July 31, 2012

Pain and Sorrow

Words cannot be used to express our pain.
Tears cannot be cried to express our sorrow.

Why did they breakup? What was the reason behind the breakup?

What happened to marriage in two or three years?

What happened to Mr. and Mrs. Wong to be?



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Post Breakup One Shots

You know how much Boscolie means to you when you're on a plane ride back home and you can't sleep because you keep thinking about Boscolie, so you start writing fanfics of the two…

3 Scenarios For Reconcilation (One-Shot)

Scenario 01:

Myolie texts Bosco.

Myolie's Text #1: Bosco?
Bosco's Text #1: ?
Myolie's Text #2: Bosco?
Bosco's Text #2: What's wrong, Myolie? Is everything okay?
Myolie's Text #3: Bosco, I…
Bosco's Text #3: Myolie, are you alright?
Myolie's Text #4: I'm outside your door. Can you open the door for me?
Bosco's Text #4: Hold on. I'm coming.

Bosco goes to open the door for Myolie.

Bosco: Myyo, is everything okay?
Myolie: Yeah, I just wanted to tell you something.
Bosco: What's that?
Myolie: I…
Bosco: You… What?
Myolie: Bosco, I've been thinking really hard…
Bosco: Uh huh.
Myolie: Bosco, I really miss you.

Bosco looks at Myolie.

Myolie: Bosco, I'm serious, I really, really, really miss you.

Myolie starts to cry and wraps her arms around Bosco to hug him, waiting for him to embrace her.

Myolie: I was barely about to focus on anything in the past few months. I realized how much I miss… and love you.
Bosco: Myyo… That's really sweet, but…

Myolie lets go of her arms and stares into Bosco's eyes. Bosco looks deeply at Myolie and holds her tightly.

Bosco: But I feel the same way and I never want to let you go.

The two hug each other tightly.

Bosco: How much did you miss me?
Myolie: That's a secret you'll never find out from me.
Bosco: I missed you so much.
Myolie: Bosco, I love you.
Bosco: I love you too.

Scenario 02:

Bosco leaves a rose and a note on Myolie's doorstep before ringing the bell and quickly hiding. Myolie opens the door to find a rose and a note on the floor.

Myolie: Bosco, I know it's you!

For the past 90 days, Bosco did the same thing each morning: he would put a rose and a short message on Myolie's doorstep, ring her doorbell, and hide, just to see and make sure Myolie received them.. Bosco did not care if Myolie threw the rose away immediately or not because he just wanted her to read his message.

Myolie goes into her house and sees a big vase with dried roses in them. She had carefully dried each flower that Bosco gave to her for the past 90 days. As for the sweet short messages, she read each one over and over again. She was just waiting to see what Bosco was planning to do. Myolie smells the fresh rose.
Myolie: Mhmm, smells so nice!

Myolie reads the message of the day.

Myolie: You shine like the stars in the dark sky. -BW

Myolie chuckles and reads the other 90 messages she had pinned on the wall.

Myolie (thinking to herself): That was sweet. Should I call him and let him know how I feel? Or should I wait a few more days?

Bosco goes back to his home, wondering if Myolie read his messages. He desperately wanted her back. He felt like it was only a matter of time.

For the next seven days, Bosco continues to leave a rose and a short message on Myolie's door each morning, ringing the doorbell, hiding in the corner to see if Myolie received it and then going back home. Myolie went to collect the message and the rose each day, carefully drying the rose to add to her dried roses collection and pinning the message on her wall before she reread all the previous messages.

The 99th day finally came. Bosco was excited. He was about to add a new milestone to his life. Bosco rang the doorbell and left to hide at the corner, for the consecutive 99th time. Myolie took the rose and message and went back inside.
Bosco smiled nervously as he went back to his home.

Myolie smells the rose and reads the message.

Myolie: Your presence completes my life. Will you please marry me and be my wife? I will love and cherish you till the end of my life. -BW

Myolie starts to cry. She grabs a pen and a notepaper and in the most perfect handwriting, starts to write. She tapes the message on Bosco's door and knocks. Bosco opens the doors to find a note taped on his door, but no one at the door. He brings the note inside and reads it.

Bosco: BW, Yes, I will gladly marry you to complete your life. -MW

Bosco excitedly rushes out and rings Myolie's bell. Myolie opens the door and they look at each other.

