July 30, 2009

This reflects on:
-Boscolie's performance at Megalive.
-Burning Flame III epi. 19
-Bermo's reactions on Moses' book.

07 - 30 - 09
Bernice: Fan Shu Mo!!! Where is my book?
Moses: What book?
Myolie: Oh, that book…
Bosco: Yep, that book.
Moses: What are you guys talking about? What book?
Myolie and Bosco: Actually, we don’t know either.
Moses: What book?
Bernice: Someone said he would give me his coffee book. But, no, I had to buy the unautographed version. What a liar.
Moses: I’m sorry…
Bernice: Yeah, you should be.
Moses: How will you forgive me?
Bernice: If only… you sign five times on my book.
Moses: OK, easy job.
Myolie: Ooh, Ah Co, I smell vinegar.
Bosco: Oh, someone is jealous.
Myolie: Of what?
Bosco: That she didn’t get to go to the book fair.
Myolie: Oh, Myolie it’s ok.
Bosco: But, Bernice will forever love Moseschino.
Moses: Of course.
Bernice: Ok, Mega mega mega live. Megalive. How was it?
Moses: If they say it was terrible, I would say they are crazy. Crazy, you know what I mean.
Myolie: It was good. I played the piano and sang solo.
Bosco: And you know what the best part was?
Moses and Bernice: What? What? We want to know.
Bernice: A kiss?
Moses: A smooch?
Myolie: No, what are you guys talking about? We would never do that in public.
Moses and Bernice: Awwh, shame…
Myolie: We got to hold hands in public!!!
Bernice: Awh, I’m jealous.
Bosco: And, we had a long hug after the song.
Myolie: The crowd was screaming for us.
Bosco: I felt so special next to Myolie.
Myolie: Yeah, it was cool to be up there singing “Grateful for Meeting You”.
Bosco: That is, after all, our duet.
Bernice: I love that song. “Oh baby I love you…”
Moses: “I’ll love you every day.”
Bernice: It’s such a sweet song.
Moses: And cute.
Bernice: You guys are so fortunate.
Moses: Wow, lucky people.
Bernice: Lucky couple…
Moses: By the way, Bernice and I almost had heart attacks today.
Myolie: Why? What happened? How?
Bosco: Yeah, what happened to my friends?
Bernice: Well, we were watching today’s episode of Burning Flame III.
Moses: And, I cannot believe it. Not only did you guys did not get paired up together, each of you also have to kiss another person. Today, it was Bosco and Aimee’s wild kiss. Tomorrow, it’s Kevin and Myolie’s long kiss. And on top of that, there’s more Bosco and Aimee’s kisses. Oh my God!!!
Myolie: Calm down.
Bosco: We didn’t have heart attacks when Bernice kissed Steven in “Steps” and when Moses kissed Gigi numerous times in “The Gem of Life”.
Moses: But, I still find it unfair how a good couple didn’t get paired up together.
Myolie: What can we do? It’s good that we have a series together.
Bosco: At least, we can go to promotions together.
Moses: Yeah, I kind of wished Bernice and I could film a series together as a couple.
Bernice: Me too!

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July 27, 2009

What's with Hong Kong nowadays?

For the past six months, there's been news about 'lan mo(s)' (young models) all the time.

Here, let me just list a few... There's Lavina, Rainbow, Yumi, Anjaylia, Kama, Angelababy, Marie, Chrissie...

This is only 8. I was reading East Magazine yesterday... It listed 30. These 'lan mo(s)' are so annoying. I had planned to post this post like two weeks ago, but then I was like, well, it doesn't really affect me.

Well, yes it does. When I try to read some entertainment news, half of the news are about them!!!

I mean, some these girls gave up their education to get into the modeling industry. Are they really that eager to steal the limelight. Let's take for example: Rainbow, she's 17! She apparently "quit" school, but reporters asked the school, and it said she was "kicked out". Now, she's a liar. And, she deserves it. She was also the one who went to Moses' book promotion stand and asked for a signature or something. She claims she is a fans of Moses. But, Moses said he does not know who is she. And, speaking about Rainbow, she also told reporters that Alex Fong was going for her after she went onto "Beautiful Cooking".

And better or worse, these 'lan mos' these days are selling books. I think there are more pictures than words. Okay, so people pay $70 and up to see these girls in bikinis. As far as I can see, the only one who was dressed in a higher fashion sense was Angelababy. She went to France for her shooting. But, some other eight girls really made a book together. And then, there's one kissing a male fans with a plastic in between. Someone was passing out milk and the other was passing out ice cream to attract more fans. Seriously, are they that desperate???

As for me, I'll just stick with the more modern and original Hong Kong models like Kathy Chow or Mandy Lieu or even Lisa S.

And, even MC Jin rapped a song called "Lan Mo VS Normal"


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This guy that I know...

It's just so frustrating. He slams the door. *BAM* He opens the door. He slams the door again. *BAM* Like what is wrong with him??? And, he screams curses at me. I just don't know how to talk with him. He seems like an angry killer about to murder someone anytime soon. And, he eats like a monster... It's so scary. When he walks, there's an earthquake. He has no respect for anyone whosoever. He lies. He's not cute. He's huge.

