kingsley (Raymond Lam) to stay awhile longer at her company as she has something to discuss with him and they see SLM there. Gordon and Nickole goes to a pub together and see Gordon's two friends, making them jealous. Gordon is doing his homework at home, but his two friends call him and he goes out to drink and he basically has another relationship with this girl (Lee Yee Man). Nickole comes back from her job in Macau and sees this.

Epi. 23: Gordon and Kingsley attend a building opening ceremony. Kingsley finds evidence that there is danger and they sucessfully take the rich man out from danger. Gordon finds that a man used a fake ID to get into the opening ceremony. Kingsley receives an email from an unknown sender. Bowie visits Kingsley's house and is warmly greeted by his mom and aunt. Gordon sees that Nickole greatly helps him with his interview for a higher position and is sweetly in love. Unfortunately, Nickole overhears Gordon's coversation at a pub saying he would like to have a wife who is clean. Gordon receives a text message from Nickole that she will not be marrying him. Bowie doesn't offer help and Kingsley's mom is kidnapped. Gordon asks SLM to go back to their CIB team and she agrees. Kingsley finds that the unknown emails actually contains videos of his kidnapped mom.

Epi. 24: SLM sees that the often calm Kingsley starts to cry so she goes and comfort him. Kingsley is heartbroken to see the items that the kidnapper sent, but finds traces of clues within them. Kingsley comes upon a mysterious forum and finds the rich man's son's video in there. As SLM is chatting with her eldest brother, they conclude that Kingsley might be in danger. As the police search, SLM sucessfully saves Kingsley's mom. Kingsley's mom returns safely back home and tells Kingsley to thank SLM. SLM receives and email from Kingsley but only responds back coldly. Kingsley's car somehow stops to work correctly and encounters danger. Kingsley's dad's art gallery goes on fire. SLM and Kingsley meet again and SLM keeps their distance. The police sets a trap to catch the kidnapper, but fail to do so.

Epi. 25: Kingsley meets the kidnapper (the brother of the bomber -- Raymond Wong) online and they compete in terms of IQ and intelligence. Kingsley wins. The kidnapper sucessfully abducts Kingsley and plans to make Kingsley die with him. SLM supports Kingsley in the hospital and he wakes up. Kingsley's parents say thanks to SLM in person. After waking up, Kingsley finds himself all in love with SLM once again. SLM's nephew (Hey Jai) gets an award and thanks his old school and classmates for his achievements on TV. Kingsley asks SLM to get back together but is rejected by SLM. Gordon wants to stop Nickole from leaving Hong Kong, so he threatens her with a letter to leave the police force. Kingsley tries to walk SLM to work making her feel uncomfortable. Kingsley goes to Australia to apologize to SLM, only to have her yell at him. At a Physics award ceremony, Kingsley tells everyone his heartfelt words.

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June 20, 2010


This weekend's hard work and yet more to come:

11 - 26 - 09
Bernice: Guys! Does someone mind helping me?
Moses: What DO you need help with?
Bernice: Stuffing the turkey.
Bosco: Eh… not my type.
Bernice: Fine, don’t eat it.
Bosco: Awh…
Myolie: Bernice, I’ll help you!
Bernice: See, Myolie here is a true friend. I just don’t see how she likes you Bosc.
Bosco: Hey…
Bernice: Hey, I’m just kidding… God…
Myolie: Guys… it’s Thanksgiving… CALM DOWN!
Moses: Yeah, I would like to eat soon you know.
Bernice: Alright… let’s get to work!
Bosco: So, should I, the fair one, distribute the different jobs?Bernice, Moses, and Myolie: NO WAY! You are the unfair all the time!
Moses: Let me be the one!
Bernice and Myolie: OK.
Bosco: Wow, Myolie, I can’t believe you would pick Moses over me.
Myolie: Baby, I just know you too well.
Moses: So, Myolie and Bernice, you two can stuff the turkey. BUT, don’t overstuff it. And Bosco and I can take care of the rest!
Bernice: Okie dokie, let’s get to work!
Moses: And hopefully, we can eat soon, as in 3 hours or less.
Bernice: Hopefully…
Myolie: We’re all set then.
------------------------------------------- 5 HOURS LATER -----------------------------------------
Moses: Guys, the turkey FINALLY finished cooking.
Bernice: Well, it’s been five hours!
Myolie: Woah, that was tough…
Bosco: … and long.
Moses: Well, maybe if you guys had followed my orders in the first place… instead…
Bernice: … of kissing every now and then. God, you two lovely birds…
Moses: … are so getting on our nerves, right hon?
Bernice: Absolutely.
Bosco: Look who’s talking…
Myolie: Huh?
Bosco: Finishing off each other’s sentences right?
Moses: Hey, at least we didn’t delay the ENTIRE cooking process.
Bosco: But, Ah Mo Gor, I saw you leaning towards Bernice to kiss her. It was just that she moved away.
Moses: Shhh.
Bernice: I did?
Myolie: Yeah, you did.
Bernice: Oh sorry, Ah Mo.
Bernice kisses Moses.
Bernice: Happy Thanksgiving!

12 - 13 - 09
Bernice: Well, guys, how was the concert?
Myolie: Great!
Bosco: You two should have came.
Moses: Nah, we didn’t want to steal the limelight from you guys.
Bosco: Well, it was truly great.
Myolie: I got the fans to go crazy, I’m telling you!
Bernice: Fun!
Moses: So, tell me everything about the concert.
Myolie: Well, I was saying how it is my first concert and someone’s birthday. I did, I told him not to bring me the flowers.
Bosco: Babe, it was your first concert, you deserved the flowers and the hug.
Bernice: Uh huh…
Myolie: Well, then we all sang Bosc the happy birthday song.
Moses: Oh, that must have been exciting.
Myolie: Yes it was. That was the peaking point of the entire concert!
Bernice: Awh shuckers. I should have went.
Bosco: See, told you to go.
Bernice: Dude, I was busy.
Bosco: Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll see it in the news later this week.
Moses: Oh, I can’t wait to see these two lovely birds!
Bernice: Ok, the concert, we can save for later… but…what about the party food?
Moses: With Ah Mo’s cooking… everyone will be full.
Bernice: Yeah, I can assure that.
Bosco: So, where are my presents? My gifts? My loves?
Moses: Hey man, couldn’t you have waited a LITTLE more longer?
Bosco: NO, I want my presents now!
Bernice: God…
Myolie: Bosco, calm down. We’re going to get to that segment.
Bosco: Hey, I was just curious to find out what I would get from my good friends.
Moses and Bernice: You’ll have to wait and see.
Bosco: Awh man…
Myolie: Oh Bosco, you’re 29, and you act like a six year old!
Bosco: So? That’s what you like about me, right?
Myolie: As I always say in interviews: no comment!
Moses: Oh God… both of you act like little children. Thank God, Bernice is a mature adult.
Bernice: Ah Mo Gor, I want my food!
Moses: Here we go again.
Myolie: You want a wet kiss from Yolie?
Bosco: Was that a question?
Bernice and Moses shake their heads and laugh.


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June 7, 2010

Welcome to the month of June, the month in which we all wish for to come on the first day of school.


Finals are around the corner, and for once, I actually don't have many.

Graduation is on June 24th, and then I'm off to college people.

NOTE: The weekend of June 19th and June 20th is FANFIC CATCHUP WEEKEND! I will post all chapters that I owe to my readers out there. Hope to hear from you guys soon!

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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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