Bosco: Is that true?
Myolie: Is what true?
Bosco: Myolie, will you marry me?
Myolie: Didn't I reply to your message with a note?
Bosco: But I want to listen to you say yes.
Myolie: You're so silly!
Bosco: Say it, I want to hear it!
Myolie: Fine. Yes, I would like to marry you.

They embrace each other tightly. Bosco notices the vase of dried roses and a wall of pinned messages. Bosco smirks.

Bosco: Seems like I took a lot of space in your house, huh?
Myolie: What do you mean?
Bosco: The roses and all my handwritten messages. By the way, I'm pinning this one up too.
Bosco shows Myolie the message she had written earlier.
Myolie: Coco, do you really have to?
Bosco: Yes, definitely have to.

Bosco helps Myolie pin up her message, and takes a long glance at the wall, 99 messages handwritten by him and 1 message by Myolie.
Bosco kisses Myolie.
Bosco: By the way, does the W in MW stand for Wu or for Wong?
Myolie: Hahah, not telling you. Which do you prefer?
Bosco: Me? I want Myolie Wu Wong to be my wife!

Myolie laughs and hugs Bosco.
Scenario 03:

Myolie: Bosco, do you think this is all too much?
Bosco: Yeah, something really small just turned up to be something humongous. And I don't know what to do anymore.
Myolie: They've developed our breakup into something really big and dragged so many innocent people into this terrible drama.
Bosco: Arrgh. What are we going to do??
Myolie: I feel like they've made a big brewing pot of soup, and right now with all the new details becoming more and more outrageous, that pot of soup is bubbling!
Bosco: Oh my my, how do we get it to stop? Can we just publicly announce the breakup was temporary and we're still together?
Myolie: No, we can't do that! It's been too big in the news and we announced it publicly…
Bosco: It was a small argument. Can't believe you would actually tell everyone we broke up. I was heartbroken.
Myolie: Can't really blame me! I was pissed.
Bosco: And because you announced it, I had to admit to the breakup as well. Ahhhh, this is so annoying.
Myolie: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have announced it so soon.
Bosco: They're outrageous! Infidelity rumors. You dumping me for another man. Me cheating on you with three women in half a year. Ay, how do we get them to stop?
Myolie: Let's tell everyone that we've reconciled and we're getting married!
Bosco: Wait, did I hear wrong?
Myolie: Why?
Bosco: You finally want to get married? Yay!
Myolie: Let's issue a press statement together.
Bosco: I'm in, wifey.
Myolie: There's probably going to bombard us with more negative news, but I couldn't care more now. All I know if you're the one for me.
Bosco: And you're the one for me.
Myolie: Come, let's issue the statement.
Bosco: Yes, Madam Wifey.
Myolie: Silly Hubby.

Best Friends...(One Shot)

Bosco smiled at her. She smiled back. They were best friends, so close that everyone around them thought they were a couple. Sometimes they chose to say no, other times they declined to answer, sparking much interest in many of their mutual friends. Bosco and Myolie were celebrities. Both met when they were not that well known, but maintained a close friendship in the entertainment industry over the years. They had been too busy to date anyone, as their popularity status continued to rise over the years and they did not want any negative press to affect their careers. Although they held a suspected love relationship, and while some of their fans wanted them to be a real life couple, they were purely just best friends at the moment.

Bosco: What are you doing after the function today?
Myolie: Home! I haven't got decent sleep in the past week.
Bosco: Silly Myyo, what have you been doing?
Myolie: What else? Working, of course.
Bosco: Don't get yourself sick. Rest once in a while.
Myolie: I know, I know.
Bosco: Come on, let me drive you home.
Myolie: Yes, I know. We live right next to each other. You make it seem like a favor, but it's only convenience.
Bosco: Hey, I was only trying to be nice, but, you can always reject my offer.
Myolie: Of course not, my best friend. Why would I reject you?
Bosco (thinking to himself): Bosco, she only sees you as a best friend. Nothing else, okay?
Myolie: Let's go!
Bosco: Oh yeah, let's go.
Myolie playfully smacks Bosco in the arm.

Myolie: Pay attention.
Bosco: I always pay attention to you.
Myolie: Huh?
Bosco: I said I always pay attention.
Myolie: Oh.