This guy... he's my brother.


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Finally... Thanks to Stephen Chan of TVB...



Stephen Chan was promoting his new book "Be My Guest IV" with several TVB artistes at the book fair. He also tricked Bernice saying that in the book, Moses said he loves her, thus making her not knowing if she should laugh or cry.

Bernice said that she will go home and see how the word "love" is like. This caused laughter through the audience.

And, this caused me joy.

Credits: itsahmo.blogspot.com


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July 26, 2009

I'm just in the mood to write more HEALING HANDS IV... and we all know this doesn't happen often.

I will update BERMO and BOSCOLIE. Sorry for the waiting... There is a lot of new gossip lately...

- BOSCOLIE at Megalive
- Moses and his coffee book...


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July 21, 2009

My Essay on the Past Trip to Cancun...

Cancun, Mexico is a paradise. Cancun is a very friendly, but humid city. People there are doubt to give you a nod or a greeting when they see you.

When we first arrived at the Cancun International Airport, it was raining. We hopped on the taxi and after 10 minutes, we arrived at the Nizuc Lobby of the Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort. As the bellboy took our luggage, we went to check in. We all stared at this place. It was elegant and gigantic. When we entered our room after a five minute walk, we were all astonished. There was a Jacuzzi right near the balcony. The view of the garden was beautiful. Later in the day, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner in the Japanese restaurant located at Moon Palace Sunset.

Wet n’ Wild has a lot of water parks scattered around the world. On the second day in Mexico, we set out at 12 to go to the water park. Although I was excited to visit this park, I soon realized that there was not much to do in this water park. The Kamikaze was the main attraction. Knowing that it was set at a 70 degree angle, I did not go on this ride. However, we went on the “Bubba Tub“. We climbed up many flights of stairs before reaching the top to slide back down. We sat in a circular tub and it kept spinning to bring us back down. The “Double Space Bowl” was where we slid down the slide with our arms behind our heads before going down into a big bowl to hit the 9 feet 10 inches pool of water. The “Lazy River” was another fun attraction because minimal energy was need as the water current brought us endlessly around the pool. After playing almost for the whole day, we headed for a snack before going for a swim back at the resort. When we went back to Nizuc, we ate at the Brazilian restaurant thinking it was the Mexican restaurant.

Long ago, the Mayans built stone structures that are now located at Chichen Itza. Mayans developed a calendar and predicted that the world would come to an end in 2012. The stone structures were gigantic and tall. Mayans built the structures tall because they were very religious and wanted to reach for their gods. These structures were built so that the gods would give them more rain in return. Many vendors were selling different sculptures and other handmade crafts. Many young children came to help their parents as well. They were very desperate for a customer so they could earn some money. The day was very hot and sunny. Everyone got sunburned, even though we all put on sunscreen. At night, we ate the Mexican restaurant, located next to the Brazilian restaurant.

We finally had a chance to relax the next day. We went to the beach below to parasail. The ride was scary at first because we were dragged diagonally up into the air above the body of water. The view was surely amazing, as we could see the ocean and the beach from a bird’s eye view. After parasailing, we went kayaking along the shore line of the beach. At first, kayaking was extremely tiresome. But as we kayaked more, I got used to it. Because we were hungry, we ate near the swimming pools at a poolside bar. We went to swim afterwards. At night, we ate at the Caribbean restaurant located at the Moon Grand part of Moon Palace.

The next day, we got up extra early to visit Isla Mujeres (Island of the Women). We took a bus ride that took approximately one hour. Then the boat ride to the island took another hour and a half. When we finally arrived, I was feeling terrible. It was hot on the boat. And even worse, the boat had almost rocked its way to the island. We entered the Isla Mujeres Palace. The best experience there was getting to eat a piece of hot flank steak. It was delicious because it was marinated with flavor. We slept on hammocks under the trees overlooking the beach. After lunch at the Isla Mujeres Palace, we headed back onto the boat. After another half hour or so on the crowded and noisy boat, we arrive at another place of Mexico. Here, I see the true Mexico. Here, people can rent golf carts for 100 pesos an hour. Anyone can drive. There were fake brand name sunglasses. The roads were messy and dirty. Everywhere, people were telling us to enter their store, in hope that we will buy something from them. Unlike all the other places that we had visited so far, this place really revealed the poverty behind Mexico. After this, we finally took the boat back to the pier in order to take the bus to get back to the resort. We ate at the Japanese restaurant at the Spa and Golf Center.