They waved to their fans and went to the parking lot to pick up Bosco's car and drove home.
Bosco: Bye. Get some rest. I'll go grab some groceries to cook dinner. I'll call you when dinner is ready.
Myolie: Ok. Thanks.
Bosco: Talk to you later.

Myolie goes to her apartment to get some rest, while Bosco goes to buy seafood to prepare seafood pasta.

(6 hours later)
Bosco calls Myolie.

Bosco: Myyo, dinner is ready. Come over to my place…
Myolie: Ok, okay, coming.

Myolie walks over to Bosco's apartment.

Bosco: Miss, what happened to your face?

Myolie starts touching her face.

Myolie: What? I was just to lazy to put on makeup. I know you wouldn't mind.
Bosco: Eh…
Myolie: Hey, I'm only not afraid to show you my face without makeup.
Bosco: Mhmm.
Myolie: Let's stop discussing my face. I thought dinner was ready. I'm starving. Let's eat. What's for dinner anyways?
Bosco: Seafood pasta.
Myolie: Yay, my favorite!
Bosco: Want some wine, my friend?
Myolie: That would be perfect!

And few glasses of wine and some seafood pasta, Myolie starts to feel dizzy.

Myolie: Bosco, why do you treat me so well?
Bosco: Huh?
Myolie: Don't treat me so well. I'm afraid I will fall for you.
Bosco: Actually, Myolie, I already love you more than just a best friend. I want to be your boyfriend and take care of you. I was afraid to tell you because you've been telling me all along that I was just your best friend. What do you think, Myyo?

Bosco looked over to a sleeping Myolie.

Bosco: Oh, she fell asleep. I wonder if I'll ever get a chance to tell her how I feel about her.

Little did Bosco know Myolie was only pretending to sleep, as she didn't know how to respond to him.

Myolie (thinking to herself): What? He loves me more than just a best friend too?

Bosco carried Myolie to his bedroom and laid her on his bed.

Myolie (thinking to herself): What is he doing?

Bosco drapes his blankets over Myolie and goes outside to wash the dishes. After doing the dishes, he goes back to his room to get some blankets for himself to sleep on the living room sofa.

The blazing morning sun woke both of them up the next morning. Myolie woke up to find Bosco snuggled in blankets in the living room.

Myolie: Bosco, good morning. Why are you sleeping in your own living room?
Bosco: You must have been really knocked out last night. You fell asleep on the couch, so I lent you my bedroom.
Myolie: Awh, you didn't have to.
Bosco: Well, after all, you are my guest. Did you hear what I said to you last night by any chance?
Myolie: Uh, no… What did you say to me?
Bosco: Oh never mind… Come on, we're running late.
Myolie: Yeah.

The two arrive to their function and sees two mutual friends.

Friend #1: Oh, look who's here.
Friend #2: It's our golden couple.
Friend #1: Are you guys together yet?
Friend #2: Yeah, it's been long already.
Bosco: Hey, there's nothing between us.
Myolie: Yeah, nothing. We're just friends…
Friend #1: Of course, just friends!
Friend #2: Hahah.
Myolie: Come, let's go!

Bosco looks at Myolie. Myolie looks back at him.

Friend #2: Come, lovebirds. Your fans are waiting for you two… To admit that you're together.
Myolie: What's there to admit? We're not together.
Friend #1: If you say so, Mrs. Wong.
Myolie: You can all me Myolie or Miss Wu.

Fans became excited and started calling their idols' names.

Myolie: Come on, come on, it's time to go.
Bosco: Let's go!

After the function, one of Bosco's fans hugs him, which shocked Myolie.

Bosco: Myyo, ready to go to studio?

Myolie ignores Bosco.

Bosco: Myolie, ready to go?
Myolie: Go ask those who you like to hug.
Bosco: Wait, are you jealous?
Myolie: What? No!
Bosco: Because you saw me hugging someone.
Myolie: Who was that?
Bosco: If we're just best friends, does it matter?
Myolie: Eh…
Bosco: Myyo, she was only one of my fans.
Myolie: Oh, gotta go!

Bosco grabs Myolie's arms.

Bosco: Wait, why were you so angry and jealous before?
Myolie: Why can't I be?
Bosco: Because you keep insisting that we're only friends.
Myolie: But, did you know that I've actually heard everything you said the other night? I was only pretending to sleep.
Bosco: Oh, you…
Myolie: Shocked?
Bosco: Well, I always wanted to tell you, I just didn't know how or when was the perfect timing to do so. And when I told you the other night, I thought you heard it, but the next morning, you said you didn't hear a word I said!
Myolie: Well, what do we do now?
Bosco: Can I be your boyfriend then?
Myolie: Yes, my best friend.
Bosco: No, I want to be your boyfriend and care all about you: cook for you and assist you with anything you need help with.
Myolie: Awh, that's really sweet, my…
Bosco: Yeah, I'm waiting for you to say it.
Myolie: Boyfriend!
Bosco: Yay, we're an official couple now!!

Their mutual friends walk in.

Friend #1: So, are you finally a couple yet?
Myolie: Yes, we are.
Bosco: But, we're still best friends.
Friend #2: Oh, I'm just so happy for you two!

I really hope they work things out and get back together!


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July 28, 2012

Boscolie Breakup

I don't know how to put this, nor do I know why they did this. I know their personal lives have nothing to do with us. We have no say in their relationship. Their decision of what they say to the public is up to them, although their managers and families might have contributed advice to their statements.

This is to say, I do not understand why they broke up.

Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu, or better coined as Boscolie started their rumors back in 2004, when they were filming the ancient series Wars of In Laws. And of course, like any rumored couple, they denied their love relationship. It was rumored that Bosco courted Myolie with 800 text messages in a month. In 2005, they held hands as they walked down the red carpet for the TVB Anniversary Awards that year.

Fans continued to support their love and they gave back to us by literally flirting with one another as they responded to their rumors when reporters asked them questions about each other. 

Over the years, there were numerous breakup rumors, but they rejected to answer them or continued to deny, by saying they were only good friends. 

They were photographed going to Okinawa, Japan together in 2009, but once again, they claimed to have went with a group of friends and it was purely to shop for clothes, and not the speculated pre-honeymoon.

The year 2011 was a milestone in their relationship. They were photographed shopping for clothes together, buying Bosco a dog, and most importantly, Bosco naked in his house. Bosco came out naked from his shower. Myolie came back from filming The Curse of the Royal Harem, with her wig still on and drying Bosco with a towel. Then she fed him. December 6th 2011 was a big night to remember, for both Boscolie and their fans. Myolie took home one of the biggest awards that year: TVB Best Actress. On stage, as she gave her acceptance speech, she openly thanked Bosco, saying they both have their flaws, and hoped they would continue to bear with one another. Everyone watching them was wooing for them to get married. They blushed. After the awards ceremony, Bosco went to hug Myolie and helped her wipe away tears as she happily cried for her success. They were one happy, glowing couple. 

They celebrated. It was a big step for fans and them. On the radio interview with Cha Siu Yan the next morning, Myolie sweetly acknowledged their relationship. 

Although Myolie still tried her best to keep the relationship at a low profile, Bosco always tried his best to answer questions about the two of them to the best of his ability. 

In early 2012, there were marriage speculations, pregnancy rumors, and two functions that they appeared together, but this time, as a confirmed couple. At the Chinese New Year function, they beamed as everyone watched them with the two child models onstage. They looked exactly like a family of four. For Valentine's Day, Bosco cooked a meal for Myolie and his mom. They also won Favorite Onscreen Couple from TVB's Season of Love's poll. When they attended their Mainland drama, Racecourse promotional function in March, Bosco seemed to place Myolie's safety as priority in all the scenarios the MC posed as they sat on a doll horse. 

Then Myolie went to Mainland China to film her series and Bosco stayed in Hong Kong for a while. There were interviews of the two, where Myolie thanked Bosco for helping her heal her emotional scars and Bosco saying he would try his best to protect Myolie to the best of his ability. 

Then, July 2012 came. They came out to say that they had broke up for a few months already. What is that supposed to mean? A few months? March was four months ago, and they were holding hands when they walked on stage, an extremely rare occasion that did not happen often. Miss Lok said she did not want to see this happen, and that she had spoke on the phone with Bosco till 4 in the morning. She claimed that Bosco had said he would prove himself worthy for Myolie. When Myolie spoke about this at the Ghetto Justice II promotional event, she was in tears and said Bosco's mom was the first person that they told after they broke up. Their breakup was not a joke, they had thought it out for a long time. And Bosco said he will wait until Myolie changes her mind. With that said, there seemed to be a lot of emotional tears in this situation. 