Tulum is similar to Chichen Itza. On our way there, we went for a bathroom stop. Again, people were persuaded to get a pendant with their names in Mayan alphabet. We also saw the tour guide from Chichen Itza. This Mayan site had stone structures that were used to store the dead bodies of the royal families. Along the way, we saw a few iguanas, which could stay very still. At first, we all thought they were fake. After being “cooked” in the hot sun, we starred at the beach in amazement. The water was so clear and blue. There were no seaweeds or kelps. The sand was amazingly white. Many people could not resist but to take a swim. We met up with the group on the bus, heading towards the Xpa-Ha Palace. This Palace resort is special in that it brings on wildlife. They have a lot of animals around the palace such as monkeys, turtles, and flamingos. The walk to the buffet was long. After eating, we found a place to go snorkeling that was free. However, due to the limited time we had, we did not have a chance to snorkel or kayak in the man-made body of water. We left the resort a little while after to get back to Moon Palace. At night, we ate at the Italian restaurant of the Spa and Golf Center.

Friday was our last full day in Cancun. We got up at around 7:30 A.M. to eat breakfast and prepare to go to the spa. My dad and I went for a 25 minute Acupressure. My mom did a 25 minute Multi-layered facial. Acupressure is when they press on certain spots of the head, face, and shoulders to relax the muscles. After the spa, we took another shuttle to get to the Cancun Palace. We had a wonderful lunch there. It was extremely hot and humid at the time, so we tried to stay inside because it was air-conditioned. After heading back to Moon Palace, we went for a bicycle ride and then swam the last time in the pool. We ate our last dinner at the Sunset Japanese restaurant that night.

Saturday was very relaxing, and yet stressful. In the morning, ate at the buffet and then took a nap. Towards the afternoon, we packed our stuff and checked out. We arrived at the airport more than two hours before the departure of our flight. We quickly checked in and ate our lunch. The flight was stressful because I felt it had taken forever. As we arrived back in New York City, the flight crew said their goodbyes and wishes for Independence Day. Our trip to Cancun had concluded.

Service: 4.5/5
Food and Drinks: 4.5/5
Room: 4/5
Pool: 5/5
Beach: 4.5/5


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July 14, 2009



07 - 15 - 09
Bosco: Wow, it’s been forever since all four of us are all in Hong Kong.
Myolie: Yes, it’s been a while.
Moses rings the doorbell.
Moses: A little help here.
Bernice: Hey, say please.
Moses: Please!
Bosco: So obedient Ah Mo Gor.
The three finally open the door for Moses.
Moses: Thanks guys! What a long wait.
Bernice: So, what have you got there?
Moses: Plenty of food.
Bosco: What for?Moses: A BBQ, duh!
Bernice: Yeah! Food, I’m hungry Fan Shu Mo.
Moses: Let’s get this cooking and grilling then.
Myolie: I’m in for this.
Bernice: Hey, Ah Mo, what’s in the other bag that you’re holding?
Moses (holding up the bag): This?
Bernice: Yes.
Moses: These are some past Michael Jackson concert CDs.
Myolie: Oh…
Bosco: What for?
Moses: Um, guys Nizzy here had tickets for MJ’s concert in London, but as we all know, he past away.
Bosco: Oh…
Myolie: So, you bought her CDs.
Moses: Yes.
Myolie: Ah Mo Gor, you are such a good boyfriend. Learn from him, Ah Co.
Bosco (laughing): Yes, I will learn from him.
Myolie playfully smacks Bosco in the head.
Bernice: What are we waiting for?
Moses: Time for barbeque!
They enter the balcony.
Moses: Who’s ready for hot dogs?
Bosco, Myolie and Bernice: We are!
Bernice: So, Bosc and Myyo, you should thank the TVB producer and Kevin Cheng.
Moses: Yeah, after all, they blurted out your relationship.
Bernice: The producer said that Bosco and Myolie are one of the couples.
Moses: And as you can see, Bosco’s faces is like ‘oh no.’
Bernice: And then Kevin says that the two of you are only in real life.
Moses: Sweet, right?
Myolie: Haha funny. We already tried to avoid contact during that function.
Bernice: It’s shameful that you two don’t get to be a couple.
Moses: I know right. I would love to see them kissy kissy.
Bosco: Oh, stop it.
Bernice: Anyways… a cheer to us all!

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July 13, 2009

Hey just a little note to say that I just uploaded a new chapter for Healing Hands IV. So you can head over to read it at Winglin.

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July 10, 2009

So, one of Hong Kong's (and me) best idol, Kelly Chan gave birth to a 6 lb baby boy on July 10th. Coincidentally, it's Jacky Cheung's birthday as well.


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July 9, 2009

Boscolie @ Burning Flame III

Guys, you MUST watch this. We can not trust the reporters. But, we MUST trust TVB producers.


Producer: ...the pair of Bosco and Myolie.
Kevin: Oh no, that's only the real life version.


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July 8, 2009

So, fellow readers/visitors of this blog:

How has summer been so far?
What are you guys up to?
Missed BERMO and BOSCOLIE? (me too)

I'll probably have another chapter up to Healing Hands IV later this week. Sorry that I have not been on my promises.


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July 4, 2009

I am back!

Home sweet home!

I might be slow, but I read that Bernice Liu signed a 3 year contract with TVB. Is that correct? Or is the source wrong?


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Apparently, they love playing games with the reporters. They will answer to anything, except the fact that they are together.


It's funny how they keep on lying in denying. It's obvious!


In public, they literally "flirt" with each other, but in real life, only they will know.




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