After reading about their statements, questions rushed through my head. I had a lot of questions, but I knew I would not be able to find answers immediately. First off, why did they break up? When someone first told me, I could not even believe what I had heard. Break up? Was this a joke and who was the source of it? Then I went online and immediately searched up news of the two. And sadly, it was true. Headlines wrote: Bosco and Myolie Officially Announce The End Of Their 8-Year Love Relationship! What? This felt like a nightmare that I wished was not true. 

Is this some sort of public stunt? Maybe to publicize their popularity since Bosco's Witness Insecurity was ending and Myolie's Ghetto Justice II was airing soon? And most importantly, how have they broke up for a FEW months already? How thought out was it?

I just cannot believe it is true and happening. 

People on forums did not want to see their 7-year relationship just like that. Some hope they would have a happy ending like Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui. Some preferred Vivian Chow and her husband: a surprise breakup, surprise reconciliation, and a surprise marriage, all within 19 days. 

I, like the other fans, would also hope and wish they would get back together and get married. After all, seven years is a long period of time. And I'm sure they know who is right for each other. The one who has been with him/her for seven years. They had been teased with the seven year itch since the beginning of the year, but I did not actually think this would happen to them. 

Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu, I hope you two will realize you are perfect for one another or better yet, this was all a publicity stunt. 

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July 1, 2012

Bosco Wong, The Protect Myolie Wu Team

In "Witness Insecurity", Bosco's character, 'Hui Sir' contains good skills and a special attitude in character, making him Inspector of the Police Protection team. He received order to protect Linda Chung's character, 'Miss Kiu'. But, in reality, we all know that Bosco protects the females, and of them, the one and only Myolie Wu. But what skills does he possess in real life to protect her?

Picture Caption: Been Said To Be Hard To Bear With
Last year, at the TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony, Myolie Wu, who grabbed the Best Actress Award openly expressed her love onstage as she received the award, saying "You have a lot of cons and you are hard to bear with, but I hope we will continue to bear with one another," to Bosco, who was watching her offstage.

Bosco: I am only doing the basic things of what men should be doing, for example, caring for her, trying not to disagree with her, and when she's unhappy, comforting her. They are easy said, but not so easy to do. I, personally, would give myself 50 points. Before, someone said I was hard to bear with. Hahaha. Actually, I want someone to treat me the same way. I want someone to protect me too. Bosco's statement can be described as the golden rule for couples. A relationship will not last if only one party gives in. Both parties must put in an equal amount of care and effort.

Being an artist, besides possessing good acting skills, there are times when the artist has to overcome the many rumors. An artist is already extra sensitive when it comes to emotions, being easily affected by the surrounding rumors. Myolie has admitted in the past that she was affected by these negative rumors before, resulting in her sadness. Bosco said: "I think being an artist is quite emotional. After I saw negative reports about Myolie, especially those that were particularly untrue, I would tell Myolie to forget about them. Laugh it off. I hope I can try my best to comfort her. But, she had quite high EQ. She forgot about the negative reports before I even spoke.

During Tang Chi Wai's concert in may, Bosco expressed that he hoped to buy his dream house within three years, and then get married. In regards to "purchasing property", Bosco expressed: "I can say I am the 'man of the house', giving my family a comfortable place to live in is my responsibilty. It's not just my future wife, but also my mom. They will have to live comfortably. How can I not buy a bigger one?" And in response to Myolie forcing Bosco to move in to the apartment next to her, Bosco said: "How can someone be forced to move? It was just that the rent agreement of where I lived was over, and coincidentally, the apartment next to her was avaliable, so I moved in there. Don't think of it as so complicated." Actually, the entire situation is really simple. As soon as Bosco can purchase his dream house, that will mean their marriage date is coming close.

Picture Caption: Next Target
Seeing Bosco in a suit, it is hard to imagine him as a police. He said: "I don't know why every time I play the role of a policeman, I never have to wear the uniform. I hope next time I can play the role of a police that needs to wear the uniform.

Translated by: love_of_tvb for Boscolie Paradise
Source: Boscolie Forum @ Baidu


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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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